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Download: Flight Facilities "Crave You ft. Giselle (Version 2)"

Label: Bang Gang

Flight Facilities are quickly emerging as the best new thing in retro-house sounds, and this version of "Crave You" will only cement their reputation. With a monstrous proto-house bassline charging behind a sentimental piano chords, the path is cleared for Giselle's sultry vocals to enter and make the track into certifiable dancefloor fire. Sometimes recalling Debbie Harry if she was involved with golden-era Frankie Knuckles, "Crave You" is the sort of piece that will be heard everywhere in the coming months, from house nights to the gayest of afternoon brunch parties. 

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Podcast 130: Floating Points—My Plastic People

London's Floating Points is often lumped in with the rest of the city's burgeoning post-dubstep (or whatever it's being called this week) scene, but it's not unfair to say that 23-year-old Sam Shepherd is operating in his own sphere. Read more » 

Download: Super Gauchin "Pega la Gilada"

Label: Cabeza!

In all fairness, it was only a matter of time until wobble bass crept into the farthest corners of the globe. For all the recent chatter about UK funky, post-dubstep, post-garage, or whatever you want to call it, the anthemic, screeching midrange bass sounds currently ruling the dubstep scene can still sound quite potent, especially to those who haven't been subjected to night after night of moshstep and endless rewinds. So it comes as little suprise that Argentina's Super Guachin has married wobble bass with the squealing synths of his homeland's native cumbia villera. Taken from his Bass from la Villa EP, which is available for free download and also features a remix of Schlachthofbronx, "Pega la Gilada" is the bouncy product of some well-executed cross-genre and cross-cultural alchemy. The chiptune-loving producer even mixes in some Game Boy blips and bleeps. If any more music-blog memes were involved, the internet just might shut down. 

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Video Premiere: Nick Andre & E Da Boss "Robot Practice"

After taking two years off to work on separate projects, Nick Andre & E Da Boss are back with Robot Practice. Read more » 

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  • 04/01/2010

Review: These New Puritans Hidden

Label: Domino

These New Puritans were tossed into the "art rock" genre following their 2008 debut, but that might have been a pre-emptive classification. Hidden, the quartet's second LP, is packed with references both obscure and banal, skittering between sparse post-punk and anthemic industrial sounds. Frontman/co-producer Jack Barnett geeked out on the Foley during the recording process, eventually including taiko drums, a wind ensemble, and the sound of biscuit-covered melons being smashed as musical elements. Read more » 

Download: Baths "Maximalist"

Label: Anticon

If Toro Y Moi had the chops of Matmos and the beat savoir-faire of FlyLo, it might sound something like "Maximalist." Though he hails from the Valley, the LA-area solo producer known as Baths has a forthcoming full-length on Anticon, and the woozy Dilla-like beats and gauzy samples of this piece show that he certainly deserves our attention. Though it is tempting to place Baths within the same realm as glo-fi or chillwave or whatever funny name it has this week, there is certainly more funk and texture to "Maximalist" than the more hazy, sunny works of his peers. 

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Grab Luke Vibert's Free Old-School UK Rap Mix

Electronic music's jack-of-all-trades Luke Vibert just dropped a free mix taking us all back to the roots of old-school, hardcore UK rap music. Read more » 

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  • 03/31/2010

Download: Sekta feat. Spoek Mathambo "Peterpan (Doc Daneeka Remix)"

Label: Top Billin

UK bass fanatic Doc Daneeka rounds out this recently released remix EP for Sekta & Spoek Mathambo's "Peterpan," along with Julio Bashmore, Sharkslayer, and recent XLR8R podcast contributor Dubbel Dutch. Doc Daneeka treats Spoek's hyper-sexual vocal workout to one of his bouncing future-riddims—complete with stuttering snare rolls, massive bass drops, and elastic synth sounds all working in tandem to move your hind parts. 

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Jump Style: Julia Galdo's New Spring


News Reports from Todd P's MTYMX Festival in Monterrey, Mexico

Last week we featured an interview with NYC show promoter Todd P prior to his inaugural MTYMX Festival in Monterrey, Mexico. While XLR8R wasn't able to attend, we were obviously curious about how it all went down. Here's a wrap-up from a few different sources. Read more » 

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  • 03/31/2010

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