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Snag a Free Mix and Brand-New Track from Kode9

Hyperdub headmaster and DJ/producer extraordinaire Kode9 took over a small corner of the internet today with some free downloadable goodies. He put together an exclusive mix for FACT, which comes a couple weeks before his contribution to !K7's DJ-KiCKS series, and about 10 days before his Off-Sonar party with Ikonika, Darkstar, Cooly G, and more at Club Mondo in Barcelona. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2010

Download: Charles Trees "Mahjongg"

Ann Arbor's Charles Trees contributed some synth-laden, blap-leaning dance tunes to a new string of EPs from the Musique Large label. The series is called Tour de Table, and this track, "Mahjongg," comes from Trees' The Dream EP. It starts out with a terse melody that sounds quite a bit like the theme song to The Exorcist, but that quickly gives way to a drum machine clap and head-knocking kick drum doing all they can to make you sway. Heaps of synths are tossed throughout the mix alongside swirling sound effects—giving "Mahjongg" a strong Lil John Lost in Space vibe. 

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Get Lost in Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard's Thicket iPhone/iPad Application

Thicket is a new app for the iPhone/iPad by Anticipate artists Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard. Combining their individual styles in interactive visuals and sound, respectively, they have increasingly been channeling their performance, production, and programming expertise into a shared workspace that supports each direction.

The app is an audiovisual world of texture, movement, line, and tone. Spending time with Thicket, the user creates sonic and visual patterns within a space of warm, bright tones and evolving, elegant scrawls. Working with gesture to affect audio and visual responses, Thicket brings a playful, tactile intuitiveness to a world that might otherwise require a higher learning curve. Equally amenable to casual playing, intense exploration, or performance (the iPad version supports VGA output), Thicket is open-ended enough to allow discovery within its defined landscape. Check out some videos of the app in action after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2010

BKLYN Yard Closes its Doors, Sunday Best Moves on

In an unfortunate turn of events, New York's multi-purpose event space BKLYN Yard was forced to shut its doors and cancel all of its scheduled events, including the awesome Sunday Best concert series. The production company behind the Yard, MeanRed, was refused a continuance on its lease, and was asked to take down everything it had built up in its Carroll Gardens home that made the spot so unique. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2010

Outbox: Thomas Fehlmann

Calling Thomas Fehlmann anything but a legend would be a gross misstep. The veteran ambient techno producer has been releasing music since the early '80s—an era verging on "vintage"—on a varied list of respectable labels, both solo and with Alex Paterson as The Orb. Now in his 50s, Fehlmann recently embarked on a new endeavor: composing the soundtrack to German reality TV show 24H Berlin. Read more » 

Download: Casiokids "En Vill Hest (diskJokke Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Polyvinyl

If you didn't think the happy-go-lucky pop tunes from Norway's Casiokids could get anymore upbeat and danceable, this new remix from fellow countryman diskJokke (pictured above) just might change your mind. diskJokke's remix follows the treatment handed over from his Balearic-inspired cohort Prins Thomas, which we posted here. Not so surprisingly, lead singer Ketil Kinden Endresen's high-pitched vocal delivery fits the producer's buoyant disco stylings quite well, and remain a constant during the nine-minute jam's epic journey through rhythmic synth stabs, funky bass lines, and more percussion than most producers would know what to do with. Casiokids' Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar is out tomorrow on Polyvinyl

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Download: Mugwump "The Congregation of Discalced Clerks"

From The Rapture-run record label Throne of Blood comes this funky, Italo-tinged dance tune. Belgian producer Mugwump crafted the song as the lead number for his forthcoming two-song EP, and it's easy to tell why; the song kicks off right away, immediately setting a slyly serious tone with arppeggiated synths, rubbery bass riffs, and a backbeat tailor-made for folks looking to flex some fancy footwork. But that's all prior to a tense string section taking over the whole track, and transporting it into spatial oblivion before taking it back to the initial groove. 

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Get Yours Hands on Some Freeware Soft-Synths

For all you tune-makers on a budget out there, here are some killer freeware synths for you to get your pirating paws on. Resident Advisor turned us on to this new Tumblr blog, SS Freeware, that just posted a veritable grip of software synthesizers of all digital shapes, sizes, and sounds. Read more » 

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  • 06/04/2010

Watch Neon Indian's First Music Video, "Sleep Paralysist"

Chillwave (is that really what we've settled on?) poster boy Neon Indian just premiered his first music video ever for the exclusive Green Label Sound song, "Sleep Paralysist." Read more » 

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  • 06/04/2010

Download: Christopher Willits "Sun Body"

Label: Ghostly

Electronic atmosphere creator and XLR8R TV go-to-guy Christopher Willits has a brand-new album coming out via Ghostly in late July. The record is called Tiger Flower Circle Sun, and the first single, "Sun Body," is a precious piece of warped electronic textures loosely wrapped around a live drum beat and heartwarming vocal samples. The shimmering track starts out quietly with a bunch of plinking sounds twisting and turning on themselves, but eventually changes its form multiple times to fit the plethora of musical ideas and experiments at work in Willits' head. 

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