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Download: Lando Kal "Fuzzy Ankles"

Label: Numbers.

Brooklyn's Lando Kal is one half of the Lazer Sword crew, so while the bass-blap of the latter is certainly reflected in the bass tones of his solo project, the beats are more indebted to electro-house. "Fuzzy Ankles" is a slow-burning number, replete with a hypnotically glacial house beat, menacing synths, and high-frequency shimmers of sound. With its bit of squelch and a clean breakdown, the track is perfect for late-night hi-jinks, when everyone on the floor is loaded to the gills and ready to get down with some serious beats. Taken from Lando's new split 12" with the other half of Lazer Sword, Low Limit, out now on Numbers. 

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Review: Mux Mool Skulltaste

If one used producer Brian Lindgren's debut album as the basis for psychoanalysis, it would be almost immediately apparent that under his musical moniker, Mux Mool, the man suffers from multiple personality disorder. The tug-of-war between Dilla-esque hip-hop ("Hog Knuckles") and buzzy, electro-tinged dance tunes ("Crackers") runs throughout the whole of Skulltaste. Read more » 

Download Donnacha Costello's Little White Earbuds Podcast

From the brilliant variety of Colorseries to the more ambient sounds of his recordings for the Mille Plateaux label, Dublin's Donnacha Costello has been one of the most innovative producers of electronic music for more than a decade. Little White Earbuds is now hosting a podcast curated by Costello which features the most influential tracks to him and his sonic palette. From the hard Detroit techno of Neil Landstrumm to the gay house of "Love Can't Turn Around," the podcast is a journey through the best house and techno of the past 25 years. Check it out over at LWE. Tracklisting after the break! Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2010

Outbox: Alex Gopher

As one of the founding fathers of the French touch scene in the '90s, Alex Gopher has seen his fair share of clubs, studios, and odd experiences. On the tail of releasing My New Remixes (Go 4 Music), the prolific producer, DJ, and Air collaborator took time out from working next door to Etienne de Crecy to tell us about stolen identities, live snafus, and why he fancies himself more of a ground squirrel. Read more » 

Download: The Glitch Mob "Drive It Like You Stole It"

First Listen
Label: Glass Air

Together, edIT, Boreta, and Ooah have amassed a large number of remixes, singles, and mixtapes, but May 25 will mark the release of Drink the Sea, the debut full-length from LA's veteran blap collective. The Glitch Mob opted to drop the album on its own imprint, Glass Air, and has also given us the premiere of the album's first single, "Drive It Like You Stole It." If this track is anything, it's an anthem. Amidst a trademark head-nodding beat heavy with slap, a number of synths vie for the forefront position—like a team of buglers announcing the coming of the beat scene's heroes—before giving way to an arsenal of heavy percussion and reverberated vocal samples. 

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Download: Virgo "Do You Know Who You Are"

1989's "Do You Know Who You Are" might be one of the best deep Chicago cuts ever recorded, its monstrous kicks, bright wandering synths, and deliciously delayed guitars creating a blueprint for all true deep house to come, from the Burrell brothers to the almighty Kerri Chandler. Pile on synth buzz, near-subsonic bass, and watery harmonies, and there's no denying the piece's greatness, which makes it all the better that Trax and Rush Hour have just re-released Virgo's only eponymous album. Featuring new artwork and tracks remastered for maximum loudness, the release shows that Rush Hour is fast becoming the best archival house label in the world. 

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Review: Pit Er Pat The Flexible Entertainer

After a couple of albums of drab post-rock, Chicago's Pit Er Pat blossomed into a much more interesting proposition on its 2008 full-length High Time, and that bloom continues on The Flexible Entertainer. Similarities between Pit Er Pat and Gang Gang Dance exist, mainly in Fay Davis-Jeffers' narcotized-siren vocals and Butchy Fuego's lopsided, postmodern dub rhythms that push each track down unpredictable routes. Read more » 

Third Installment of Claude VonStroke Remix EPs Out Now

Following two earlier releases of remixes from Claude VonStroke's latest album, Bird Brain, comes this third installment to the 12" series from San Francisco's Dirtybird label. Read more » 

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  • 03/19/2010

Sub Missions: Dubstep Pioneer Kode9 Probes the Noises of State Control and Underground Music Resistance

There’s a scene in Steve Goodman's new book, Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and The Ecology of Fear (MIT Press), that burns deep into the memory. He places the reader in a 2005 incident where Israeli fighter jets shocked residents in a Gaza Strip neighborhood by flying low above their homes and firing a "sound bomb"—a resonating sound so powerful that it could suffocate your body. "You look around but see no damage. Read more » 

Electric Independence Meets Vince Clarke and His Temple of Synth

Music geeks and tech heads, brace yourselves. VBS.tv off-shoot Motherboard, an online video blog/network that focuses mainly on technology and its effects on culture, premiered a new episode of its Electric Independence program that features the man behind Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure, Mr. Vince Clarke. Read more » 

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  • 03/19/2010

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