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Download: Universal Robot Band "Barely Breaking Even (Club Mix)"

Label: BBE

Legendary disco-funk group the Universal Robot Band is perhaps best known for its break-out 1976 single, "Dance and Shake Your Tambourine," but the large URB crew produced a number of other singles before splitting up, including the epic "Doing Anything Tonight," which guarantees a packed dance floor whenever it's played. Part of URB's legend is intertwined with one of the most accomplished producers and remixers of the dance music era, John Morales. A remixer whose prolific output over the past 30 years has helped many people get on the floor, Morales has a new retrospective compilation coming out, The M & M Mixes, which features his extended club mix of this one-off from URB, who got back together to record the track in 1982. Though not revolutionary in its extension of the original, Morales' mix certainly allows Patrick Adams' synths to shine and gives LeRoy Burgess' voice more urgency, particularly in these times of infernal money trouble. 

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Review: Redshape The Dance Paradox

Label: Delsin

Out-of-control revelers at Berghain might disagree, but it seems like a lot of new techno has been greeted with a collective yawn from the dance music community in 2009. Enter Redshape, a mysterious masked man from Berlin whose debut full-length just might provide the techno world with the true north it so desperately needs. Read more » 

Vladislav Delay Unveils New Video for Tummaa Track

Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti (who occasionally works under the name Vladislav Delay) made an interesting step in his musical career with the release of this year's Tummaa, an esoteric exploration of experimental music sifted through the filter of Ripatti's jazz sensibilities. Today, we were fortunate enough to receive the video interpretation of one of Tummaa's darker tracks, the slow-burning and heavily percussive "Toive." Read more » 

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  • 10/27/2009

Space 1026: An artist-run studio/gallery finds a loving home in Chinatown.

At the heart of Philadelphia’s Chinatown lies a semi-secret art gallery and studio known as Space 1026. Read more » 

XLR8R TV: Duchess Says Knock You Out

Montreal's Duchess Says is known for personality-driven live shows, less so for early morning breakfast conversation. Read more » 

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  • 10/27/2009

Download: Octa Push feat. MC Zulu "Baila Mundo"

Label: Iberian

One of the younger groups from Lisbon's burgeoning kuduro movement, Octa Push has crafted a sound that makes most other bass producers look like 98-pound weaklings. With a ragga underpinning and some lyrical fire from MC Zulu, "Baila Mundo" features some gut-rumbling low-end, a bit of acid squelch, and an infectious chorus. If there's one way to get asses shaking, it's playing this track loud

Average: 7.8 (97 votes)

Download: Beni "Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix)"

Label: Kitsuné

Ghent's Beni gets remixed by Southern California's Harvard Bass, who takes a rather par-for-the-course French electro piece and turns it into a veritable minimal electro club banger. While the original's sexy vocal clips are kept intact, the kicks are made monstrous, the main melodic line is pushed to the brink, and rim-shots are brought to the fore. Culled from the upcoming Kitsuné Maison 8, Harvard Bass' remix gives indication that the French label might have its groove back after a string of so-so releases. 

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Review: Hudson Mohawke Butter

Label: Warp

Glasgow wunderkind Hudson Mohawke may have titled his debut full-length Butter, but that doesn't mean that the music from this LuckyMe affiliate goes down smooth. That's not to say the music and production isn't on point—it's just that HudMo's ADD cutting and splicing gives his 21st-century digital R&B a hyperactive feel that borders on overwhelming. Read more » 

Grievous Angel Retools Entire Dusk + Blackdown Album

Sheffield's Grievous Angel has been tapped to re-work the entirety of Dusk + Blackdown's Margins Music album. Margins Music Redux will reflect the style found on Grievous Angel's Ableton dubstep mixes, which blur the lines between remixes, dubs, and entirely new tracks. Read more » 

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  • 10/26/2009

Inbox: Zombie Disco Squad

XLR8R’s Inbox takes it to the house with London natives Lucas Hunter and Nat Self of Zombie Disco Squad. The electro duo says “Yay!” to Biggie Smalls, Fabric, Berlin’s Panorama Bar, and black Vans Authentics; and “Nay!” to Tiesto, klutzy supermarket cake handling, drilling, and the death of fans during shows. ZDS’s two-disc mix, Playing Around Again is out today on Jesse Rose’s Made to Play label. Read more » 

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