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Kid606 Returns to the West Coast

The former East Bay resident and now Berlin-based Kid606 is returning to the west coast to party down with friends and fans alike. The Kid will be rocking five dates in a three-week span including a massive Tigerbeat6 night at San Francisco's Elbo Room. There's even a free Kid606 mix to download and get you pumped up for the upcoming shows. Cop the mix here and check out the dates below. Read more » 

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  • 10/01/2009

Mary Anne Hobbs' US Tour Videoblog, Part 2


For the duration of her first proper US tour, BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs has been doing her best to keep herself hydrated and healthily fed, and keeping us abreast of her progress throughout this fine nation. Here's the last of her exclusive tour vids for XLR8R, before she hopped a plane back to London earlier in the week. Read more » 

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  • 10/01/2009

Graf Icon Miss Van Set to Make Her Mark in London With Lovestain

Barcelona-based street artist Miss Van, a painter whose doe-eyed, full-lipped figures have provided the graffiti world with a much needed feminine edge, has curated a new solo show for London gallery StolenSpace serving as a retrospective for her 13-plus years as an artist while also unveiling her new work. The exhibition, Miss Van's largest show to date entitled Lovestain, opens today and will run through Oct 18. Read more » 

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  • 10/01/2009

Podcast 106: Roska

Anyone who's read our current cover story knows that we here at XLR8R are digging the underground sounds of London and all the ways that UK funky is intermingling with dubstep, house, and other genres. Leading the way are artists like Cooly G, Geeneus, and the author of this week's podcast, Roska. Read more » 

Download: Fukkk Offf "More Than Friends (Congorock Remix)"

Italian club lover Congorock has always promoted the more playful side of electro, in contrast to his more sinister peers like The Bloody Beetroots or, in this case, Fukkk Offf. On his remix of the second single from Fukkk Offf's Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Congorock uses a blown-out, four-on-the-floor beat to carry the track's hyperactive synths, choppy vocal loops, and frantic percussion into a raved-up oblivion. 

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Audiofile: Brennan Green

Disco-house mutations from a Brooklyn-via-Toronto Arthur Russell obsessive.

Brennan Green’s latest single, 
“My First House,” actually sat on his shelf for 12 years before it was released. It was the first track that the Brooklyn-via-Toronto producer crafted after selling his guitar and buying an old Roland sequencer. “You can imagine what I've learned since then,” he says with a laugh.

Review: Crown City Rockers The Day After Forever

Label: Gold Dust

There’s one major problem with Crown City RockersThe Day After Forever—it should have dropped at the beginning of summer. The Bay Area group’s third full-length is full of quality grooves perfect for backyard barbecues and sunny summer parties. Translating their stellar live show into song, “Break” sets things off with its raucous, crashing cymbals and commanding chorus. Read more » 

Final Fantasy Signs to Domino, Prepares January Album

Fans of Toronto's gamer-geek-with-a-violin Final Fantasy (a.k.a. Owen Pallett) can expect a new, third LP, Heartland, via Domino in January of next year. Started in November of last year, Heartland saw Pallett collaborating with Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara at Reykjavik, Iceland's Greenhouse studio. They recorded the album's orchestrations in Prague a few months later with the Czech Symphony, and The Present's Rusty Santo (a frequent Animal Collective production collaborator) mixed the record with Pallett. Read more » 

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  • 09/30/2009

Download: Dre Skull "I Want You (AC Slater remix)"

Label: Mixpak

Apparently the robot baby from Daft Punk's "Technologic" has found itself a full-fledged singing career, as it croons the chorus for Dre Skull's latest single, the shimmering club ballad "I Want You." On his remix, Brooklyn's AC Slater turns the track on its head and cranks the hype to eleven with a plethora of cut-up vocal work, breakbeats, and swelling bass lines. Slater's offering isn't even the best of the single's remixes—he's got plenty of competition from Alex Gopher, Bok Bok, Bobmo, and Dre Skull himself—but it's certainly the most energetic. The original version's not-to-be-missed, Tron-inspired music video is below.


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Download: Rival Consoles "1985"

The UK's Rival Consoles reminds us of another time in electronic music, when Ableton wasn't an option and hardware was an absolute necessity. Taken from his debut full-length album, the favorably reviewed IO, "1985" is a darkly anthemic piece of antique-sounding electro that slowly rises, falls, and twists upon itself while always harkening to a simpler time in dance music history. 

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