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Tom Trago: The Amsterdam sound has an open-minded new guide.

Berlin has minimal techno, Oslo trades in space disco, and Paris patented the French Touch house sound. But what can the Dutch lay claim to in electronic music, now that the pounding thumps of gabber techno have quieted? Read more » 

XLR8R TV: Tune in an Afternoon: Lusine and Pezzner

For our third installment of our occasional Tune in an Afternoon series, we challenged Seattle producers Dave Pezzner (a.k.a. Pezzner) and Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) to record a track using mainly sounds collected on a light-rail trip to the waterfront. Watch as they talk to birds, use secret microphones, and ponder bpms, and then download the track here! Read more » 

Poland's Unsound Festival Begins New York Edition in February

One of the more high-profile European electronic festivals, Poland's Unsound Festival will premiere a New York edition in February. Though the Kraków edition begins tomorrow, it is worth looking forward to the New York installment: it will mark the US debut of the Moritz von Oswald Trio, as well as bring a host of other European and North American artists into the fold. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2009

Download: Bell Orchestre "Water/Light/Shifts (Tim Hecker Remix)"

Montreal-based symphonic group Bell Orchestre are given the remix treatment from Tim Hecker, who manages to turn a rousing chamber-pop romp into a murky, washed-out, drowned piece of ambient music. High-pitched flute tones, soaring string repetitions, and snippets of bells are saturated by hiss reminiscent of Echospace or Burial, allowing for a melancholy, ineffable feeling that is quietly effective. 

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Download: Deniz Kurtel "Fall"

Brooklyn-via-Turkey artisan Deniz Kurtel has applied her classically trained music knowledge and years of experience working with sculpture to one of her first forays into electronic music production—a 10-minute epic of minimal techno set amongst a bubbling, ambient soundscape. Sounding something like The Field re-imagining Eno's Music for Airports, "Fall" is taken from her first solo release for the Wolf + Lamb camp, an EP entitled Whisper, and precedes a debut album to be seen next year on Crosstown Rebels

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Review: Themselves CrownsDown

Label: Anticon

A decade after two young Oakland transplants came together as Themselves, the now-seasoned artists, MC Doseone and producer Jel, have returned from their many projects to reinvigorate the seminal collaboration. The resulting album is a digestibly eclectic piece of psychedelic hip-hop that easily rivals their past work. Read more » 

Do Make Say Think Releases New Record Tomorrow and Tours

The ever-shifting quintet of Do Make Say Think is about to unleash a sixth studio album on the world, and with its four long-playing tracks, Other Truths is a return to the group's roots. The Toronto-based group has been crafting orchestral, lush avant-pop and post-rock for more than 12 years, all the while maintaining a touring schedule that would make other bands balk at the crew's longevity. On the new record, tracks featuring vocal help from Lullabye Arkestra and indie favorites Akron/Family are stand-outs, and with extensive European and North American tours on the heels of the record's release, DMST is poised to give its fans a new treat of its eclectic sound palette. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2009

Circlesquare Announces Remix Contest

The off-kilter electronic pop of Circlesquare is blowing up right now, and so !K7 is allowing fans and producers the opportunity to remix "Hey You Guys," the opening track off of Songs About Dancing and Drugs. With Matias Aguayo and The Juan MacLean already giving the track a heavy rubdown, the crafter of the best remix will be in very good company once the remixes EP is released. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2009

Download: Mike Slott "23 Halfs"

Label: LuckyMe

For the next release on the up-and-coming LuckyMe imprint (whose upcoming parties with the UK's Citinite label we recently discovered), world traveler Mike Slott has crafted his first solo EP for the Glasgow label which follows his remix work for Flying Lotus, his collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, Heralds of Change, and many other notable projects. Taken from said EP, "23 Halfs" is a slow-moving number rife with space-noise, warbling bass, and a variety of influences from jazz to R&B. It's a short, tasty morsel of what's to come from a young producer with a seeming plethora of new ideas. 

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Cocoon to Unveil Cassy's Latest Mix This Fall

Panorama Bar resident and producer Cassy has long been known to straddle the lines between minimal techno and rich, soulful house music, and on her latest mix, she continues to blend the more reductionist with the more lush. Simply Devotion not only features some of Cassy's own productions, but also includes everything from classic remixes of Baby Ford to the contemporary dub-techno sounds of STL. Deeply felt and incredibly slamming, the 70-minute-plus mix is sure to please the dancers and the wallflowers alike.


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  • 10/19/2009

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