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Download a Free Telonius Mix

Gomma co-owner Telonius has a new single out, and in celebration, he's also prepared a free mix of some of the best in futuristic, French-inspired, disco-infused house music. Featuring everyone from Headman and Dennis Ferrer to Hot Chip and Susu Bobien, it's sure to please fans of the Gomma sound and newcomers alike. Download the mix here, and check out the full tracklisting after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 04/12/2010

Trentemøller Releases New Video, Preps LP

If "Sycamore Feeling," the first single from his upcoming album, Into The Great Wide Yonder, is any indication, Copenhagen's Anders Trentemøller is taking quite a left turn from his usually housey offerings. Read more » 

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  • 04/12/2010

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Download: Fred P. (a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium) "On this Vibe (Original Raw Mix)"

Label: Esperanza

When people talk about the rejuvenated New York house scene, they often point to Fred Peterkin, better known as Black Jazz Consortium. The Soul People Music label head has been quietly releasing a string of top-notch deep house tunes, both under the Black Jazz Consortium moniker and also as Fred P., which usually finds him experimenting or stretching his creative legs a little further. "On this Vibe" isn't exactly experimental, but it does find Peterkin settling into a relaxed, soulful groove over the course of its ten-plus minutes. With its rolling synths and intermittent piano stabs, it's the sort of track you want to hear toward the end of the night when the dancefloor is winding down, but you're still chilling with your friends and it's not quite time to go home. 

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Download: Headman "Private Show (Tape to Tape Remix II Dub)"

Label: Relish

London's Tape to Tape follows up its recent EP, The Devil Made Me Do It, with this rework of the first single taken from Headman's forthcoming album 1923, "Private Show." From producer Robi Insinna's original track, the production/DJ outfit crafts an eight-and-half-minute disco-house burner that's inherently funky in sound and undoubtedly classic in style. Headman's new album is set for release on his own label, Relish, and features collaborations with members of Yello, Beta Band, and Cassette Kids. 

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Review: Seth Troxler Boogybytes Vol. 05

Seth Troxler's recent surge in popularity may have more to do with his gift for delivering the perfect sound bite than delivering consistently strong tracks, but one thing's for certain—the young Berlin-based expat knows how to craft a mix. Troxler's past podcasts for The Bunker and Save the Cannibals are first-rate efforts in low-slung, slinky house. Boogybytes Vol. 05, on the other hand, paints in broader strokes. Read more » 

Download the FaltyDL Remix of Mount Kimbie

Next week, Scuba's Hotflush label will release the first of two remix EPs from up-and-coming UK duo Mount Kimbie. The original versions of tracks like "Sketch on Glass" and "Maybes" have stayed in heavy rotation for us since their 2009 release, so we're excited to see what producers like James Blake and Instra:mental have come up with when allowed to experiment with Mount Kimbie's original source material. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2010

Download: Owen Pallett "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Dan Deacon Remix)"

Label: Domino

Dan Deacon's remix of "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt," the new single from Owen Pallett's latest album, Heartland, sounds fairly unusual compared to his usual neon-soaked hyperactive musical fare. Obviously, Pallett's falsetto and chamber-pop instrumentation are nothing like the heady synths found in Deacon's solo work, but the Baltimore-based producer introduces a large amount of percussion into his remix—bringing to mind the live drumming heard on his second album, last year's Bromst. It's an unexpected contribution to the forthcoming Lewis Takes His Shirt Off remix EP, which also features reworks from CFCF, Max Tundra, Simon Bookish, and Benoit Pioulard. 

Average: 7.6 (25 votes)

Mosca: Letting Post-Garage Bangers Simmer With Aylesbury, UK's Chow-Slinging Fly Guy.

Twenty-three-year-old UK producer Mosca is exactly where he wants to be in life: hovering above fetid labels like "club," "house," "bashment," "garage," and "grime." Read more » 

Download: Samiyam "Fishsticks"

Label: All City

The latest installment of All City's split 10" series featuring the stars of the Los Angeles beat scene comes from Ras G and Samiyam, whose collaborative efforts with FlyLo have been lauded for their originality. Here, the Angeleno crafts a shuffling beat that rides below sub-sonic bass tones, accordion synth-drones, and little bits of secondary high-frequency flourish. Though it isn't the most danceable selection, "Fishsticks" uncannily invokes scenes of domesticity and service work—in other words, one can totally see a short-order cook jamming to this piece on the job, especially after its squelchy apex. 

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