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Review: Martyn Fabric 50

Label: Fabric

In the age of the ubiquitous, manicured Ableton mix, it's no wonder so much attention has been paid to Martyn's decision to mix Fabric 50 live. But to focus solely on this mix's raw, seat-of-your-pants style is to miss the mark. Fabric 50 not only offers a glimpse into the sounds that influenced Martyn's superb Great Lengths, but it also stands as a testament to the contemporary amalgamation of dubstep, bass, and techno. Read more » 

Orbital Returns for Select US Dates

The legendary UK electronica (yeah, we just said "electronica") pioneers Paul and Phil Hartnoll, better know as Orbital, are retooling their live set for a handful of US dates in the weeks to come. Read more » 

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  • 03/15/2010

Download: Via Tania "Fields (The Juan Maclean Remix)"

First Listen

In the fine tradition of remixing female singer-songwriters' lovely originals into club bangers, The Juan Maclean has completely transformed Via Tania's majestic "Fields" into a floor-filling, ass-shaking slice of tech-house gold. Using only the choicest stems of Via Tania's purring vocals, angular guitar work, and quirky percussion, there is certainly something of Radioslave here, and perhaps even a bit of Nima Gorji's "Hopp Hopp," a 2009 track which liberally sampled traditional gypsy music. Like all good techno, the changes are slight, unexpected, and completely mind-melting. It would behoove any DJ to play this if they want to see a dancefloor explode, especially given the piece's stunning, washed-out apex. If you're in the mood to see the folksy stylings of Via Tania with backing band Seabear, then head to SXSW this week! 

Average: 7.1 (42 votes)

Download: Jahcoozi "Barefoot Dub (Edit)"

First Listen

Jahcoozi certainly knows how to put the dub in dubstep, as is evidenced by this edit of "Barefoot Dub." Filled with delayed horn samples, lazer stabs, wonky percussion, and gut-rumbling bass, the track is a true cross-genre pollination. Some acid squelch and lovely female vocals reminiscent of Martina Topley-Bird round out the track, making for a perfect mix with anything from the newest funky banger to a Maxinquaye-era Tricky slice. Jahcoozi's new album, Barefoot Wanderer, will be released on April 19. 

Average: 7.3 (52 votes)

Download: Rainbow Arabia "Kabukimono (Pictureplane's Negative Slave Re-Work)"

Last fall, LA duo Rainbow Arabia remixed a song from Pictureplane, and now the bedazzled, Denver-based artist has returned the favor. Taken from an upcoming free remix EP, Pictureplane's version of "Kabukimono" slows down the original, running Rainbow Arabia's electro-exoticism through a gritty, lo-fi filter and ultimately creating something with a little more punch. You could say that this is art-school-warehouse-global-lo-fi-rave-bass music, but that sounds like a fucking nightmare. This song is actually good. 

Average: 7.1 (24 votes)

Todd P Goes South: The NYC Party Promoter Attempts to Bridge the Socio-Political Gap Between American and Mexican Artists

New York-based DIY event organizer Todd Patrick (known professionally as Todd P) is taking his business south of the border. In lieu of the South By Southwest-rival festival he has thrown in Austin for the last four years, Mr. P hopes that his new MtyMx All Ages Festival of Art and Music, held a few hours south in Monterrey, will change the US perception of Mexico while uniting more than 100 bands from both sides of the border, combining the likes of Fucked Up and Telepathe with XYX, Ratas del Mexicano, and Los Llamarada. XLR8R caught the busy party planner between flights to discuss artist relations in today's socio-political climate. Read more » 

Download: The Golden Filter "Hide Me"

Label: Brille

New York's The Golden Filter sound like a mid-'80s Italo band with an icy Nordic gloss, particularly on "Hide Me," which channels Doctors Cat's anthemic qualities as much as Annie's synthetic love-pop. Arpeggiated bass propels the track, with lush pads and tinkling melodic flourishes riding on the same wavelengths as vocalist Penelope's thin, breathy vocals. With extensive tour dates coming up, including an multiple performances at SXSW this week, The Golden Filter are ready to take the synth-pop world by storm. 

Average: 6.5 (21 votes)

Review: Emptyset Emptyset

Label: Caravan

A hybrid project based in Bristol, England, Emptyset is grimy and cryptic, driven from within by the region's body-buzzing bass culture, inspired from without by minimal techno innovations in Berlin and Detroit. The 10 short tracks—the longest clocks in at just over six minutes—seem like sketches of more epic versions and may initially disappoint. Read more » 

New Album Coming From A Guy Called Gerald

Techno and acid-house veteran A Guy Called Gerald returns again to the album format after years spent dropping singles on disparate labels across the globe. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2010

Download: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Round and Round"

Label: 4AD

So Ariel Pink unveiled a new song today, and it's currently locked in a battle to the death with the new Lady Gaga video for the crown of "which internet thing have we been forwarded the most today?" Looks like the Gag-ster is going to win that battle since even our moms are freaking out about it, but take heart, Ariel Pink fans—there's no shame in second place. "Round and Round" comes from a new 7" that will be released on April 26, and is also slated to make an appearance on the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled Ariel Pink and the Haunted Graffiti album. Oh yeah, in case you're wondering what it sounds like, Mr. Pink has turned up the production quality and busted out with a psychedelic '70s, multipart-harmony, Partridge-Family-pop vibe. Groovy. 

Average: 6.3 (29 votes)

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