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Download: Ms. Thing & Psycho Tanbad "Bonify"

Label: Mixpak

Here's the latest in buzz-worthy NSFW internet drama. Dancehall MCs Ms. Thing and Psycho Tanbad have rallied their vocal skills atop of Brooklyn producer Dre Skull's Smoke Machine riddim, which was also the basis for last year's "Yuh Love" track by Vbyz Kartel, and come up with the hyper-sexual "Bonify." So what's the controversy? Well, listen to the song. Over Skull's upbeat, melodic riddim, Thing and Tanbad wax erotic—explaining every reason they prefer each other to their respective partners—in graphic detail. There's a video for the track here, and a super raw, so-not-okay-for-the-office video floating around the internets as well. Lil Kim and R. Kelly, eat your hearts out. You can buy the "Bonify" single on iTunes

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Download: dOP "Lighthouse (Youandewan Dub)"

Label: Magicbag

This subdued piece of techno comes to us from the new Youandewan EP, Sub-Rosa, who crafted this dub of the original track by dOP. The Leeds-based producer's sparse, reverberated percussion nicely compliments the subtle, throbbing low-end and serves as the perfect backdrop for the chopped-and-screwed vocal loop to dance about from one ear to the other. 

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Review: Lone Ecstasy & Friends

Label: Werk Discs

Used to be you couldn't make a woozy, beat-driven track without garnering comparisons to Boards of Canada. Now, with a swagger in your step and some wonk in your bass, you just might take home the "reminiscent of FlyLo" prize. Each line drawn between those artists and Lone is sure to be valid, but the UK producer, born Matt Cutler, sidesteps a direct facsimile on his new album, Ecstasy & Friends, by adding a touch of old-fashioned R&B soul. Read more » 

DFA's Been Busy in 2010

Yesterday, we reported on the upcoming single from Gavin Russom's latest moniker, The Crystal Ark, to be released in March on DFA, and now we've got more to share. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2010

Download: DJ Orion "Ritmo de Juventud (Orion Edit)"

Label: Raw Word

Texas has long been a hotbed for DJs and producers messing about with cumbia and other Latin rhythms, and DJ Orion has carved himself a niche right in the thick of it. The former Yo Majesty tour DJ and leader of the Austin-based Peligrosa blog/party just unveiled Carajo Colombia, a collection of his own remixes and edits of classic cumbias and other Latin jams. "Ritmo de Juventud" finds Orion slicing up accordion riffs and slapping them down over a fiesty B-more beat—Carajo Colombia is loaded with these kinds of heaters, and the whole thing is available for free download. New Yorkers should also take note that Orion has left the warm confines of Austin this week, as he'll be spinning at the always-banging Que Bajo?! party with Uproot Andy on Thursday night at Santos Party House. 

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XLR8R TV: Runaway: Fun is the Key Word

The Brooklyn wonder duo says it's all about fun and sampling.


Reflections on the Wall: Twenty Years After the Berlin Wall, AGF's New Project Straddles the Line Between East and West

Antye Greie has spent the past 20 years trying to make sense of the world she literally woke up to on November 9, 1989. Communist East German society raised her to believe that the Berlin Wall was justified for two decades—and on that fateful morning, both the Wall and her nation were gone. Read more » 

New Techno Albums Coming from Hrdvsion, Pier Bucci

While this isn't exactly shocking, Berlin's always-churning techno scene is cooking up some potentially pleasing listens for spring release. Two of the most exciting options include a new album from Hrdvsion on Wagon Repair, available May 15, and another from Pier Bucci, coming April 19 on his own label, Maruca. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2010

Download: DJ Mujava "Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje (Schlachthofbronx Remix)"

Label: Out Here

Our favorite global-bass-loving Germans, Schlachthofbronx, have offered up this back-to-basics remix of the latest tune by DJ Mujava, whose contribution to the forthcoming Ayobaness: The Sound of South African House EP follows a strange hiatus since releasing 2008's massive Township Funk single. The remix retains many of the original's elements, namely the melodic dual vocals, but tightens up Mujava's sounds for a giddy club track that could put some pep into anyone's step. 

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Black Moth Super Rainbow Frontman to Release Second Solo Album

Tobacco, the elusive, partially anonymous frontman for Pennsylvania's psych-pop outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, is about to deliver his follow-up to the 2008 debut solo album, Fucked Up Friends. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2010

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