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Canada's Mutek Festival Takes to the Road With Akufen and Stephen Beaupré

The initial line-up of Canada's Mutek festival was announced barely over a week ago, and now we have news of the electronic music soiree taking to the open road for dates throughout the US and Canada in April. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2010

Jesse Rose to Release New EPs on His Own Label

More than a year after his debut full-length on the Dubsided label, What Do You Do if You Don't, Berliner by way of London Jesse Rose has prepped a series of two 12" records to be released as his Sleep Less EP. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2010

Download: Smalltown DJs "Autograph"

Calgary, Alberta's Smalltown DJs contributed this track to the Do It To It compilation recently released by the Minneapolis-based design house Burlesque of North America. "Autograph" kicks off the 17-track affair with an immediate thumping beat before a pitched-down vocal loop and a plethora of percussive synths join the mix. The hyperactive elements eventually adhere together for an upbeat future-house number that's equal parts Miami club scene and dirty East Coast warehouse rave 

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Download: Rigas "Helpless (Alf Tumble Discoteca Remix)"

Sweden's Alf Tumble transports fellow Stockholm resident Rigas' latest single from one side of the disco-house spectrum to the other. While the original version of "Helpless" relies more on flourishing pianos and live drum sounds, Tumble's rework is a tad more contemporary sounding with electro-leaning timbres and a more synthetic vibe overall. Regardless of style, both feature a plaintive vocal melody that's sure to hit home with just about everyone still on the dancefloor late into the night. 

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Review: Autechre Oversteps

Label: Warp

Even in their earliest form, Autechre tracks had a handmade feel, assembled from richly manipulated sounds rather than standardized electronic building blocks. Oversteps is the latest product of the duo's Max/MSP wizardry, and it recoups some of the coherence of their earlier, almost clubby songs with the more lateral processing and cryptic shapes of its predecessor, Quaristice. Read more » 

Jamie Lidell Unveils Video For New Single "The Ring"

We'd safely wager that the opening bassline—a distorted mouth-made melody—on Jamie Lidell's latest single is one of the strangest sounds you're likely to hear coming from a pop artist this year. By the same token, this music video for "The Ring" is likely to be one of the coolest videos you'll see all year. Read more » 

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  • 03/25/2010

Download: Delorean "Stay Close"

The opening track of Subiza, the third full-length album from Barcelona's much-lauded synth-pop outfit Delorean, sounds like nothing other than pure, ecstatic joy. The sentiment mirrors those of fans awaiting the XLR8R cover stars' forthcoming record, and "Stay Close" provides the perfect taste of what to expect from the quartet. Bouncing sub-basslines, syncopated synth melodies, a host of angelic vocal samples, and intimate, heartfelt singing from frontman Ekhi Lopetegi float around a subtle UK funky-inspired beat—creating a sum far more rapturous than its parts. Subiza is out June 8 on True Panther, and available for pre-order now. 

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Podcast 129: Strategy—A Rainy Night in Portland: A Selection of Past and Present Portland Music

All month long, our City Guide podcast series has been crisscrossing the US and highlighting the sounds of some of our favorite cities. This week, we check in with the eclectic sounds of Portland, courtesy of Strategy, who we convinced to take a break from finishing up his forthcoming album on kranky to represent for the City of Roses. Read more » 

Download: Kastle "You Got the Love"

The field recording of a playground that starts off "You Got the Love" fits the theme of Inner Child, a compilation whose proceeds go to benefit Atlanta's Dream House for Kids, from which the track is taken, but is a bit less instep with the song itself. Kastle's soulful number is equal parts mysterious, Burial-esque dubstep and classic piano house, but not the least bit childish or playful in any way. Both the poignant vocal melody and solid production work are trademarks of an artist that takes his work seriously. Regardless, the thoughtful, grooving sounds heard within "Love" are sure to stand out amongst the other contributed tracks on the philanthropic release. 

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Download: Take "Incredibright"

Label: Alpha Pup

LA's beat-centric Alpha Pup label recently added a new producer to its ranks with the melodic sub-loving styles of Take and his debut full-length, Only Mountain. Taken from said debut, "Incredibright" is a bit of a beguiling title for this slice of wobbling dubstep. The reverberated piano flourishes and plinking synth melodies, uh, brighten up the track, but—for the most part—Take's mid-album jam is ruled by crunchy space trash and woozily sinister low-frequency sounds. 

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