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Minus and Raster-Noton Present CONTAINER

It's been 10 years since the last time artists from electronic labels Minus and Raster-Noton collaborated on the New Forms release and performance project in Leipzig, Germany. Now, the minimalist audio and visual masters are again combining their efforts for CONTAINER, a night of ideas and new takes on performance at WMF in Berlin. Contributing to the event are label heads Richie Hawtin, Olaf Bender, and Carsten Nicolai along with choice visual artists Matthew Hawtin and Ali Demirel and performers JPLS and nibo, who will be "introducing an experimental platform of performative interaction that promotes the labels' overlapping conceptual structures to form a unique laboratory of sound." Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future of live music. Check out more info and the flier below. Read more » 

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  • 11/20/2009

Download: Roche "Space Blue Pt. 1"

Label: Solos

The Bay Area's Roche was being as straightforward as possible when naming his new song "Space Blue Pt. 1." Released on Solos, the label he co-founded, Roche's cosmically soulful offering is equal parts Kraftwerk and Dilla with a sampled R&B bassline thrown in the mix for good measure. As the four-and-a-half minute journey begins to touch down, one can't help but speculate where the second part of "Space Blue" might take you—thankfully, it's the next track on the release. 

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Download: Toro Y Moi "Blessa"

Label: Carpark

Chillwave, glo-fi, haze-pop... You can tag whatever name you want onto the warped, fuzzy sounds of Toro Y Moi, but it doesn't change that the South Carolinan producer utilizes just as many genres for his songs as he does languages for his moniker. "Blessa" showcases many of those influences in style—ambient textures, faint guitar plucks, simple drum-machine beats, and plaintive vocal delivery à la Panda Bear—making the track a warm introduction to Moi's forthcoming debut album, Causers of This

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Review: KZA & Toshiya Kawasaki I’m Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 3

On this 18-track mix, KZA and Toshiya Kawasaki probe dance music’s more leisurely conceits. Theo Parrish’s dub of Kuniyuki’s “All These Things” sets the disc’s woozy, sensual tone, and Discosession’s remix of Naum Gabo’s “Black Lab” conjures a serious Italo-kosmische hybrid before Soft Rocks and John Daly inject some dramatic prog rock and Detroit-techno bump into the laid-back disco vibe. Read more » 

Jamie Stewart and Co. Prepare New Xiu Xiu Album

With a title that could possibly be the most fitting name for an album from Oakland's Jamie Stewart and friends, Xiu Xiu is preparing to release the lush and enigmatic Dear God, I Hate Myself on Kill Rock Stars February 23. Read more » 

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  • 11/19/2009

Download the New Issue of XLR8R!

While you're thumbing through the virtual pages of XLR8R.com, make sure to download the brand-new November/December issue of the magazine, where we go deep into our favorites of 2009. Read more » 

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  • 11/19/2009

Download: Radioclit "Secousse (Riva Starr Remix)"

Fresh off their highly-touted debut album with singer Esau Mwamwaya as The Very Best, Radioclit keep the ball rolling with a reissue of their Secousse EP. The record comes complete with remixes from Brodinski, Round Table Knights, and, featured here, Riva Starr. Starr's treatment finds the UK producer relying on wobbling bass, a four-on-the-floor beat, and enough percussion and delayed synths to drive listeners straight to the dancefloor. If that kind of remix doesn't make you want to add the 12" to your collection, maybe the fur cover will. 


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Podcast 113: Nosaj Thing's LA Mix

As part of the kick-off for our brand-new City Guide page and mobile application, we've invited some of our favorite artists to put together special editions of the XLR8R podcast highlighting the artists and sounds that make their hometowns unique. Read more » 

Download: Deepchild "Wannado (Gravious Remix)"

Scottish dance experimentalist Gravious produces tracks that quickly and confidently coalesce the choice elements of some of dubstep's heavy hitters—Burial's tweaked and sampled vocal snippets, Zomby's booming and wonky bass, and Joy Orbison's refined sheen. Here, he unlocks the dubby grooves of Australian tech-house producer Deepchild's latest single, "Wannado." The house elements shine through Gravious' shuffling beats and give his remix a slight retro garage feel while remaining focused on dubstep's future. 

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TBC: Dancing About Architecture—BLDGBLOG's Geoff Manaugh Sounds Off on the Year's Best Audio Installations

From the New York subway's train No. 2—whose whistle, according to a February 2009 article in the New York Times, sounds like Leonard Bernstein when it pulls in to Times Square—to serious discussions about how we might “tune” the silent engines of electric cars, 2009 was a year for acoustic speculation. Read more » 

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