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Preview the Debut Album from Wolf + Lamb

Brooklyn duo Wolf + Lamb has been throwing amazing underground parties and releasing a steady stream of disco-influenced music for years now, but until today, the pair never had an official artist album. Love Someone is the first full-length offering from Gadi Mizrahi & Zev Einsenberg, and they've passed along the album's first three tracks to preview here on XLR8R.com. Read more » 

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  • 06/16/2010

Download: Nic Sarno "Mana Wasa"

Label: Enchufada

This bouncing piece of Afro-tinged techno comes to us courtesy of the Hard Ass Sessions - Volume II compilation, and Italian producer Nic Sarno. Chosen by the Enchufada label, Sarno is one of four hotly tipped producers—alongside Bok Bok, Douster, and Zombies for Money—who were asked to contribute a track to the series that featured their personal interpretation of the kuduro sound somewhere between 135 and 142 BPM. Sarno crafted "Mana Wasa" with a group of crackling vinyl samples of African singing and flute playing, which he intertwined with a thumping four-on-the-floor beat, hypnotic synth melodies, and a ton of percussion elements. It's a great extension of the kuduro style we're familiar with, and piques our already budding interest in the other three tracks Volume II has to offer. 

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FaltyDL to Release Phreqaflex on July 26

New York's FaltyDL is set to release his umpteenth single on Planet Mu come July 26. Read more » 

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  • 06/16/2010

Baths Gets Ready to Tour and Gets Remixed by Asura

Following the July 6 release of Cerulean, his debut full-length for Anticon, SoCal producer Baths will set out on a short string of West Coast tour dates, with one appearance in Austin, Texas kicking off the whole bunch. Read more » 

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  • 06/16/2010

Download: Tropics "Soft Vision"

Label: Planet Mu

If we didn't know any better, we'd say Planet Mu was going soft. Not that we don't like soft, but this track from UK producer Tropics seems to be particularly serene compared to artists like FaltyDL, Luke Vibert, and Venetian Snares, whom he now shares a label with. Even the title of this song from his forthcoming debut for the label, "Soft Vision," conjures up ideas of blurred expanses of swirling melody, subtly pattering percussive noises, and any number of other delicately made soundscapes. We certainly welcome Mu's shift in focus, especially if they continue releasing awesome productions like this. (via Pitchfork

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Grizzly Bear Remixes Caribou!

If you catch our drift...

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  • 06/16/2010

Download: Viernes "Swimmer's Ear (Golden Ages Remix)"

Label: Kanine

Philly production duo Golden Ages (pictured above) delivers this blown-out treatment of "Swimmer's Ear," taken from lo-fi ambient outfit Viernes' debut album, Sinister Devices. Theirs is a remix that assaults you from the get-go with high-register vocal "aahs," muffled drum-machine beats, and something that sounds like a bassline bouncing in the middle of it all. It doesn't let up its distorted audio attack once throughout its run time—coming across like Wolf Eyes or Nurse With Wound giving a go at radio-ready dance music. Sinister Devices is available now. 

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Download: Zero 7 "Ghost sYMBOL (Julio Bashmore Remix)"

First Listen

Damn! If this remix of Zero 7's "Ghost sYMBOL" by UK DJ/producer Julio Bashmore (pictured above) is anything, it is goddamn dirty. And not like "don't bring 'em 'round your grandma" dirty, but rather, "soaked in crunchy bass and ass-moving rhythms" dirty. Nearly every sound Bashmore utilizes in his track crackles with the fuzz of distortion, and yet somehow manages to remain utterly pristine in its sound quality. Truthfully, this shuffling banger of a tune couldn't be further from the vibe of the original track, but it's a welcome addition to Zero 7's forthcoming Best Of release, Record, alongside other remixes from Fred Falke, Carl Craig, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and more. (Editor's Note: Unbeknownst to us, the initial version we received for this download was a corrupted file. We now have the correct version of Bashmore's remix, which finds the talented producer flexing his usual bass-heavy production style. It's certainly not distorted, but will undoubtedly still get you down and dirty with its thick, rhythmic slap.) 

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Ass Slappers, Dry Humpers, Sand Sexers... The Pack, v2.0


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  • 06/15/2010

Sunday Best Returns Home this Sunday with Fred P

A little over a week ago, we reported on the sad news of New York hang-out hotspot BKLYN Yard closing its doors suddenly due to lease issues. We were under the impression that Sunday Best, the ongoing series of daytime music events held every Sunday this summer in NY, would have to relocate, but apparently that is not so. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2010

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