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Catching Up With DMST

The sixth full-length from Toronto's post-rock titans Do Make Say Think washes ashore via Constellation on October 20, and consists of only four mammoth-sized tracks titled, ironically enough, "Do," "Make," "Say," and you guessed it, "Think." Featuring guest vocals from Akron/Family and the Lullabye Arkestra, three of the four giants from Other Truths Read more » 

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  • 08/20/2009

Flosstradamus Throws Yard Sale

If you happen to find yourself plodding through the Irving Park and Western intersection in Chi-town this weekend, you might want to stop by the Flosstradamus pad to sift through the piles of goods that await a new home at their second annual Flossy Yard Sale. Up for grabs are an array of bikes, new and vintage clothes, hats, shoes and other cool gear, scattered electronics and musical instruments from their home studio, along with anything else the pair is too lazy to move to their new crib. Read more » 

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  • 08/20/2009

Labels We Love: DiscError

Every day this month we're rolling out a new feature on XLR8R's Labels We Love of 2009. Whether it's the eye-catching aesthetics of Type or the model-for-the-future approach of Interdependent Media, these cut-making selections of the best in underground electronic, indie, hip-hop, and experimental imprints punch way above their weight. Feast your eyes on the features and then download many of the labels' related podcasts here.

The lowdown on new London’s mysteriously modern goth force.


Review: David Daniell and Douglas McCombs Sycamore

For their first recorded collaboration, the Chicago-based pair of David Daniell, a guitarist with an impressive avant/free-rock pedigree—he’s worked with Loren Connors and Thurston Moore among others—and Douglas McCombs, best known as the bass player for Tortoise (here, he plays electric and pedal steel guitar), have put together a record of contemplative, fusion-inflected textures, sculpted from hours of improvisation into a shimmering, psychedelic set. Read more » 

Kraftwerk Boxed Set in Oct.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of their 1974 hit "Autobahn," electronic pioneers Kraftwerk are releasing an eight-CD, super-deluxe boxed set, featuring remastered versions of eight astounding albums. Titled 12345678 The Catalogue, the set will also feature booklets containing previously unseen photos and artworks that have been reproduced to the highest technical standards. Read more » 

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  • 08/19/2009

Cex Returns to Tigerbeat6

The Eastern seaboard's mad scientist of ambient techno, glitch, and B-more zeal—that's Cex—has finally returned home to his old Tigerbeat6 haunt after a seven-year sabbatical of album releases for Automation, Jade Tree, and Temporary Residence. Read more » 

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  • 08/19/2009

Download: Lokai "Salvador"

Creaking and clanging like a weathered ship drifting through a tar pit somewhere in the Far East, this track from the Austrian duo's latest effort, Transition, fits together bits and pieces of finger-picked guitar, vibraphone, and an abundance of dripping electronic noises before slowly sinking to its final resting place.  

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SONAR Launches V-Studio Clinics

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill (a.k.a. the economic porn-sounding “stimulus package”) hasn't had that much press for its musician funding. Wait, that’s because there isn’t any, really. So there's never been a better time for free, which is just how much this clinic tour will cost audio engineers interested in learning about Cakewalk's SONAR V-Studio 100, and in some locations SONAR V-Studio 700. Read more » 

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  • 08/19/2009

Download: Daniel Haaksman "Pobum Coco"

Label: Man

A rad little piece of cheeky fun from Man Recordings label boss Daniel Haaksman. Great electro drums and handclaps fuse together with a ridiculous Spanish guitar and some whistling. High-energy stuff from the original Gostoso EP that recently received superb remixes from Sharkslayer on the remix EP

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Review: Lokai Transition

The buzzing, ticking terrain plotted by the Austrian experimental duo of Florian Kmet and Stefan Németh has assumed a more fleshed-out shape with Transition, their second LP following 2005’s 7 Million. In the four-year interim, they’ve made their warm, minimal aesthetic feel slightly more threatening. Subtle rhythmic touches—shaker, snare, bells—blow an ominous gust behind tracks alternately desolate (“Bruit”) and oddly unsettling (what sounds like a creaky wood galleon on “Roads”). Read more » 

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