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Download: Bonjay "Gimmee Gimmee"

Label: Bonjay

The Toronto duo of Bonjay certainly know how to make dancehall, but they also know how to make it extremely weird—"Gimmee Gimmee" sometimes features more than three different vocal phrases happening simultaneously, not to mention gauzy distorted elements and an orgasmic, delayed scream at the end that reverberates long after the track is over. The group's just-released EP also features remixes from Grahmzilla of Thunderheist, Poirier, and Smalltown Romeo, so there are plenty of reasons to jump on this new group. 

Average: 7.4 (70 votes)

Download: Erik Hassle "Hurtful (Zombie Disco Squad Dub)"


Sometimes, a remix sounds so little like the original that it's a bad thing, and sometimes, the opposite is true. Zombie Disco Squad's remix of Swedish pop wunderkind Erik Hassle falls firmly into the latter category, as it takes an embarrassingly derivative piece of emotional schlock and transforms it into a house track that includes bits recalling Derrick Carter's vocal cut-ups on his remix work. We're sure that Hassle fans won't be into the remix as much as we are, but then again, they're probably too busy crying in their rooms to notice that the remix exists. 

Average: 6.4 (29 votes)

Review: Modeselektor Body Language Volume 8

It might be kind of a dubious honor, but no other techno/dubstep/grime/hyphy/etc. producers make better mix CDs than Modeselektor. Completely populist while still bleeding edge, Body Language Volume 8 wasn’t strung together with 100% exclusive tracks or eight turntables—Modeselektor just takes a lot of the best stuff out there and makes it seem like it was part of the duo's vibe all along. Read more » 

Style: Ur a Jerk.

Over the past year, a new hip-hop subgenre has bubbled up from the streets of Los Angeles. Known as jerkin', the scene is largely populated by internet-savvy, skinny-jeans-wearing teens whose favorite artists are often like-minded young MCs and producers who operate almost exclusively on MySpace and only perform at raucous all-ages shows for throngs of wilding-out fans. Read more » 

DJ Star Eyes Featured on New York on the Clock

DJ Star Eyes (a.k.a. former XLR8R editor Vivian Host) is featured in the newest installment of New York on the Clock, where she talks about her genesis as a DJ and member of NYC's Trouble and Bass crew. Check it!


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  • 11/23/2009

Javelin Tours and Invites Fans to Create Record Covers

As they did on their debut, Brooklyn's Javelin will once again be screenprinting over record sleeves acquired from thrift shops for their latest 12" on Thrill Jockey. (To check out some awesome examples of their past work, go here). But this time around, the guys are inviting fans to send in their own thrifted record covers, personalizing the record in a truly unorthodox way. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 11/23/2009

Download: CLP feat. RQM "Designer (Lazer Sword Remix)"

Label: Sugarcane

The boys of Lazer Sword bring their bass-driven blap sound to CLP's collaboration with RQM, glitching it into a sharp, angular piece of hip-hop. RQM's vocals and intelligent rhymes smooth the edges a bit, but generally, this slice is perfect for floors where futuristic hip-hop and bass music reign. Pictured Above: CLP 

Average: 7.7 (184 votes)

Inbox: Jay Haze

For this week’s Inbox, XLR8R steps into the ring with Berlin-based U.S. expat Jay Haze (a.k.a. Fuckpony). The many-monikered producer and label owner coos about his Roland 808, Otis Redding, and London, swims (unsuccessfully) with dolphins in the Amazon, and deftly brings justice to his oppressors. Read more » 

Download: James Pants "Thin Moon"

There is an elegance to James Pants' compositions that rides beneath their funkiness. On "Thin Moon," the first single from his upcoming album, a spacey '80s synth loop is coupled with plucked strings, electric guitar strums, and ephemeral snippets of conversation. Coupled with Pants' high, melancholy croon, the piece maintains a graceful simplicity that is part Kelley Polar and part Dam-Funk. Lovely sounds for a lonely night. 

Average: 7.2 (35 votes)

Review: Solomun Dance Baby

Label: Diynamic

After three years of releasing 12-inches for the likes of Four:Twenty, liebe*detail, and his own Diynamic imprint, Bosnia-born, Hamburg-based Mladen Solomun unleashes his debut long-player. Overlook the mildly tacky album title (and, indeed, track titles) and Dance Baby is a quality debut that deploys deep-house signifiers with relative subtlety and nuance. Read more » 

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