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Review: DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek Solar Life Raft


From two of today’s most uniquely fascinating producers, Solar Life Raft arrives as less a mix than a statement of purpose: a repositioning of experimental bass music into the context of contemporary avant-garde artwork, as worthy of a gallery as the club. Read more » 

Hard Wax Celebrates 20 Years With Huge Berlin Party

The seminal Hard Wax record store, opened in 1989 by Mark Ernestus right before the Wall fell, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a gigantic event at the legendary WMF club in Berlin. With performances from Soundstream & Prosumer, Shed, Mark Ernestus featuring Tikiman, and a host of other techno demi-gods, it is sure to be one of the don't-miss events in Europe this autumn. But why such a grand affair for a record store? For the uninitiated (or those unfortunate enough to have never visited Berlin), a history lesson is in order.


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  • 11/09/2009

Etienne Jaumet Mixes & Discusses His Influences

French loop-stylist Etienne Jaumet's Night Music is one of our favorite albums of the year, but it isn't a typical electronic music album by any means. With such a different sound, what could Jaumet's influences be? Well, Domino has posted a new mix by the man himself, as well as some YouTube videos explaining his choices, offering a glimpse of what drives the exotic, dark aura of Jaumet's full-length. With selections from Suicide, Harmonia, and Goblin along with many others, the mix is an hour-long trip through Jaumet's musical mind.

Check out the tracklist and two videos after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2009

Download: Mike Slott "40 Winx"

Label: LuckyMe

Young Harlem transplant Mike Slott crafts glitchy, futuristic beats that fall somewhere between dubstep, hip-hop, and old-school breaks. What's most interesting about "40 Winx," then, is that it is so soothing, featuring bass sounds that recall Ellen Allien, and shimmering high frequency loops that can best be described as dreamy. Fresh off of a collaborative effort with Hudson Mohawke, the rest of Slott's latest mini-album, titled Lucky 9teen, is an exercise in creating ambient music from a jazzy, hip-hop perspective; in other words, the Irish native proves himself to be one of the more versatile and interesting producers working right now. 

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Inbox: DJ Koze

Bar none, XLR8R's favorite compilation of 2009 was DJ Koze's Reincarnations remix collection on Get Physical—hell, it ranks up there amongst the year's best records period. The Hamburg DJ/producer gave his signature treatment to tracks from artists as disparate as Chilean house god Matías Aguayo and '60s German torch singer Hildegard Knef. Read more » 

Download: The Juan Maclean "Happy House (VHS or BETA Remix)"

Label: DFA

Given the success of The Juan Maclean's "Happy House," it's no surprise that the DFA decided to release a load of new remixes of the disco-house banger. Dance-pop auteurs VHS or BETA actually disco up the track a bit more, making the handclaps chunkier, adding some laser-synth stabs, and inserting a violin run that screams 1979 at Studio 54. While the remix doesn't really alter the original enough to make it a great departure, it adds an element of campy disco fun to an already excellent piece of dance music, and with other remixes from Will Saul & Mike Monday, Chateau Flight, and Lazaro Casanova, there are plenty of reasons to check out this new remix package.  

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Review: 2562 Unbalance

Label: Tectonic

On 2562’s debut, Aerial, songs like “Greyscale” and “Techno Dread,” both dub-centric meditations defined by roving basslines and gratifying percussive taps and crashes, suggested that the Dutch producer dabbled in a single color palette—gray. On Unbalance, Dave Huisimans plays a bit more Pantone, weaving in classic dance sounds for a more slinky, refined voice. Read more » 

Juan MacLean/Maserati Drummer Jerry Fuchs Dies in Elevator Accident

Gothamist reports that Juan MacLean live drummer and full-time member of Maserati, Jerry Fuchs, died early Sunday morning after a fall from an elevator shaft in a Brooklyn apartment building. Read more » 

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  • 11/08/2009

OPP: Other People's Podcasts

Although we're obviously proud of our weekly XLR8R Podcast series, we also spend time scouring the internet for high-quality offerings that appear on other websites. OPP is a monthly round-up of our favorites. Read more » 

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  • 11/06/2009

Liars Ready to Show Us a Whole New World

The occasionally unclassifiable and constantly interesting Liars have just confirmed suspicions that they'll be following up their latest, self-titled album with the release of Sisterworld sometime in early 2010. Read more » 

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  • 11/06/2009

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