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Podcast 111: Matías Aguayo

Between the rise of his Cómeme label and the release of his new album, Ay Ay Ay, 2009 has seen Matías Aguayo taking a major creative left turn. While the former Closer Musik member once made a name for himself crafting the finely tuned techno of his Cologne-based peers, he now spends his days twisting and turning the sounds of rhythms of Latin America into new-school dancefloor workouts. Read more » 

Download: Worst Friends "I Wish I Don't Drop Dead"

Label: Moodgadget

If Jan Hammer and Danny Wang got together and embarked on a drug- and sex-fueled drive from Key West to Tijuana, Worst Friends' "I Wish I Don't Drop Dead" would make for the perfect soundtrack. Lush, delayed synth loops ride above a slo-motion disco beat, and eventually, sentimental piano harmonies emerge, making the track too resonant for Miami but just right for motoring through the greenery and dust of the American south. Taken from the new Ghostly Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite compilation—for another sampling, check out the Mux Mool track we posted earlier in the week. 

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Review: Jim O'Rourke The Visitor

Label: Drag City

For the first recorded peep out of Jim O’Rourke in years, we’re treated to The Visitor, an ornate, 38-minute mini-orchestral piece played entirely by O’Rourke himself. A former member of Gastr del Sol and Sonic Youth, O’Rourke has assumed a number of musical guises in the past, and this time out he crafts a pastoral instrumental glide through his own musical past. Beginning with fingerpicked guitar, it gradually incorporates banjo, piano, pedal-steel guitar, and clarinet in gently shapeshifting, increasingly somber motions. Read more » 

Bonjay to Drop New EP With Remixes

Toronto's premiere purveyors of dancehall-indebted club tunes, singer Alana and DJ/producer Pho (a.k.a. Bonjay), are prepped to release Gimmee Gimmee, their first official output since 2007's Bangarang Business mixtape. The EP, set for digital release November 20, features "Gimmee Gimmee" and "Faat Gyal," two original tracks filled with the same vocal energy and bass-heavy production as the group's previous remixes, with various treatments from fellow Canadian producers, like Poirier and Thunderheist's Grahmzilla, given to the title track. In celebration of this upcoming release, Bonjay will take to the road for a brief stint of Canadian dates. More tour and EP information after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2009

Download: Cold Cave "Theme From Tomorrowland"

Label: Matador

As we discovered in our recent feature, Philadelphia's main attractions aren't so much cheesesteaks and cracked bells but refreshingly cutting-edge music and art. The bittersweet tunes of Cold Cave are no exception. Here, we're treated to a new track thanks to indie giants Matador giving the goth-inspired quartet's Love Comes Close, a re-release with three bonus tracks. "Theme From Tomorrowland" is one of the extra tunes, not to mention an excellent addition to Cold Cave's already solid repertoire of dark, no-wave pop à la OMD and classic Factory Records. 

Average: 5.5 (25 votes)

Fall Style: I Can't Kick This Feeling When it Hits / String Theory

New York photographer Tom Winchester's fall style features I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits and String Theory Read more » 

Download: Laberge "We Don't Know"

Label: Solid Bump

Vancouver native Laberge likely has a stack of Cassius and Daft Punk singles at home, but he probably also has a fairly large collection of West End Records' disco-house repertoire from the early '80s. Though many have claimed to be inheritors of the French Touch sound, "We Don't Know" shows that Laberge is in the running to be the genre's new prince. Recalling Room 5's monstrous "Make Luv," but with more strings and a less prominent vocal, the track sizzles with deep kicks and a funky little bassline. Is disco-house moving back to the club's main room? Time will tell, but with all of the fantastic disco being made right now, it seems likely. 

Average: 7 (57 votes)

Download: Cassian "Final Round"

Label: Bang Gang

The synths in this jammer from Australia's Cassian are so big and bright that it is hard for the listener to not want to listen to Scotch or Doctor's Cat records afterwards. What's interesting, though, is that while "Final Round" references some very Italo sounds, it also has an early-'80s American arena disco-soul feel with its delayed, panning guitar sounds à la Billy Ocean and samples taken from popular video games of the period. Cassian has a record coming out soon, and if it shares the aural splendor of "Final Round," it will be a favorite in this reviewer's car for months, as well as a great new arrival from down under. Bang Gang has been instrumental in fostering this scene, which is documented on The Bang Gang 12inches Compilation, where "Final Round" makes its inaugural appearance. 

Average: 6.4 (31 votes)

Review: Etienne Jaumet Night Music

Label: Domino

Mixed by Carl Craig, French producer Etienne Jaumet's first solo album delivers. 20-minute opener "For Falling Asleep" utilizes looped, occasionally acidy arpeggiations, with a processed saxophone providing the piece's main melody. Weird whisperings and ululations provide the piece with some foreboding undertones that wouldn't make for pleasant dreams, but the pastoral final minutes are dreamy enough for an afternoon nap. Read more » 

Weird Mess: Getting Deep with Philadelphia's Hard-To-Pin-Down Noise-Punk Underground.

Phillin' It: For years, Philadelphia has been shrugged off as New York's little brother—a place where displaced Brooklynites went in search of cheaper rents, bigger spaces, and a touch less 'tude. But what's emerged over the years is far more than simply a sixth borough. So for this year's special City Issue, we dug around the Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Chinatown, and every other little enclave we could find to bring you the best that Brotherly Love has to offer. Check back every few days for a new feature from the east coast's newest hotbed. Read more » 

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