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Download: Samiyam "Fishsticks"

Label: All City

The latest installment of All City's split 10" series featuring the stars of the Los Angeles beat scene comes from Ras G and Samiyam, whose collaborative efforts with FlyLo have been lauded for their originality. Here, the Angeleno crafts a shuffling beat that rides below sub-sonic bass tones, accordion synth-drones, and little bits of secondary high-frequency flourish. Though it isn't the most danceable selection, "Fishsticks" uncannily invokes scenes of domesticity and service work—in other words, one can totally see a short-order cook jamming to this piece on the job, especially after its squelchy apex. 

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Download: Future Islands "In the Fall feat. Katrina Ford"

Baltimore's Future Islands are quickly emerging as the media darlings of a musical movement that some are calling post-wave and others are calling a return to the New Romantic sounds of 1980s Britain. (Hints of contemporary artists like Xiu Xiu and TV on the Radio also abound.) With its shimmering synth melody recalling Eno's "Spider & I," deep kicks, and male-female vocal contrasts, "In the Fall" is a near-perfect slice of melancholic electronic pop. Taken from their latest 12" and recorded just weeks after completing their first album, the single is sure to win the trio many fans who lament the end of spring and its inevitable goodbyes. 

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Review: Various Artists Pop Ambient 2010

Label: Kompakt

Even though it's a decade old, Kompakt's ambient franchise still manages to sound fresh, avoiding a tragic shift towards becoming hipster spa music or a Pure Moods for the techno set. While the template and talent has varied, the key is making sure that pop remains an important part of the equation. Read more » 

Fridays Are Old, It's Time for Sexy Saturday

Massive party alert, you guys! It looks like South Boston's Fridays are about to get a whole lot more Saturday-ier. Read more » 

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  • 04/08/2010

Punch Drunk to Release First Guido Full-Length

One of the holy trinity of new wonky dubstep producers, Bristol's Guido is the first among the crew (which also includes Joker and Gemmy) who will see a full-length record released. Called Anidea, the album follows two trailblazing 12-inches—"Orchestral Lab" and "Beautiful Complication." With album snippets up on SoundCloud right now, fans can whet their appetites for what many are calling the most exciting release of 2010.


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  • 04/08/2010

Detroit Techno Pioneers to Headline Decibel Festival in September


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  • 04/08/2010

Podcast 131: Schlachthofbronx

Anyone who follows the XLR8R website knows that we've been digging the sounds of Schlachthofbronx for awhile now, but after hearing our editor Ken Taylor blast their 13-minute Belly Full of Pills mix approximately 400 times in our office, commissioning another mix from the bass-loving Bavarian outfit was a real no-brainer. Read more » 

Luciano to Release New Double-EP on Cadenza

With his last globetrotting LP behind him, Chilean-Swiss producer Luciano fulfills the promise from our In the Studio feature of generating several new tracks which contain almost no kick drums. Read more » 

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  • 04/08/2010

Download: Solvent "Loss for Words"

Label: Ghostly

On the forthcoming Subject to Shift, his first album under the Solvent moniker in six years, Jason Amm brings an air of synth-pop melancholy to a sound that had previously inhabited the imagined world of happy analog robots. While the sonics remain analog, "Loss for Words" is indicative of Amm's new direction—a sheen of sad, watery synths flows behind bright swells that bring New Romantic sounds to mind. With multi-tracked vocals intoning about an unhappy, non-communicative relationship softly floating above it all, one can imagine Solvent blasting out of many college dorm windows, and this is most certainly a good thing. 

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Download: Gosub "Eyes of Nimrud"

Label: Citinite

Miami's Gosub has certainly absorbed the electro-funk sounds that have been coming from Detroit for years, as "Eyes of Nimrud" sounds like a lost Drexciya track. Its ominous bass loop, dry hand-claps, and squelchy synth runs would fit right in on a Submerge Recordings compilation, and the pitch-shifted vocals are insanely similar to those on countless Underground Resistance recordings. While the press release's claim that Gosub is "predicting funk's future" seems a bit absurd as a result of these similarities to older, more venerated recordings, his talents are evident and plentiful on this track taken from his The Last Time... EP. Available on sale right now, it would behoove all fans of UR and its affiliates to jump on this slice ASAP. 

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