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Review: OOIOO Arminico Hewa

OOIOO's superkinetic music is subject to the subtle changes and smart inconsistencies of a band with enough ideas to think three albums ahead, yet focused enough to remain totally committed to the present. Arminico Hewa follows in the densely percussive style of 2006's Taiga but initially sounds a little more cluttered—the earlier album's taiko-like floor-tom patterns move over in favor of rushing punk snares on AH. Read more » 

France's Kap Bambino to Bring the Noise Stateside

Early this year we featured up-and-coming French duo Kap Bambino as an Artist to Watch whose synth-punk style is as equally indebted to Nirvana's brashness as it is the repetitious electronics of Suicide. Now, with their Batcaves EP out soon on iTunes and their third full-length, Blacklist, to see release next year on Because, vocalist Caroline Martial and producer Orion Bouvier are launching their sonic assault on a handful of North American cities this November. Tour dates after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2009

Quintron & Miss Pussycat: The pioneers of "swamp tech" show us the magical talismans of their New Orleans hideaway.


Download: Luciano "Sun, Day and Night"

Label: Cadenza

Some of Luciano's fans have been less than pleased with his upcoming album, Tribute to the Sun, but quite honestly, the haters have cloth in their ears. The record is a gorgeous, well-crafted artist statement, and while much of it might not have overt dancefloor efficacy, whining about it doesn't do Tribute to the Sun justice. "Sun, Day and Night," for example, is a soft-focus, polyrhythmic ride, featuring the warm intonations of Tricky collaborator Martina Topley-Bird over synthetic bells, squelches, and vocal clips. Sure, the track is more apropos of a sunny day lolling about the park than a dank night slamming in the clubs, but when the sounds are so pleasing, who cares? 

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Afro-Punk Announce Tour Dates for First Traveling Show

Taking its lead from the 2003 documentary film of the same name, Afro-Punk is a community based around outsider music, film, art, and skateboarding. Their annual festival, which premiered in 2005 in Brooklyn, is ground-zero for the "multi-cultural" movement, and has just recently sprouted legs to embark on its first tour throughout North America. This week, the traveling show hits the east coast, midwest, and Canada with headliners Saul Williams and CX KiDTRONiK & Tchaka Diallo. Other assorted openers, like Houston's American Fangs and NY-based Earl Greyhound, will be peppered throughout the many dates of the month-long tour. Check out the dates and full line-ups after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2009

Download: Gosub "Black Nova in G"

Label: Citinite

In preparation for his upcoming performance at the LuckyMexCitinite parties in London and Glasgow, Florida-based Gosub (a.k.a. Shad T. Scott) has shared with XLR8R "Black Nova in G," a new track from his forthcoming release for UK label Citinite. Gosub's production is a deceptively mellow affair with a solid groove comprised of bouncing antique electronics and smooth melodies—elements which coalesce to give "Black Nova in G" a retro-futuristic lounge sound all its own. 

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Review: El Perro Del Mar Love Is Not Pop

Sarah Assbring (a.k.a. El Perro Del Mar) takes a break from the baroque Spectorian pop of her first two LPs on Love Is Not Pop, which was produced with assistance from Rasmus Hägg, one half of balearic duo Studio. Puffs of Ibiza air don't do much to remedy Assbring's permanently inconsolable mood, though the scenarios are less coded than in the past—"Gotta Get Smart" opens the album with Assbring setting up a lover for a dumping apparently long in the making. Read more » 

Lazer Sword Tours Europe

The boys of Lazer Sword are bringing that grime-ridden electro-bass noise to Europe in the next few weeks, with nights at some of the best clubs on the continent. Along with playing some wild sets with the likes of Rustie and The Gaslamp Killer, the duo also has a new 12" out on Innovative Leisure. Tour dates and flyer after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2009

Tom Trago: The Amsterdam sound has an open-minded new guide.

Berlin has minimal techno, Oslo trades in space disco, and Paris patented the French Touch house sound. But what can the Dutch lay claim to in electronic music, now that the pounding thumps of gabber techno have quieted? Read more » 

XLR8R TV: Tune in an Afternoon: Lusine and Pezzner

For our third installment of our occasional Tune in an Afternoon series, we challenged Seattle producers Dave Pezzner (a.k.a. Pezzner) and Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) to record a track using mainly sounds collected on a light-rail trip to the waterfront. Watch as they talk to birds, use secret microphones, and ponder bpms, and then download the track here! Read more » 

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