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Download: Kris Menace & Fred Falke "Enamoured"

From the 10-year anniversary compilation for French house label Work it Baby, which includes work from Lifelike, Charlie Fanclub, Donovan, and more, comes this collaboration between Fred Falke and the veteran label head Kris Menace. "Enamoured" is exactly what you'd expect from the two, thankfully, as it delivers poignant piano work, smooth synth melodies, and a funky electro bassline and beat combination that is classic to its core. At an unusually brief three-minute running time, "Enamoured" demands to be played at least a few times in succession. 

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Review: White Hills White Hills

White Hills' last album, Heads on Fire, flared and throbbed in the peak-era Hawkwind/Comets on Fire vein of robust space rock that appeals both to stoners and acid acolytes. However, the New York-based group considers this self-titled album, its fourth overall, to be a new phase in its evolution. "Dead," though, starts the disc with more of that roiling, majestic rock—no real departure, even with Oneida's Kid Millions playing drums. Read more » 

Plastikman, Model 500 to Headline Detroit's Movement Festival

The Movement Festival (commonly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival) is on again this year in tha D's Hart Plaza. One of the biggest festivals of its kind in the United States, Movement not only showcases international talent, but also provides a special venue for homegrown DJs and producers from the city where techno was born. Early-bird tickets are now on sale, and with today's announcement of the festival's initial lineup, it's certain that tickets are going to go fast, what with the first Movement festival appearance of Plastikman's live set, as well as sets from Model 500, Inner City, and many more. Check out who's playing after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2010

Neon Indian Offers a Free New Track

Earlier today, Neon Indian (a.k.a. Alan Palomo) and the folks at Green Label Sound decided to make the internet explode by releasing a free new song, entitled "Sleep Paralysist." Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2010

Dirtybird Divulges Details of Anniversary Comp.

San Francisco house and techno institution Dirtybird has revealed the coming of a three-disc, five-year-spanning compilation to be released April 19. The release marks the anniversary of producer Claude VonStroke's label, and chronicles the past, displays the present, and foretells the future across its three volumes. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2010

Download: Weird Tapes "The Walking Dead"

One half of his Memory Tapes psyche, Davy Hawk's now-defunct Weird Tapes moniker is featured on a recently released two-disc compilation from the Thisisnotanexit label, entitled Manifesto #1. Tapes' addition to the release, which also includes cuts from Hatchback and Spectral Empire, among others, is an upbeat, multilayered dance number that sounds neither like it's walking nor dead. Instead, "The Walking Dead" effectively runs circles around acid-house, IDM, and electro-pop influences, not once running out of breath through its five energetic minutes 

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Download: The Hundred in the Hands "Dressed in Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Warp

Brooklyn duo The Hundred in the Hands is an interesting group. The band is signed to Warp, some of its music has been produced by disco stalwart Jacques Renault, and they've just passed along this remix from Detroit techno prodigy Kyle Hall, but the original version of "Dressed in Dresden" sort of sounds like Bloc Party. Hmm. Well, whatever works. Their new 12" on Warp comes out on April 6, and they'll be performing that night at Santos Party House to celebrate along with friends Renault, James Fucking Friedman, and The Rapture, who will all be DJing. In the meantime, dig into this remix, which finds Hall—billed as Kyle "MF" Hall, which we're okay with because the guy is a fucking boss already at age 18—stripping out the guitars and poppy post-punk while injecting a healthy dose of soulful Detroit techno. We approve. 

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Download: The Miracles Club "Light of Love"

Label: Ecstasy

No matter how much we love all of Honey Owens' ambient/experimental pop work with Valet and Nudge, it would be a lie to say that we weren't initially a bit skeptical of her new "house music" project, The Miracles Club. After all, Portland isn't exactly a hotbed for club music and the city's arts-and-crafts, über-DIY house-party vibe doesn't usually lend itself to proper house and techno. But if "Light of Love," the title track from the group's new self-released EP, is any indication, it seems that our fears were unfounded. The Miracles Club is actually a collaboration between Owens and the drum-machine-wielding Rafael Fauria, and the pair often cites classic Chicago house as a major inspiration. The '80s piano melodies on "Light of Love" certainly reflect that, but the song is also bathed in washy melodies and a slightly psychedelic feel—it's not exactly modern, but it's no exercise in nostalgia either. Maybe all those rainy days in Portland have got The Miracles Club dreaming of sunny Ibiza. 

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Download the New Deniz Kurtel Single

The latest Crosstown Rebels ace-in-pocket, techno upstart Deniz Kurtel, has a lot on her plate lately. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2010

Download: The xx "Islands (CHLLNGR Remix)"

The first offering to come from the recently relocated California native CHLLNGR (a.k.a. Steven Borth) is this remix of The xx's oft-reworked single, "Islands." The new Copenhagen resident stripped the original of its instrumentation and placed the boy/girl duet atop throbbing low-end and reverberated percussion, but the real treat comes towards the end, when CHLLGR tweaks the vocals into a high-pitched squeal and drops more spacey elements on us—making for a smooth dubstep treatment. 

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