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Circlesquare Announces Remix Contest

The off-kilter electronic pop of Circlesquare is blowing up right now, and so !K7 is allowing fans and producers the opportunity to remix "Hey You Guys," the opening track off of Songs About Dancing and Drugs. With Matias Aguayo and The Juan MacLean already giving the track a heavy rubdown, the crafter of the best remix will be in very good company once the remixes EP is released. Read more » 

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  • 10/19/2009

Download: Mike Slott "23 Halfs"

Label: LuckyMe

For the next release on the up-and-coming LuckyMe imprint (whose upcoming parties with the UK's Citinite label we recently discovered), world traveler Mike Slott has crafted his first solo EP for the Glasgow label which follows his remix work for Flying Lotus, his collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, Heralds of Change, and many other notable projects. Taken from said EP, "23 Halfs" is a slow-moving number rife with space-noise, warbling bass, and a variety of influences from jazz to R&B. It's a short, tasty morsel of what's to come from a young producer with a seeming plethora of new ideas. 

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Cocoon to Unveil Cassy's Latest Mix This Fall

Panorama Bar resident and producer Cassy has long been known to straddle the lines between minimal techno and rich, soulful house music, and on her latest mix, she continues to blend the more reductionist with the more lush. Simply Devotion not only features some of Cassy's own productions, but also includes everything from classic remixes of Baby Ford to the contemporary dub-techno sounds of STL. Deeply felt and incredibly slamming, the 70-minute-plus mix is sure to please the dancers and the wallflowers alike.


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  • 10/19/2009

Inbox: Beak>

This week Inbox flies away with Geoff Barrow, the creative glue behind Bristol-based experimental rock trio, Beak> (not to mention the mutli-instrumentalist producer and founding member of Portishead). While he waits for the captain’s cue to turn off all electronic devices, Barrow fills us in on things like unbearable Basement Jaxx shows, wedding bloopers, footie and teatime with the family, Beth Gibbons, and gossipy bathroom graffiti. Read more » 

Download: Syntaks "Sudden Dream"

Label: Ghostly

Denmark's Syntaks craft smoldering, shimmering ambient sounds that are akin to Aphex Twin, but a bit less self-consciously weird and more self-consciously gorgeous. "Sudden Dream" is from their Mistral Moon EP, which Ghostly has decided to give away for free to whet peoples' appetites for the duo's debut, Ylajali, which comes out on November 3. If the track's crystalline production and hypnotic loops are indicative of the upcoming album's sonic aesthetic, then we are certainly going to hear a lot more about Syntaks in the coming months. 

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Review: White Rainbow New Clouds

Label: Kranky

Adam Forkner (a.k.a. White Rainbow) continues to astound on his second full-length for Kranky. The Portland resident's loop-based jams have always had a truly organic, 'free' feeling, but New Clouds emphasizes these tonal elements while simultaneously being the best-sounding record he has ever created. Read more » 

Fabric Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Massive Weekend Party

Legendary London nightclub Fabric opened its doors for the first time on October 21, 1999, so to celebrate 10 years at the top of the London nightlife scene, the club is hosting a weekend-long bash that features some of the biggest names in electronic music. Friday sees Rusko, Craze, and more FabricLive stars bringing their unique DJing styles to three rooms. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2009

LuckyMe and Citinite Join Up to Party Down

The electrofunk-loving Londoners of the burgeoning Citinite label have teamed with Glasgow's go-to wonky bass crew LuckyMe for two epic nights of hot jams served up by a choice array of artists. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2009

Download: Pezzner & Lusine "Station to Station"

Label: XLR8R exclusive Tune in an Afternoon

House and techno alchemists Pezzner and Lusine turn found Seattle sounds into an eerie ambient track in the course of five hours. For our third installment of our occasional Tune in an Afternoon series, we challenged Seattle producers Dave Pezzner (a.k.a. Pezzner) and Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) to record a track using mainly sounds collected on a light-rail trip to the waterfront. Watch here as they talk to birds, use secret microphones, and ponder bpms, and then download the track! 

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Under the Covers: A new Soul Jazz cover-art retrospective traces the visual roots of '60s free-jazz radicalism.

Freedom, Rhythm and Sound: Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83 (SJR Publishing; hardcover; $39.99), a stunning retrospective of jazz cover art, is about much more than cool-ass graphics, though, that is undeniably a vast part of its appeal. Read more » 

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