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Review: Nurse With Wound The Surveillance Lounge

Label: Dirter

Steven Stapleton’s latest release as Nurse With Wound marries some of his long-floating tendencies: serenely eerie feedback loops, voices screaming and/or shuddering in various foreign languages, and barely-there piano tinkling. Where last year’s Huffin’ Rag Blues threatened to tip Stapleton’s hand with cringe-inducing moments of beatnik lounge collage, The Surveillance Lounge offers less in the way of surprise, but returns to the starkness and po-faced absurdity of his (cringe) canonical albums. Read more » 

Podcast 105: The Heatwave's Funky Bashment Mix

Recent months have seen a whole lot of hullabaloo surrounding the burgeoning UK funky house scene (including our current issue's cover story), but significantly less attention has been given to how these rhythms are intermingling with the world of dancehall. In search of more information, not to mention a sampling of new music, we turned to The Heatwave, the London-based DJ and production crew headed by Gabriel Myddelton that has spent much of the decade firmly planted on dancehall and reggae's bleeding edge. Read more » 

Mutant Funk: Cooly G, Geeneus, and Roska take UK funky and dubstep back to the lab.

"This 'funky' thing, it'll be over in a minute. You can only say something is new once." If anyone has witnessed a genre come and go, it's Geeneus. The 30-year-old boss of London’s most influential pirate radio station, Rinse FM, Geeneus started broadcasting 15 years ago with guys like Wiley and Slimzee. Read more » 

Aoki Remix Contest Winner Unveiled

A couple weeks back, XLR8R was rocked by the debut single and video from LA celebri-DJ Steve Aoki. In fact, "I'm in the House" struck us as such a musical and filmmaking milestone that we decided to launch the Unofficial Steve Aoki Remix Contest. We put out the call far and wide, and the XLR8R massive answered... well, three of you did. Read more » 

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  • 09/24/2009

Get Physical Releases iPhone Touch Mix

Berlin purveyors of all dance-friendly music, Get Physical, move further into the future with the release of their own iPhone Touch Mix. Read more » 

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  • 09/24/2009

Download: Lokai "Salvador"

Emerging out of the hiss, a bright, four-note phrase repeated as lackadaisical percussion beats a lazy tattoo while low-frequency, almost bong-like gurgles simmer beneath it all. With secondary percussive elements, banjo, and cello incorporated into the piece as well, "Salvador" has the feeling of a Dirty Three track, only more stoned.  Read more » 

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Review: Múm Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know

For fans acquainted with Múm's earlier works, Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know might seem an anomaly—the album's opening tracks ditch the Icelandic band's previous glitch-and-lullabye IDM for plain, old-fashioned indie pop. With shades of St. Vincent on "Sing Along" and "Prophecies and Reversed Memories," the slow-motion soundtracks of Finally We Are No One and Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Was OK seem far removed from the Múm on this record. Read more » 

Naeem of Spankrock's Top Five Philly DJs

Could there be a better MC to survey Philly's DJ scene than Spankrock's Naeem Juwan? We think not. As part of our Philly City Special, we had Naeem choose his five fave local selectors. Read more » 

Poirier Offers New Free Mix!

Canada's dancehall-indebted beat maker Poirier has followed up his latest EP for Ninja Tune, Run the Riddim, with a new mix that deftly blends the DJ/producer's beloved genres of soca, UK funky, dancehall, kuduro, and electro, among others. Read more » 

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  • 09/23/2009

Artist to Watch: Neon Indian

Who: Neon Indian
Where: Austin, Texas


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