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Review: DJ Tennis "The Outcast"

Label: Kompakt

It's quickly becoming apparent that Italian producer DJ Tennis (a.k.a. Manfredi Romani) is a big Ninja Tune fan. Earlier this year, the soundtracker, label owner, and moody musicmaker debuted on his own Life and Death imprint with "Make It Good," a cut that should more appropriately be referred to as a remix, given its heavy borrowing from indie-folk vocalist and Ninja Tune artist Fink's track of the same name. Now releasing on Kompakt, Romani has looped up the celestial strings that open Cinematic Orchestra's "Evolution" and repurposed them to set the tone for "The Outcast." Read more » 

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  • 09/06/2012

Video Premiere: Otto von Schirach "When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth"

Monkeytown-affiliated producer and recent XLR8R podcast contributor Otto von Schirach has just unveiled his brand-new video for "When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth," a lively tune from his recently released Supermeng LP. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Download: SFV Acid "Ashland Slumber"

Label: UNO

SFV Acid sent us over the lead cut from his forthcoming release for NYC imprint UNO, the Neighborhood Archives EP. The Southern California producer born Zane Reynolds was recently profiled in our Bubblin' Up feature series, where he talked about his music and working with fellow San Fernanado Valley producer and PPM label head Dean Spunt (also of No Age). On "Ashland Slumber," Reynolds combines acidic synthlines and dreamy, airy pads with some no-nonsense drum-machine beats, making for a hard-edged and straightforward house banger. Look for rest of SFV Acid's new record when it drops on September 25. 

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Altered Natives to Release 'Tenement Yard Vol. 3'

Prolific house music firebrand Altered Natives will bring his Tenement Yard series (the second installment of which was one of our top 10 favorite releases from 2011) to a close next month when he releases its third and final volume. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Watch Martyn Talk 'Ghost People', Touring, and More

Easily one of the best records released in 2011, Martyn's Ghost People LP (which ranked #6 in our list of top picks from last year) may have been out for sometime now, but that doesn't mean we're any less interested in hearing from the excellent DJ/producer. It seems that the fine folks at UK retailers AllSaints feel the same way, as they've put together this hour-long video interview with the Dutch-born artist as part of their ongoing Basement Sessions series. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Prins Thomas to Release Second Album

Norwegian space-disco stalwart and frequent Lindstrøm collaborator Prins Thomas is set to release his second full-length record, aptly titled Prins Thomas II. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Download: Error Operator feat. ShadowBox "33,000ft (Bambarra Remix)"

First Listen

This deep house-leaning track from Londoner Bambarra arrives as a remix of a forthcoming collaborative single from fellow UK producer Error Operator (pictured above) and Brooklyn vocalist ShadowBox, called "33,000ft." Bambarra's bonus version boasts a banging beat and some party-ready vibes in its rich production, but the soulful vocals are at its heart just as they are in the original. Harmonious and layered, the melodies from ShadowBox are the glue of the track. In some areas, they are chopped and turned into little blips of sound, but in other areas, they're permitted to float to the top of the mix and shimmer like those of a '70s diva. "33,000ft"'s soundscape has been transformed to fit the club, a departure from the original's goal of being an ode to laidback electronic music. Error Operator's and ShadowBox's new single will be released on October 8, complete with a remix from Henry Krinkle, via earFOOD

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XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of August

With the close of August comes the final days of summer and the bittersweet first signs of fall. It also brings the top 20 most downloaded tracks on XLR8R from the past month. Read more » 

LOL Boys Announces Hiatus, Solo Projects; Gives Away Music

It's never good news when a group that seemed to be just finding its stride hits the proverbial pause button, but that is exactly what LA/Montreal production duo LOL Boys announced yesterday. After releasing their excellent Changes EP and unveiling the pretty damn cool music video for that record's title track earlier this year, Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia have put their LOL Boys project on hiatus. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Download: Jealov "AATO"

First Listen
Label: Mush

Jealov sent over a cut from its upcoming Nyche EP (out October 23 via Mush). The elusive trio—Yann-Alex Janssens, Rick Roels, and Mathieu Seynaeve—hails from Brussels, and its dizzying production style seems to be inspired by the different kinds of UK dubstep made by Burial, Mount Kimbie, or James Blake. "AATO" is a bit off-center, though, dotted with staccato samples of a vocal choir, organs, and horns, but retains an inherent groove nonetheless. Jealov erratically samples bits of R&B and mainstream pop music throughout "AATO," weaving the pieces into the production's fidgety beats. 

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