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Gear: Review: Soniccouture Electric Pianos for Live

MSRP: $89, Soniccouture

A proper electric piano is not the cheapest or easiest thing in the world to acquire and keep in good, working condition, especially a classic like the Fender Rhodes Stage 73 or the Wurlitzer 200A. In an attempt to address this problem, Ableton has teamed up with the botique software instrument designers at Soniccouture for Electric Pianos, a Live-only instrument that aims to offer those low on funds access to pristine electric piano sounds. Read more » 

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  • 05/11/2012

Download: Sight "Piigs (Remember 96 Mix)"

First Listen

With anti-austerity candidates making strides in this week's elections in Italy, Greece, and France, the acronym PIIGS is once again rising to the lips of financial analysts, and will likely stay there for some time. While the wider world of electronic music tends towards the apolitical, producer Sight and the Hsuan imprint, both based in Ireland (one of the "I"'s in PIIGS), are making their positions known with this apparent dig at government cuts to social services and benefits. In mid-June, the three-track Piigs EP will be released, and although it will not contain this particular mix, it will contain the original version of "Piigs," a remix by British producer Walton, and the tune "Slow." "Piigs (Remember 96 Mix)" straddles the line between bass and techno with an off-beat kick drum, floating layers of synthesizer notes and chords, and a thick bassline. 

Average: 7.3 (50 votes)

Review: I:Cube "M" Megamix

Label: Versatile

House, techno, disco, boogie. As musical currency, these formats generally stretch furthest on the dancefloor—at least with DJs, the club overseers with the deepest pockets of them all. Impressively, Parisian producer Nicholas Chaix (a.k.a. I:Cube) exists in all of these spheres simultaneously. He's also acutely aware of the nuance required to translate his music for casual listening. Read more » 

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  • 05/11/2012

Listen to a New Remix by Maya Jane Coles

Less than two weeks ago, rising house music star Maya Jane Coles' remix of Lianne La Havas nearly blew up the XLR8R website. Clearly, the girl is in demand, as another MJC remix has surfaced, this time of Dutchman Bo Saris' "She's on Fire." Read more » 

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  • 05/11/2012

Download: Kry Wolf "Under My Skin"

"Under My Skin" is a snaking, rhythmic number offered up by Kry Wolf, a duo from London with a new release out today on Sounds of Sumo, the Black & Blue EP. The tune is a rude one, with snaps and hand claps writhing under a Coki-like central riff, atop percussion that sounds like it was banged out on a bit of brass piping lifted from one of Brixton's more run-down flats. The riddim is the focus of the tune, with plenty of variation dipping and diving through each section until the track's menacing melody moves things firmly into gutter territory with a keen sense of dancefloor mayhem. There are no politely washed pads and chipmunk vocals here, just some raucous fun. 

Average: 7.4 (64 votes)

Hudson Mohawke and Lunice to Release Collaborative EP

Warp signee Hudson Mohawke and Lunice of the Glasgow-based LuckyMe stable of artists are set to release their collaborative, self-titled EP, TNGHT. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2012

Download: M. Constant "Us Tempenauts"

Label: JASS

East Coast beat hub JASS is unveiling its second release, an EP from Boston-based producer M. Constant. Titled Bugged, it will include seven tracks, including "Us Tempenauts," a woozy bit of head-nodding instrumental hip-hop with hefty and full production. Synth chords drive the song's melody, while a plucked instrument, vocal samples, and various bits of percussion add to the rich arrangement. The Bugged EP will be available on May 15, as will satin photo prints of its cover art (pictured above) designed by Sir Froderick. (The EP can be pre-ordered, both with and without the satin print, here.) After the jump, you can stream the EP's leadoff track, "Chew-Z," and take a look at its tracklisting, which includes a remix of "Us Tempenauts" from label boss Time Wharp.  Read more » 

Average: 8.4 (110 votes)

Video: LPZ "1983"

South American production trio LPZ just dropped its new EP, 1983, via London's Body Work label. Ahead of that release, we were already treated to the slow-mo acid house of "Snake & Butterfish", and now we get this bit of classic visuals for the record's jacking title track. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2012

Download: Teen Daze "Treten (Sun Glitters Remix)"

First Listen

Let's take a moment to get nostalgic. Sun Glitters (pictured above) actually takes several on this track, a remix of Teen Daze's "Treten" from his forthcoming All of Us LP. The precedented meeting between the two producers yields a downtempo tune full of melting synth tones, reverb-laden "oohs" and "aahs," and delicate belltones that evoke the feelings of yesteryear. Both artists dabble in the murky waters of The Genre Formerly Known as Chillwave, but the way in which this track dangles the promise of long, sunny days before us makes us ignore the vapidity of genre prejudice. 

Average: 7.3 (45 votes)

Sinden Readies New Single for Grizzly

LA-via-London producer Sinden is set to drop a three-track single later this month his own Grizzly imprint. The record will be the first release from both Sinden and his label this year, after a busy winter and spring that included the just-completed Grizzly tour in Europe. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2012

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