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Michael Cina: The Ghostly designer and type wrangler talks about the cosmos, getting loose, and Led Zeppelin.

With clients as seemingly disparate as Hewlett-Packard, Pepsi, and Ghostly International, Minneapolis-based Michael Cina is a workhorse designer whose oeuvre is exemplary of an artist thinking in multiple media without elevating one over another. Read more » 

Review: port-royal dying in time

Label: n5md

Though the album's starkly snowy cover might have something to do with it, Genoa's port-royal does evoke a crystalline, wintery quality on its third full-length. High-frequency washes, plaintive delayed guitars, and tinkling synths abound amidst rhythm structures that evoke Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. Read more » 

Ghostly Shares Its Decade-End Favorites

We've already established through our recent series of year-end posts that we love making lists, and, duh, you love reading them. Now, XLR8R would like to share a list we love. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 12/28/2009

Inbox: Robot Koch

Check in with Inbox as we pick the brain of Berlin-based experimental dubstep maestro Robert Koch (a.k.a. Robot Koch). The talented producer (and founder of Jahcoozi) selects some choice karaoke tunes, finesses his way out of sticky on-stage situations, bogarts musical instruments from family members, and juggles a mind-boggling assortment of projects. Read more » 

Review: King Coya Cumbias de Villa Donde

Label: Nacional

As cumbia is increasingly embraced worldwide, it's exciting to see how this folkloric tradition has been given so many new treatments. On Cumbias de Villa Donde, Argentina's King Coya (of Zizek) is staking his own spot in the future of South American-inspired electronic music with no shortage of creativity. This collection of remixes and original material begins with the sultry slow-and-low riddims of "Villa Donde" and only becomes more colorful from there. Read more » 

Podcast 117: Shlohmo

LA native Henry Laufer may be a young fella, but the 19-year-old producer, better known as Shlohmo, has rocketed on to our radar screen in recent months with his lo-fi, psychedelic mix of abstract hip-hop, dubstep-flavored wonk, bouncy synth-funk, breezy trip-hop, and what sounds like lost gems from the mid-'90s Mo' Wax catalog. Read more » 

Review: Quantec Cauldron Subsidence

Label: Echocord

Joined at the hip, sonically speaking, minimalist producers in Detroit and Berlin subverted standard (and increasingly stale) techno and house of the mid-1990s by reducing music to architecture you can dance to. Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, and Plus 8 artists all got there first, but youngish German Sven Schienhammer (a.k.a. Quantec) was apparently doing some active listening back then. Echoes of this shift in sound design and texture are all over Cauldron Subsidence, his second full-length in two years. Read more » 

Ben UFO Drops New Mix, Preps Boxing Day Bash

This time of year, most people are preparing for a few days of presents, overeating, and insufferable relatives. Ben UFO has other ideas. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 12/23/2009

Untold, Pole, and More Venture to North America With Unsound Festival

The Polish music and arts festival Unsound is taking its massive event Stateside for the first time in its near seven-year history. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 12/23/2009

Artist to Watch: Martin Kemp

Who: Martin Kemp
Where: London, UK


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