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Download: Loose Shus "Taurus"

Label: Plant

The fact that several incarnations of "Taurus," by San Francisco producer Dave Luzius (a.k.a. Loose Shus), have been floating around for years in live sets and on self-released CDs before receiving a proper release from Plant speaks volumes to its classic sound. The funky Quincy Jones bassline, smooth Donna Summer string section, and motorik Giorgio Moroder beat of "Taurus" all pay homage to the golden eras of pop and disco, yet the track remains new and original in its own right. Don't miss Loose Shus when he brings his insane audio/visual live performance to San Francisco's Grow Up party this Wednesday

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XLR8R TV: Paul Devro, the Pride of Port Alberni

We tested the Mad Decent DJ's Canadian pop cred—and we got schooled.


Download: loscil "Dub for Cascadia"

First Listen
Label: kranky

This March, Scott Morgan (a.k.a. loscil) will be unveiling his fifth album, Endless Falls. Lucky for us (and you), the folks at kranky decided to slip us a little preview in the form of "Dub to Cascadia." True to form, the Vancouver-based producer burns slow rather than hot, as the song finds him meticulously layering ambient washes, digital fuzz, thudding bass notes, and haunting hints of melody. Need the perfect soundtrack for sullenly staring out the window on a grey winter day and pondering exactly what the hell happened to your life? This might be it. 

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Review: Dam-Funk Toeachizown

Boogie revivalist and long-haired LA electro visionary Damon Riddick (a.k.a. Dam-Funk) wants to make music that lets your hair blow in the wind—a difficult task, but his massive Toeachizown offers just that kind of soothing experience. Full of retro-futurist '80s funk filled with smeared keyboard melodies and dirty beats, it’s perfect for banging out of a souped-up hovercraft and is easy to soak up and get lost inside. Buoyant backgrounds and vapor-trail synths mirror the mantras and platitudes that double as lyrics. Read more » 

Crosstown Rebels Launch Rebel Rave US Tour with Deniz Kurtel, Seth Troxler, and More

The UK's Crosstown Rebels label started an online TV show back in the beginning of 2008 called Rebel Rave. The intermittent program has showcased the likes of Wolf + Lamb, Seth Troxler, Dinky, and Jamie Jones, and is now bringing a selection of those names to North America in their cross-country tour. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2010

Download: Neurotic Drum Band "Neurotic Erotic Adventure (Dub Mix)"

Label: Wurst

The first New York edition of the Unsound Festival is just a few days away, so the festival organizers have been kind enough to stuff our inbox with all kinds of exclusive goodies from the participating artists. Take this previously unreleased Dub Mix of "Neurotic Exotic Adventure," which strips the vocals out of the Neurotic Drum Band's original and takes its psychedelic, slow-motion space disco even further into orbit. The NY duo will be performing at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Showcase on February 11 with Morgan Geist and Blondes. 

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Inbox: Daniel Wang

This week, Inbox gets chummy with Germany-based nu-disco DJ and producer Daniel Wang. The right-handed East Berliner, who has also lived in places such as Taiwan and New York, designs his ideal college course, noshes on meat-centric German grub, grooves to Canadian disco, and sports sweaters that would make Bill Cosby jealous. The Best of Balihu 1993-2008, a two-disc compilation culling offerings from Wang’s independent label, is out now on Rush Hour. Read more » 

Download: Oy "Snake (Mexicans with Guns Remix)"

Label: Creaked

Next week, Switzerland's Oy will be releasing her debut album, First Box, Then Walk. "Snake" is just one of 27(!) tracks on the record, yet its sultry vocals and warped take on electronic pop serve as a suitable primer. This Mexicans with Guns remix, taken from the "Snake" single, actually tones down the weirdness by swapping out Oy's loop-based noodling with chunky basslines and warbling synth melodies. Oy still sounds like an oddball, but this version is a solid, mid-tempo head-nodder. 

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Review: Kap Bambino Blacklist

Label: Because

Although Kap Bambino's reputation as a shit-hot live act is well established, Blacklist, the Bordeaux duo's third album, doesn't quite capture the group's on-stage magic. Read more » 

Schlachthofbronx and Man Recordings Start Remix Contest

Deutschland's bass-toting, world-beat-loving, party-starting production trio, Schlachthofbronx, just announced the beginning of a remix competition for their latest single, "Ayoba." Read more » 

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  • 01/29/2010

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