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Check Out Mixes from Dusk & Blackdown and Nathan Fake

Resident Advisor and FACT have welcomed the new week with mixes from Rinse FM DJ duo Dusk & Blackdown and Norfolk's Nathan Fake, respectively. Read more » 

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  • 11/05/2012

Download: Boody "Guap"

Label: Dutty Artz

Just last month, Brooklyn tropical-bass label Dutty Artz released a new 10-track compilation called Iswayski Says Ur Good Bread. Ranging from reggaeton to dub to violently percussive juke to atmospheric hip-hop, this collection is an overtly diverse showcase of up-and-coming talent, featuring tracks from the likes of Nadus, Annalove, Lil Jabba, Knox, and featured here, Boody. "Guap" is a menacing, drum-heavy track with a large helping of sustained sub-bass topped with creepy, indecipherable vocal clips. Drones of what sounds like alarms propel the madness throughout, and will undoubtedly keep listeners on the edge of their seat, or at least in the middle of the dancefloor.  

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Chromatics Shares Free Download of Unreleased Material

It's interesting to see how producer Johnny Jewel went from being almost entirely silent to considerably prolific since the release of Chromatics' Kill for Love double-LP. Between his Symmetry project, the drumless version of Kill for Love, After Dark 2, and the remastered version of the first After Dark comp, the Italo-obsessed artist has been pumping out tunes all year long. Now, he's offering another collection of new sounds, 35 minutes of unreleased material from the sessions that birthed Kill for Love. Read more » 

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  • 11/05/2012

Polishing Gems: Emeralds Changes Up the Formula for Its Latest LP

In 2010, the then entirely Cleveland-based trio of John Eliot, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire (collectively known as Emeralds) concluded a virtually non-stop string of releases with Does it Look Like I'm Here?, a tenderly sprawling record capping a run that began in 2006 and yielded no less than 17 tapes, CD-Rs, and legitimate albums from the group. As McGuire, the guitar-wielding member of the outfit, puts it, Does it Look Like I'm Here? was, "the culmination of scrambling in the studio constantly for four or five years," before adding, "Basically, our lives were recorded in real time from 2006 to 2010." Since then, however, Emeralds in many ways has become a different band than it was during that five-year stretch. Most importantly, no longer are its members simply three dudes from neighboring Cleveland suburbs listening to records, getting stoned, and making music together. These days, they are well on their way to becoming accomplished musicians and producers, with each exploring a variety of solo interests. In the case of McGuire, the transformation has been even more dramatic, as he's embarked on a life largely lived outside of his native Ohio. Still, even as the members' collective relationship has changed, and the group's music has undertaken some large evolutionary transitions, Emeralds' latest album, Just to Feel Anything, somehow still effortlessly taps into the band's keen understanding of distinct, genuine, and constantly surprising ambient music. Read more » 

Download: Grenier "Gutta"

First Listen
Label: Symbols

Dean Grenier, who you may remember from our Bubblin' Up feature in July, just sent over a cut from his forthcoming Intentions EP, giving us a taste of its bass-centric productions before the whole set drops on November 13 via Kastle's Symbols label. On "Gutta," the Bay Area producer and Frite Nite affiliate (who recently changed his moniker from DJG to simply Grenier) layers complex patterns of percussion over a solid dancefloor beat and a contorting, acid-inspired bassline; hauntingly dissonant synth textures wrap the whole thing in a heavy and anxious mood. 

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Review: Lindstrøm Smalhans

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm isn't taking any chances on his latest LP, but it's hard to blame him for doing so. Back in February, he made a misstep with Six Cups of Rebel, an LP that moved daringly away from the "space disco" tag he's had since 2003. And while it did explore the other aspects of the Norwegian producer's personality, it the effort was weighed down by prog-rock pretensions and psychedelic overreaching. Now, he's back with Smalhans, a return to his old self that alternatively plays things a little too safe by offering six tracks of Lindstrøm-by-numbers. Read more » 

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  • 11/05/2012

Download: Matthias Zimmermann "Paul"

Wiesbaden up-and-comer Matthias Zimmermann is back today with his sophomore EP, Botanica Dub, for Sound Pellegrino. Though still a relatively unknown name in the grand scheme of electronic music, the producer has already garnered support from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Martyn, Joakim, Modeselektor, and more. "Paul," the first track off of Zimmerman's new record, picks up right where his Isla Dub EP left off. Though the pre-historically heavy and percussive "Luther" might have been the most popular cut from that release, Zimmermann's production work is also noteworthy because of his thick, melodic synthesizers, which are here in full effect. Beginning with a faint chant and a hypnotic piano riff, "Paul" evolves into an indefinable sound that sits between the artist's hard-edged and lush tendencies, as it's laced with intricate, tribal percussion and golden-age house vibes. 

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Review: Serge & Tyrell House Countdown

Serge Verschuur and Martijn Hoogendijk (a.k.a. Alden Tyrell) have recently collaborated on several edits and remixes for Verschuur's Clone conglomerate, lending their touch to tracks by Gerd and Rodney Bakerr Presents Mystic, as well as one of Hoogendijk's solo productions, "Touch The Sky," which featured Mike Dunn on vocals and was released earlier in the year. House Countdown, part of Clone's Jack For Daze series, marks their first full record as Serge & Tyrell. The two are notorious classicists, at least in their tendency to push music with very few frills. It then follows that their official debut offers upfront, bare-bones business. Read more » 

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  • 11/05/2012

The Lowdown: This Week's XLR8R Top 10 with Azari & III, Jacques Greene, Brian Eno, Jamie xx, and More

Throughout the week, a whole lot of material gets posted here on XLR8R. And while we know—and love—that some hardcore readers will eagerly pour over every single news story, interview, podcast, video, and MP3 download that appears on the site, we also realize that for most people, it's impossible to see everything, which means that some quality XLR8R content is likely to get missed in the hustle and bustle of everyone's daily lives. In the interest of making it easier for everyone to catch up, every Friday we present The Lowdown, a weekly wrap-up of the top 10 tidbits from our site. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2012

Eskmo Shares Stream of His New 'Language' EP

When we dropped the first leak from sound sculptor Eskmo's Language EP, it became the most popular item on XLR8R that week, and it's hardly died down since. As such, we figured you'd probably like to hear the rest of his brand-new, self-released record, too, so we've got it here for you to stream now. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2012

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