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Bubblin': Space Dimension Controller

Who: Space Dimension Controller
Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Download: Pantha du Prince "Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)"

Between remixing Animal Collective's "Peacebone" and getting Panda Bear to lend vocals to his own "Stick to My Side," Pantha du Prince is shaping up to be the envy of AC fanboys and fangirls everywhere. After today, he might want to start watching his back, because some crazed neo-pysch fans are undoubtedly jealous that the German techno producer convinced Animal Collective to remix "Welt Am Draht," the original of which appeared on his Black Noise album. As one might expect, the AC boys crank the "tripped-the-fuck-out" knob on this one, add their own vocals to the mix, and transform the song into a floating journey that's half acid trip and half outer-space adventure. 

Average: 8.2 (28 votes)

Download: Tycho "From Home (Mux Mool Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

When Tycho dropped the wonderfully ethereal "Coastal Brake" single last year, it definitely made us want to delve deeper into the San Francisco producer's back catalog. Apparently, we weren't alone, because Ghostly has announced that they will be reissuing his 2006 album Past Is Prologue. The new version of the record includes a number of remixes, including this offering from NY's Mux Mool, who injects the dreamy "From Home" with just a touch of hip-hop slap, creating a relaxed head-nodder that's perfect for chilling out in the warm summer sun. Past Is Prologue is out now. 

Average: 8 (38 votes)

Download: Carlos y Gaby "In the Whirl Emote"

Label: All-City

Carlos y Gaby, the latest artist featured in All-City's ongoing LA-centric 10" series, hooked us up with this cut from their contribution to the Irish label. "In the Whirl Emote" is one of the duo's three jams on LA Series #5, and flexes a particularly stripped-down style of sample-based electronic music. Field recordings of children laughing and playing outdoors are covered by ominous, transient synths and a slow-moving percussion loop, which Carlos y Gaby occasionally play in reverse. It's a mellow and even-keeled piece that only seems to reach any sort of quasi-climax around the time a brief birdsong is made loud enough to overshadow "Whirl"'s other elements, just before it disappears equally as fast. 

Average: 6.5 (27 votes)

Richie Hawtin Using iPad for Plastikman Live Shows

The guy next to you at the cafe messing around on his iPad? Douchey. Richie Hawtin using a privately developed app to perform with the iPad on his Plastikman tour? Kinda cool. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 06/11/2010

Download: Dominique Young Unique "Pussy Popping"

Maybe it's misplaced '90s nostalgia, maybe it's the fact the so much new music these days centers around "chill" and "bliss," or maybe it's just because songs like Freak Nasty's "Da Dip" and 2 Live Crew's "Pop That Coochie" are still guaranteed party-starters more than a decade past their original release date, but the booty bass cooked up by 18-year-old Dominique Young Unique makes us want to get up and dance. More than that, the young Tampa MC makes us want to find the nearest rumpshaker contest and booty shake our way to first place. Dominique certainly isn't shy, as "Pussy Popping" is more or less an ode to the glory of lady parts. It's taken from Domination, her new mixtape which was recently made available for free download. Give it a listen and get low. 

Average: 7.1 (38 votes)

Sónar Festival to Hit Chicago in September

Scant details have been released so far, but Sónar, in partnership with Bonnaroo's promoter, AC Entertainment, will be hitting Chicago this fall. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 06/11/2010

Download: Asura "Silver Trees"

Here's another piece of patently atmospheric beat music from LA's Ryan York (a.k.a. Asura). "Silver Trees" is the first piece from a forthcoming split album comprised of five tracks from Asura, also dubbed Silver Trees, and three from Non Projects label head Brian Simon (a.k.a. Anenon), called Damiel. Here, York's production exists in an interesting middle place between club-ready, low-end-dedicated rhythms and ethereal synth and vocal melodies. It brings to mind the work from fellow SoCal producers Baths or Nosaj Thing, but with a larger element of aural texture and melodic fog blowing into the mix from unknown places. Silver Trees / Damiel will be available July 13. 

Average: 8.4 (172 votes)

Download: Husky Rescue "They Are Coming (Dave Graham Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Catskills

Following the release of its third full-length, Ship of Light, Finnish electronic-leaning indie sextet Husky Rescue let go of the stems from its "They Are Coming" single, handing them over to remixers Warrior One, Halogen, Kinema, and, here, Dave Graham. The producer took the original song's hushed vocal performance and set it atop a slowly swirling mass of amorphous sonics, lilting string melodies, and almost inaudibly soft, hand-plucked guitar rhythms. It's a delicately made remix with the majority of Graham's attentions paid to controlling the subtle rise and fall of every fragile element he saw fit to include. 

Average: 7.9 (28 votes)

Check Out the New Track From Heaps Decent, Produced by A-Trak

There's a bit of back-story here, so bear with us: Australian music-pushing nonprofit Heaps Decent has been working for over three years with its country's musically inclined youth, doing its best to provide resources and opportunities to help further the Down Under music scene. In September of last year, A-Trak was in the Aussies' hood with the Parklife tour, and Heaps Decent snagged the producer to contribute a little of his downtime to the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 06/10/2010

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