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Download: Dosh "Subtractions"

Label: Anticon

Characterizing Martin Dosh's music has never been easy. Take "Subtractions," which features scatting vocals, arpeggiating bass synths, stabbing string sections, and an entire roll call of percussive instruments. It could fall into the realm of Tortoise-esque, jazzy post-rock, but there is hardly enough "rock" in Dosh's sound palette to fit such a genre. It's the lead track from the Minneapolis musician's upcoming album for Anticon, Tommy, which will undoubtedly be filled with plenty more unusually pleasant sonic juxtapositions. 

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Download: Scaffolding "D-Tron (Michael Fakesch Remix)"

The beginning of Michael Fakesch's remix of "D-Tron" sounds like the revving of some over-sized futuristic train engine, and once the motor starts running the track happily chugs along. The original was produced by Denver's Scaffolding, but gets a rework here by Fakesch of Funkstörung fame. The resulting track is a carefree slice of techno that could put a grin on any dancefloor enthusiast. 

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Review: King Midas Sound Waiting for You

Label: Hyperdub

As The Bug, dub master Kevin Martin invites flame and fury into his studio, employing dancehall MCs to invoke poison darts, murder, pain, and insanity, as displayed by his brilliant 2008 LP, London Zoo. He dials down the temperature with King Midas Sound, a dream-dub project featuring poet Roger Robinson and vocalist Kiki Hitomi, with no loss of killer effect. Read more » 

Planet Mu Keeps It Diverse With Two New Releases

Planet Mu has always carried a roster of tuneful yet disparate sounds, but the London label's two newest releases show this curatorial ethos going to the next level. First up is the latest effort from Kuedo, better known as Jamie from (sadly defunct) dubstep heroes Vex'd. Continuing in the same vein as his former collaboration, the Starfox EP features four tracks of complex yet dancefloor-friendly beats. In contrast, the label's next release comes from The Internal Tulips, a California-based project (so shady they don't even have a MySpace!) revolving around a healthy obsession with the Kranky Records catalog, with a bit of Akron/Family thrown in for good measure. The group prominently features Brad Laner, formerly of seminal alternative band Medicine. Tracklistings after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 01/21/2010

Mi Ami Announces New Album and Extensive Tours

The eclectic punk sounds of San Francisco's Mi Ami have been getting tighter and tighter over the years, and the group's upcoming Thrill Jockey album is sure to showcase this evolution. Steal Your Face is more compact than previous efforts, but keeps true to the plethora of aural assaults that Mi Ami is known for. With the new album's release on April 9, the trio will do a mini-tour of select US cities, travel to Europe for a more lengthy run, and then return to North America for yet another tour. Check out some tour dates after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 01/21/2010

Podcast 120: Greena

Yes, we know. In recent months XLR8R has been on London overdrive. Normally, we try to avoid endlessly stoking the hype machine, but these Brits are just making it so damn hard. It seems like every week a new producer magically pops up out of the London underground and breaks our brains with a mind-melting new spin on UK garage, funky, 2-step, house, and whatever other urban sounds are bubbling over there. This week, you can go ahead an add Greena to the list of artists to obsess over. Read more » 

New Tanlines EP Coming in March

Brooklyn's Tanlines will see their debut EP released on True Panther Sounds in March. The six tracks on Settings display the duo's penchant for polyrhythmic tropical beats, over-produced (in a good way) pop vocal sounds, and truly anthemic synth lines. Read more » 

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  • 01/21/2010

Download: Thomas Fehlmann "In the Wind"

Label: Kompakt

Electronic producer extraordinaire Thomas Fehlmann moves easily between many genres, but is perhaps best known for his serene ambient works. "In the Wind" hums with warm synth washes, delayed bells, and intentional clips that bring rustling twigs to mind. Taken from Pop Ambient 2010, the latest installment of Kompakt's ambient compilation series, the track proves Fehlmann's staying power in all fields of electronic music. And to celebrate ten years of the Pop Ambient series, Kompakt is also giving fans a special anniversary gift: a mix from Popnoname featuring his favorite pieces from the history of the compilations, which can be downloaded here and includes choice selections from DJ Koze, Triola, and Pass into Silence. 

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Review: Owen Pallett Heartland

Label: Domino

Filled to the brim with ambitious, orchestral arrangements and an army of instruments, it's easy to forget that Heartland is the work of one musician. Owen Pallett, the man formerly known as Final Fantasy, builds his live violin-and-vocal setup into a serious wall of sound on his third full-length. Read more » 

Ghosts on Tape, Lazer Sword, and Bersa Discos Team Up for Icee Hot, Offer Free Mix

San Francisco is about to get a whole hell of a lot cooler. Put together by a solid group of taste-makers and beat-makers (many of whom are closely associated with XLR8R, we'll admit), the Tenderloin's newest club night, Icee Hot, will make its debut this Saturday, Jan 23 at the newly renovated 222 Hyde. Read more » 

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  • 01/20/2010

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