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London's Mount Kimbie Takes Dubstep Over the Bro-Step Hump

The Music of London-based duo Mount Kimbie, whose unique homespun style incorporates ambient, techno, dubstep, and found sounds, is so difficult to pin down, that when they sent out their first demo, "Paul [Rose, a.k.a. Scuba] was the only person who got back to us," Dom Maker, one half of the band, informs. Read more » 

Download: Annie "Songs Remind Me of You (The Swiss & Donnie Sloan Remix)"

Norweigan electro-pop sweetheart Annie released Don't Stop late last year, and although the record didn't really, as the kids say, 'blow up,' it still had some serious jams that made us want to invent some kind of rollerskate-powered time machine that exclusively stopped in mid- to late-'80s dance clubs. "Songs Remind Me of You" was definitely one of our favorites, and now it's been revived on this remix by Australian outfit The Swiss. The guys have stretched out the song's sticky hooks over nearly six minutes, and steered things in a disco direction without slipping into cornball territory. If you like the results, you might want to check out The Swiss on their first US tour, as the band will be playing live in select cities later this month—check their MySpace page for all the details. 

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oOoOO's Debut EP Announced for September

As of late, there's been much ado about the so-called "witch house/drag house" genre (think Creep, Balam Acab, and triangles and other mystic shit), and yet half the artists mentioned in the same breath have nary a single release to their names. Read more » 

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  • 07/28/2010

Download: Christopher Willits "Light Into Branches"

Label: Ghostly

OK, maybe we're a little biased when it comes to Christopher Willits. The guy is from our town (SF pride, wooo!!!) and happens to be a studio wizard—check all those episodes of What You Talkin' Bout, Willits? on XLR8R TV for proof—but he also happens to make some downright sublime pop music. Maybe not pop in the Top 40 sense of the word, but certainly in the sense that "hey, I could definitely see myself humming this later." "Light Into Branches" comes from his just-released Tiger Flower Circle Sun album, and finds Willits blending his soft vocals and acoustic guitar notes with some warbling electronics and hazy melodies. It's a mellow track, the sort of thing that sounds perfect when the sun is going down and you're wrapping up a lazy summer afternoon. 

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Marcel Dettmann Prepares for Mini US Tour

Berlin techno DJ/producer Marcel Dettmann, who recently released his debut LP, announced a few US dates, which he'll kick off in LA in early August. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2010

Download: No Lay/Silkie "Unorthodox Daughter (Kingdom Refix)"

In celebration of his recently released EP for Night Slugs, That Mystic, which we previewed last week and is on sale now, NY's soulful bass music patron Kingdom (pictured above) hooked us up with this unreleased refix of the '05 grime tune "Unorthodox Daughter," by London MC No Lay and producer Silkie. The burgeoning DJ/producer tweaks the track a bit, tossing in some new sounds to Silkie's rhythm, adding a few extra dollops of bass frequency, and trading out No Lay's rapid-fire vocal delivery for snippets of soulful crooning from an entirely different song. It's not that it's better than the original, but Kingdom certainly transformed the song into something slightly more club-friendly and managed to make a five-year-old production sound like it was made last week. 

Average: 6.3 (39 votes)

Podcast 153: Wolf + Lamb

NYC duo Wolf + Lamb is best known for its long-running series of underground parties, but the pair's label continues to churn out a steady stream of quality music that walks the line between techno, house, and disco, and the boys—born Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg—recently unveiled their debut full-length, Love Someone. Read more » 

Review: Kode9 DJ-Kicks

Label: !K7

Kode9's relationship with dubstep has always been an uneasy one, but with this latest DJ-Kicks installment, his avoidance of the genre is as much a political statement as it is an issue of taste. Only three tracks in the mix even somewhat resemble the one-drop cliché the genre has settled into: Ikonika's "Heston," Digital Mystikz's "Mountain Dread March," and The Bug's "Run"—and even those seem like brilliantly fringe elements compared to the cartoonish wobble most often heard in the trenches.


Download: Ghost Hunter "Island Barbados (Jimmy Edgar Remix)"

Oh, Jimmy Edgar, how we can't get enough of you. Your chilly aesthetic, your oversexed persona, and your unflinching dedication to form and style shine through on every tune you craft, whether original or remix, and we can't seem to satiate our appetite for everything Edgar. And even though your barren, monotone vocal delivery is nowhere to be heard on this remix of Ghost Hunter's "Island Barbados," we can still hear you speak to our nether regions with your hypnotically pulsing rhythms, chopped synth melodies, subtle bass frequencies, and sparkling ambience. Basically, Jimmy, what we're trying to say is, we're glad you're back on the production grind, and we can't wait for you to drop that new record of reliably austere dance jams. 

Average: 6.8 (31 votes)

Watch Holy Ghost!'s New "I Know, I Hear" Video

There's no denying that making your music video on VHS—or making it look like it was recorded that way—is a trend that's growing fairly tired, but at least this new piece for Holy Ghost!'s "I Know, I Hear" single also fits the aesthetic of the song. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2010

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