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Download: Dibiase & P.U.D.G.E "Smoke it Over"

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Label: All City

Kicking off a set of collaborative 10" releases highlighting acts from LA's beat scene, a series oddly enough curated by the Irish All City label, Dibiase and P.U.D.G.E's joint production, "Smoke it Over," seems to encapsulate their Southern California hometown in total, as elements of Stones Throw-style hip-hop, FlyLo-esque bass music, flashy electro-house, and even some experimental noise all make their way into this jam. The song is flanked by a few solo tracks from each producer on the 10", the first of 10 scheduled for release in 2010. 

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Review: RJD2 The Colossus

If you never got "Ghostwriter" out of your head, you've probably been waiting for RJD2 to return to his beatsmithing roots. But instead of straight hip-hop, The Colossus is an omnibus record, swallowing brass-wielding collaborators, live instruments, hand-aged beats, and its creator's voice—all in service of a mission to unify RJ's pet genres via horn-blasted statements of intent fit for rollicking arenas ("Let There Be Horns"), menacing synthesizer pit traps ("A Spaceship For Now"), and intricate instrumentals. Read more » 

Plastikman, Fever Ray, The xx to Play Coachella

Chances are we don't need to tell you about the upcoming Coachella festival, but, heck, we're going to anyway. The massive music and arts gathering (but really, who goes for the art?) just announced its equally massive line-up today, and boy if there aren't some great names on it. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2010

XLR8R TV: Tune in an Afternoon: Javelin

The resourceful Brooklyn duo makes a song from warped rip-off-artist cassettes.


Download: Nocando "Hurry Up and Wait"

Label: Alpha Pup

LA's Nocando brings some slo-mo heat with the first single from Jimmy the Lock, his latest record and first for Alpha Pup. Produced by Nobody, "Hurry Up and Wait" features a prominent vocal loop, beats as chunky and wet as cat food, and Nocando's lazy rhymes that somehow recall a more blunted Aesop Rock. With other album tracks produced by Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, and Th' Corn Gangg, one of the latest LA beat phenomenons is still running hard. 

Average: 6.9 (57 votes)

Review: Lindstrøm & Christabelle Real Life Is No Cool


After hearing Where You Go I Go Too, a three-song, 55-minute opus, one might not expect Lindstrøm to follow it up with a pop-disco collaboration like Real Life Is No Cool. As it turns out, the Norwegian superproducer has been intermittently working with Christabelle since 2001 and all the years of back-and-forth were clearly worth it, as Real Life is simply stellar. Read more » 

Inbox: Vitalic

This time around, Inbox chews the fat with French electro-house DJ and producer, Pascal Arbez (a.k.a Vitalic). The curious Frenchman ponders the power of the rumor mill, envisions a flash-mob mini-rave, remembers gardening accidents, and anticipates a boatload of touring. Read more » 

Download: Ernest Gonzales "When You Are Lost I Will Find You (matthewdavid Remix)"


The original is taken from Texas-based producer Ernest Gonzales' artistically ambitious forthcoming album, Been Meaning to Tell You, but the matthewdavid remix of "When You Are Lost I Will Find You" is a relentlessly warped piece of psychedelia that offers almost no intelligible connection to its source material. Instead, the LA producer guides us through a warbling haze until additional amorphous sounds that somewhat resemble a beat kick in. The track is one of 16 remixes—including offerings by Daedelus, Copy, and Yppah—that, along with a book containing notes and illustrations and the album's 13 original songs, help complete Gonzales' highly-involved album. You can find more info on the upcoming release here

Average: 6 (33 votes)

Download: Schlachthofbronx "Ayabo feat. Spoek & Gnucci Banana"

Munich's Schlachthofbronx team up with South African MC Spoek Mathambo once again on a dancehall track inflected with some excellent moments of kuduro-inspired percussion. Perhaps what is most "ayoba" (South African slang for "cool") about this track, though, are the vocal rhymings contributed by Spoek's wife, Gnucci Banana, who brings a palpable sense of young, sexy fun to the beats. Take the cue from her, and stay out tonight! 

Average: 5.6 (38 votes)

Review: Various Artists Elevator Music: Vol. 1

Label: Fabric

2-step, grime, dubstep, bassline, funky... the family tree of UK garage never stops sprouting new branches. The latest mutation to sprout up—an intriguing combination of classic house, atmospheric dubstep, and percussion-led funky—doesn't even have a proper name, so Fabric has assembled this cheekily titled compilation. Read more » 

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