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Download: NastyNasty "No Names"


San Francisco's NastyNasty is one of the Bay's up-and-coming masters of bass, and on "No Names," he kicks it down with dark bass rumblings, synth blips, and some truly impressive polyrhythmic intensity. Though the genre can often get a bit tired, this track is particularly noteworthy because of a prominent Marvin Gaye vocal sample, which turns a well-done but standard bass track into a much more sentimental affair, with a resonance approaching that of Burial. Next month sees a new single on Frite Nite, featuring remixes from wonky leftfield bass producer Slugabed, among others.  

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Cobblestone Jazz's Danuel Tate to Release Solo EP

Founding member of Canada's improvisational techno outfit Cobblestone Jazz, Danuel Tate, has announced the follow up to 2007's Pushcard EP, the 5-track Doesn't Like You Back. Coming October 19 on Wagon Repair, Tate's latest output showcases his proclivity for jazz-influenced tech-house delivered with a strong dose of swelling horn sections and playful vocoder synth throughout. Doesn't Like You Back is also said to convey the "moment on the dance floor when you realize the woman next to you is way out of your league." Truthfully, as long as we're gettin' down to these beats, we're not too worried about that. Tracklist and more after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/14/2009

Review: Anti-Pop Consortium Fluorescent Black

Label: Big Dada

New York’s edgy hip-hop collective reunites to try for more minimal, Bladerunner-with-beats rap futurism.


Modeselektor Unveil New Video

Unless you count their collaborative efforts with Apparat, it's been quite some time since we've heard something new and original from the Modeselektor camp. The experimental techno duo have been hard at work on their new label, Monkeytown, their recently released mix for Get Physical's Body Language series, and this hilarious video for their latest dancefloor smash, "Art & Cash."

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  • 10/13/2009

Review: Luciano Tribute to the Sun

Label: Cadenza

On the aptly named Tribute to the Sun, Luciano (a.k.a. Lucien Nicolet) fleshes out sub-tropical Latin and pan-African rhythms that have always shared a tonal palette with his darker Chicago- and Detroit-inspired productions. "Celestial" sounds like it reads, with a melody (courtesy of a vocal sample from Keren Ann's "Liberty") made in heaven, pushed even higher on the back of an ascending bassline. Read more » 

Pop Montreal 2009

Even when the temperature dropped to an unseasonable 8 degrees celsius, Montreal still managed to be a warm, inviting host to XLR8R as we checked out the eighth annual installment of Pop Montreal. Every day between September 30 and October 4 saw a ridiculous amount of dance-offs, DJs, bands, and even DIY craft fairs to stumble upon—and only our broken French to guide us. Read more » 

High Steaks: Beat king RJD2 goes in search of the perfect Philly cheesesteak.

Phillin' It: For years, Philadelphia has been shrugged off as New York's little brother—a place where displaced Brooklynites went in search of cheaper rents, bigger spaces, and a touch less 'tude. But what's emerged over the years is far more than simply a sixth borough. So for this year's special City Issue, we dug around the Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Chinatown, and every other little enclave we could find to bring you the best that Brotherly Love has to offer. Check back every few days for a new feature from the east coast's newest hotbed. Read more » 

XLR8R TV: Freestyle 101 with Doseone and Jel

We sit in as Anticon's Doseone teaches his weekly freestyle class with some help from bandmate Jel.

Veteran freestyler Doseone has plenty of wisdom to dole out on cyphers, crutches, "getting open," and the world beyond Lil Wayne, but as we observed, the schooling is hardly one way. Dose, Jel, and fellow instructor Kev seem to be getting just as much from this circle of budding Oakland MCs (aged 12-18) as they're giving out. Be sure to watch out for 13-year-old Tyrone—he spits fire! Read more » 

Download: Busdriver ft. Nocando "Least Favorite Rapper (MegMan Remix)"

Label: Epitaph

LA's Busdriver is one of the more hated MCs in the game, with his quirky spitting style and harsh words for other rappers' excesses and blandness. With battle star Nocando, "Least Favorite Rapper" finds Busdriver tackling these issues head on, tossing off insults to Lil' Wayne, New Boyz, and a load of other 'fashionable' hip-hop artists and trends. It makes sense, then, that MegMan of recently reunited experimental hip-hop troupe Anti-Pop Consortium has remixed the track, crafting a more electronic, synth-driven sound in place of the dusty hip-hop samples that ruled the original. With bits of weird squelch above significantly deeper kicks, MegMan has delivered a real treat with the help of the original's searing rhymes. 

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Download: Social Disco Club "Man of Magic"

Though music aficionados have been calling disco edits the 'new electroclash' for a while now, they continue to proliferate like mushrooms, and despite the naysayers, some of the edits are quite tasty. Here, Portugal's Social Disco Club takes The Sarr Band's 1978 obscurity "Magic Mandrake," pumps up the cosmic synths, stretches the beat out significantly, and cuts much of the silliness out of the vocal parts, making the track infinitely more sexy. With releases on the venerable Bear Funk label and accolades from Pilooski and diskJokke, Social Disco Club is setting himself up to inherit the Idjut Boys' throne. 

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