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Download: Natalie Storm & FootSteps "Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix)"

Natalie Storm, who we recently profiled and also voiced last year's XLR8R podcast from The Heatwave, is the most scorching new diva in funky and dancehall, and here she warms up this vocal refix of FootSteps' "Worker." The original stands alone as an incredibly syncopated bashment anthem, but The Heatwave's addition of Storm's up-front voicings transforms the track into even more of a club burner. (Via Dutty Artz

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Review: Richard Skelton Landings

Label: Type

On his second album under his own name, Richard Skelton creates a mournful music that is directly informed by the landscape, specifically the moorlands of Anglezarke (in Lancashire, UK), but which is also elegiac to his late wife, Louise. Though site-specific pieces (in the ruins of old farmhouses and so on) were later abandoned in favor of recordings inspired by the location, Landings is still partially derived from Anglezarke. Read more » 

Listen to the New Jesse Rose EPs

A few weeks back, we previewed a pair of new EPs from house producer Jesse Rose. Since our last report, the release dates have been moved up a bit, as the Berlin resident and Made to Play label boss released the first half of Sleep Less earlier this week, with part two slated for release in early May. As an added treat to whet fans' appetites, Rose has put up full versions of the EPs on SoundCloud. Read more » 

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  • 04/28/2010

School of Seven Bells to Deliver 'Disconnect' in July

One of the few actual bands on the austere Ghostly label, School of Seven Bells has announced the follow up to its 2008 debut album, Alpinisms. The forthcoming record has been titled Disconnect From Desire, and was produced by band leader Benjamin Curtis along with Jack Joseph Puig. Read more » 

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  • 04/28/2010

Bubblin': Turbo Sonidero Futuristico

Who: Turbo Sonidero Futuristico
Where: San Jose, CA

What do you know about tumbia? That's what Roman Zepeda playfully calls his take on cumbia, which he heard plenty of while growing up in both East San Jose and Puebla, Mexico. Read more » 

Mary Anne Hobbs Curates "Volcano Refugee Party"

Like many artists and DJs from across the pond, DJ and tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs got stuck in the US last week due to that pesky volcano eruption in Iceland. But instead of sulking, Hobbs is using her unexpected extra time in America as an opportunity to showcase some of LA's best beat talents. Read more » 

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  • 04/28/2010

Download: Mwëslee "Pacifico"

There is a whole lot going on in Spanish producer Mwëslee's track "Pacifico." Aside from the slow-rolling breakbeat and the wobbly synths that make up most of the music, the track from his forthcoming Eurocarne EP is filled to the brim with churning ambiance, cut up guitar samples, twinkling sound effects, lilting percussion, and something that sounds like a bird tweeting in a far off cave. All of these disparate elements coalesce nicely into a piece of futuristic beat music from one of the sunnier parts of Europe. 

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Wolf + Lamb to Release Its First Artist Album

It's been over a decade since the two Brooklyn natives behind Wolf + Lamb, Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg, came together under their own flag to bring the world a fresh crop of releases and events featuring some of the best names in techno music. Now, completely drenched in the necessary musical know-how and all-around experience, the duo has finally crafted its first album under the name Wolf + Lamb. Read more » 

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  • 04/28/2010

Download: Late "Bittersweet"

Label: Immerse

One has to expect that a certain amount of imitation will follow the creation of a sound that so perfectly defines a specific genre, so Burial can't be too bent out of shape with Finnish producer Late for borrowing a bit from his playbook. On "Bittersweet," chopped up female vocal samples, rolling percussion-heavy beats, and heavily reverberated synths all come together to make a particularly familiar dubstep track. Late uses these ideas well, regardless, and makes use of all six minutes of "Bittersweet" to create a desolate atmosphere that should fit well into the rest of his forthcoming Phantom Papers EP. 

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Download: Holy Ghost! "Say My Name"

Label: DFA

While the song title may remind us of late-'90s R&B, Holy Ghost!'s new track "Say My Name" is a pure disco ballad. Shimmering piano and synth washes seep through thick basslines and brighten up the softly sung vocals on this poignant dance number from the NY duo. The track is taken from a forthcoming EP for DFA, Static on the Wire, and shares wax space with one other previously unreleased jam and two tracks that have yet to make it onto vinyl. Static also features John MacLean on a mean guitar solo, vocals from Chris Glover, and drumming from the late, great Jerry Fuchs. You can check out the EP's title track along with Holy Ghost!'s remix of the new LCD Soundsystem jam "Drunk Girls" over on the band's website before its all made available May 18. (via Pitchfork.) 

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