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Download: Casey Foubert & James McAlister "Bad Moth"


Culled from the third installment of Asthmatic Kitty's Library Catalog Music series, "Big Moth" is a jamming example of a hi-tech take on the old school hip-hop breaks aesthetic, replete with intense polyrhythmy, sudden tempo changes, and the sound of record hiss. Though Foubert is most known for his collaboration and engineering work with indie juggernauts like Sufjan Stevens, and McAlister is well-noted as a member of Ester Drang, the two have created a piece that would be well-suited to hip-hop and breaks DJs for years to come. 

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Review: Fool's Gold Fool's Gold


Los Angeles group Fool's Gold’s indie-pop/African music sees globalization and the internet forging another successful cross-cultural artistic experiment. They have company—Afrobeat bands like S.F.’s Afrodesia, NY’s Antibalas, Chicago/Kenyan Benga project Extra Golden, and even high-profile act Vampire Weekend represent a new wave of Americans bringing the Mother Continent’s music to crusty festival goers. Read more » 

Patrick Cowley Remembered

October 18, 2009, would have been the eve of disco legend Patrick Cowley's 59th birthday, and in celebration of his life and achievements, San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem and Mama Calizo Voice Factory are hosting a large, participatory multimedia event titled "Megatron Man: The Life & Times of Patrick Cowley." Coinciding with the release of Catholic, Cowley's unearthed collaboration with Jorge Soca Read more » 

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  • 09/28/2009

Exclusive: Mary Anne Hobbs Tour Blog #3


While touring the U.S. this month, BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs supplied us with a fully detailed rundown of her trip. This is the third installment of her tour blog. Check back later this week for the last of her videocasts.

Sept 21

- My tour diet now consists principally of Tylenol and Diet Coke.

- I love LA. So many kindred spirits gravitate towards the city to charge at their dreams. They know that time is precious and life is short, and in this city, on this fertile ground, there’s every chance that their wildest ambitions can be realized.


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  • 09/28/2009

Thrill Jockey's Limited 12" Series

The folks over at Thrill Jockey keep busy, with an impressive number of releases appearing during any given season. Recently, the label has been putting out a number of limited 12" records, and of course, the genres represented are wildly diverse. Read more » 

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  • 09/28/2009

Download: Codes in the Clouds "Don't Go Awash in This Digital Landscape"

After a weekend filled with Indian summer sunshine, we here in San Francisco were greeted with a grey autumn Monday morning, the kind of weather perfectly soundtracked by the cinematic post-rock of bands like Codes in the Clouds. Sure, the UK quintet owes a serious debt to bands like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, but sometimes it's okay to forget about originality for two seconds and just get all pensive and moody. 

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Inbox: Cougar

In this week’s edition of Inbox, Milwaukee-raised experimental electronic quintet Cougar steps into our parlor in the midst of preparations for an impending European tour. Members David Henzie-Skogen (drums, percussions, beats) and Aaron Sleator (electronics, guitars, synths) give the rundown on unfavorable impromptu high school dances, air organs and Brazilian percussion, brain implants, and working intensely with Todd Hill. Read more » 

Santiago Salazar's New Podcast

The man known as S2 has a new podcast up over at Little White Earbuds, and it's filled with enough unreleased tracks and amazing remixes to make fans of Underground Resistance drool. The member of Los Hermanos and Galaxy 2 Galaxy is definitely keeping himself busy. Tracklist and download link after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 09/28/2009

Download: Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen "Selfish Gene"

Label: Strut

The musical chameleon known as Jimi Tenor has paired up with Fela Kuti's oft-remixed former drummer Tony Allen for a quirky, slow-grooving take on the afro-jazz sound that Allen is most known for. Taken from the duo's forthcoming Inspiration Information collaboration and marked by some subtle drumming, wonky vocal sections, and blaring saxophone, the piece is perfect for these waning days of autumn, when every hint of warmth gives one the privilege to leave work early. 

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Review: Squarepusher Solo Electric Bass 1

Label: Warp

Recorded at an ’07 show in Paris, Solo Electric Bass 1 finds jack-of-all-trades Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher, playing nothing but a six-string bass. There are no jungle beats malformed in surgical perfection, no murderous rampages through DSP effects, and no guzzles from a pub glass (as far as I know). SEB is perhaps the soberest the ‘pusher man has ever been and his batting average is high. Read more » 

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