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Massive Attack Returns With EP, Album

U.K. trip-hop and future-jazz pioneers Massive Attack are releasing a new four-song EP, Splitting the Atom, this October, featuring appearances from dub legend Horace Andy and TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe, among others. Read more » 

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  • 08/28/2009

Isa GT Drops Carnival Mix

Girlcore-fave and carnival-hypestress to be, U.K.-based DJ Isa GT, has posted a new mix in preparation for her appearance at this year's Notting Hill Carnival in London. The party-starting mix deftly melds buzzing, club-ready jams with eclectic world influences to create a cornucopia of sounds liable to make any biped itch for the dancefloor. Read more » 

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  • 08/28/2009

Nightshifters Unleash Club Insanity

The Nightshifters label, the unholy but lovable brainchild of Jason Forrest (a.k.a. DJ Donna Summer) and New York's Jubilee, brings some crazy heat with their 10th release, due September 8. Read more » 

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  • 08/28/2009

Download: Exclusive: Udachi and Jubilee "Paypur"

Label: Nightshifters

XLR8R exclusive! A super-fun club mash-up from the new collaboration between Jubilee of Nightshifters and Udachi of Trouble and Bass (among other things). Its ripsaw synths and cut-up vocals run over a truly bumpin' beat that changes up ever four bars, and a healthy dose of rave feel rounds out the fun. If you like it check the other remixes on the EP that's out Sept. 8. Read more here

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Download: Junk Culture "West Coast"

Label: Illegal Art

"West Coast," the title track off Junk Culture's West Coast EP is a lovely, trippy blend of stuttering vocals, live drums, and a classic cut-up hip-hop break. It leaves you hanging in wonderment for a good long while, then drops you into bliss. Perfect for sunset watching. 

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Review: Various Artists An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music

Label: Sub Rosa

Exhaustive in its scope, this four-disc collection of music from 1992-1998 might be one of the most amazing compilations of recent years, featuring more than four hours of music by 48 artists. The depth of the Chinese underground music scene is vast and widely varied, and until recently, quite inaccessible to westerners; by releasing this compilation, the Sub Rosa label has done the world a great service. Featuring pioneers like Dickson Dee and Dajuin Yao alongside more contemporary acts like Stingrays and Li Jianhong, the sonic eclecticism of the scene is on full display. Read more » 

Labels We Love: Interdependent Media

Every day this month we're rolling out a new feature on XLR8R's Labels We Love of 2009. Whether it's the eye-catching aesthetics of Type or the model-for-the-future approach of Interdependent Media, these cut-making selections of the best in underground electronic, indie, hip-hop, and experimental imprints punch way above their weight. Feast your eyes on the features and then download many of the labels' related podcasts here. Read more » 

Review: Keaver & Brause The Middle Way

Label: Dealmaker

Sample-based albums are nothing new, but the U.K.’s Keaver & Brause go above and beyond—off-kilter timing, record pops, loop stops, and sound clipping are littered throughout the surprisingly smooth future-hop of their debut album, The Middle Way. Read more » 

Anticipate Ambient Mix For Download

Anticipate label head Ezekiel Honig has made a new mix of the label's more ambient sounds available for free download. Featuring the gauzy works of M. Templeton and aA. Munson alongside the watery atmospherics of Nicola Ratti and Sawako, the mix is certain to put listeners into states of melancholic reverie. As if one mix were not enough, Honig has also made his May set from MUTEK available for free download. Click on these links and get dreamy!


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  • 08/27/2009

BMSR: Over the Rainbow

The nicotine-stained frontman of Pittsburgh’s Black Moth Super Rainbow explains the means behind the band’s electronic freak-pop, and the reasons for their smokescreen.

It’s a Thursday in March and Tobacco, the anonymous founder and lead entity of Pittsburgh’s Black Moth Super Rainbow, is in Cleveland snagging a new purchase: a keyboard owned by a member of ’70s rockers James Gang.

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