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Miles Davis Goes 8-bit

On the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis' jazz classic, Kind of Blue, Kickstarter.com CTO and Portland-based chiptunes enthusiast Andy Baio commissioned a reinterpretation of the album's tracks by 8-bit artists Ast0r, Disasterpeace, Read more » 

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  • 08/26/2009

Review: Sally Shapiro My Guilty Pleasure

Label: Paper Bag

How could anyone not like Sally Shapiro?

Audiofile: Durrty Goodz

East London’s most versatile grime lord is Born Blessed.

Watching Durrty Goodz freestyle is a hypnotic experience. He’s angry, he’s funny, he’s nice, he’s happy, he’s scary, he’s rapping double-time, he’s rapping half-time, he’s ragga chatting, he’s barely breathing, he’s referencing Boogie Down Productions and Cam’ron, and even after three minutes of perfectly on-beat fire rhymes, he’s still fixing the camera with a hypnotic, Hulk Hogan crazy-eye stare that is pure focus.

Labels We Love: Mothership

Every day this month we're rolling out a new feature on XLR8R's Labels We Love of 2009. Whether it's the eye-catching aesthetics of Type or the model-for-the-future approach of Interdependent Media, these cut-making selections of the best in underground electronic, indie, hip-hop, and experimental imprints punch way above their weight. Feast your eyes on the features and then download many of the labels' related podcasts here. Read more » 

Ras G Takes Us There

Our recently featured, beat-makin' space cadet, Ras G, has crafted another nugget of other-worldly tunes on his latest EP, Destination There. Listeners can expect five more tracks of the crazy character's instrumental hip-hop, made with liberal amounts of wonky bass and space noise, via Ramp on September 21. The release's tracklist is below.


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  • 08/25/2009

Decibel Announces Showcases

The Pacific Northwest's three-day, electronic audio/visual massive, Seattle-hosted Decibel Festival just announced the showcases ticket holders can look forward to at the end of this September. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2009

Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen Join Forces

One of the celebrated founders of Afrobeat and the backbone of the band behind the genre's godfather, Fela Kuti, drummer Tony Allen collaborated with Finnish jack-of-all-trades Jimi Tenor on Strut's next installment of Inspiration Information. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2009

Labels We Love: Modular

This Years Model
As the music industry scrambles for a magic bullet, Modular Recordings keeps doing what it's done for the past decade: taking risks, one release at a time.


Review: Various Total 10

Label: Kompakt

It's that time of year again, folks: the Kompakt gang is back at it with yet another trophy to add to its shiny collection of Total compilations, and this year's contribution of hits from The Field, Thomas/Mayer, Nicolas Stefanis, and more is looking to be the stand-out in the set. Read more » 

RJD2 Starts New Label, Reissues Catalog

Instrumental hip-hop wizard RJD2 has announced the birth of a new label called RJ's Electrical Connections, and to celebrate, he's re-issuing his first three releases, including his break-out album Dead Ringer. As if that weren't enough reason to get happy, the Philadelphian is also releasing some of his b-sides and rarities digitally, and putting out a massive vinyl-only boxed-set retrospective called RJD2: 2002-2010. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2009

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