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Download: Heathered Pearls "Beach Shelter (Loscil's Grind Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

The recently announced debut LP from Brooklyn producer—and co-founder of the Moodgadget imprint—Heathered Pearls (artwork above) is still a few weeks from seeing a release on December 11, but Ghostly has offered up this entrancing remix from Loscil to help whet our palettes in the meantime. While the original "Beach Shelter" (which, by the way, is available for free download here) is more of a gritty venture into contemplative ambient music, Loscil's version removes the track's dirtier edge and instead renders its sweeping chords and hidden melodies into a massive blanket of pristine ambient warmth. All of which is to say, it's a beautiful rework well-suited for the winter days ahead. 

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Trainwreck: Alixander III

Alixander III (a.k.a. one half of Toronto's Azari & III) is quick to say that he's been put through some bullshit over the years. After getting over his initial shock that XLR8R readers would be so morbid as to want to hear him recount some of the worst moments of his musical career, the fast-talking producer—who just released his debut solo album, The Incline of Western Salivation Pt III—spilled the details on several nightmarish situations he's found himself in and issued a stern warning: "We don't fuck around. We're not pushovers." Read more » 

Download: James Welsh "Novelty Island"

First Listen

London-based producer James Welsh sent over "Novelty Island," a grooving dancefloor exclusive with a simplistic keyboard melody keeping time while another low-slung synthline weaves in between straightforward house rhythms. All the while, Welsh delicately dots a raspily soulful vocal sample over the top of his nearly eight-minute production. And there's more where this came from on Welsh's The Way EP, which is out now via Join the Dots

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Review: Bambounou Orbiting

Label: 50Weapons

Bambounou's early releases—Animism, Cobe, "Night" b/w "Brawl," and Fructose, with Joakim—didn't necessarily set the Parisian producer (real name Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski) apart from his contemporaries, though Fructose was as quirky as one would expect from Joakim. His sound has its roots in the original dubstep-techno crossover, containing plentiful shades of artists like F or Dave Huismans. This sensibility is further coupled with the mutant juke and electro hybrids popularized by labels like Swamp81, 502, and 50Weapons, on which his debut LP, Orbiting, appears. Bambounou operates with a great deal of poise, and while the album bounces between two poles, its sturdy construction ensures a certain seamlessness. Read more » 

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  • 11/26/2012

Download: Monster Rally & RUMTUM "Veil"

Label: Gold Robot

Ohio's Monster Rally and Rumtum have released Coasting, their second collaborative effort following MR&RT. You may remember the first single, "Sunbay Hotel," which we posted this past summer, and here we have "Veil." The track sees the duo dipping its toes into Middle Eastern source material, funky bass riffs, and old-school hip-hop production techniques. For more eclectic sampling ranging from cumbia to psychedelic surf rock, hit the jump to stream Monster Rally & Rumtum's new record for Gold Robot below.  Read more » 

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Review: Coyote Clean Up Magma Mondays

Magma Mondays, the latest effort from Detroit's dozy house experimentalist Coyote Clean Up (a.k.a. Ice Cold Chrissy), is glazed in bleary reverb and gauzy synths. On "Sowet Sunset," breathy singing is stretched over blunted kicks, and a prickly water-droplet melody is buried under synths that whirr and sigh. "Mega Miss Out (Dub)" glides along lazily on wispy vocals that melt into the stoney haze of opaque, blurry extended pads. Read more » 

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  • 11/26/2012

The Lowdown - This Week's XLR8R Top 10 with Austin Peralta, The Crystal Ark, Machinedrum, and More

Throughout the week, a whole lot of material gets posted here on XLR8R. And while we know—and love—that some hardcore readers will eagerly pour over every single news story, interview, podcast, video, and MP3 download that appears on the site, we also realize that for most people, it's impossible to see everything, which means that some quality XLR8R content is likely to get missed in the hustle and bustle of everyone's daily lives. In the interest of making it easier for everyone to catch up, every Friday we present The Lowdown, a weekly wrap-up of the top 10 tidbits from our site. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2012

Press Play: Roska, JD Twitch, Karenn, Throwing Snow, and More

If you're looking for top-notch DJ mixes, full album streams, never-before-heard originals, and high-profile remixes, then today's installment of Press Play has got you covered. Check out the players embedded after the jump to catch loads of tunes from the likes of Roska, Gerry Read, Blawan's and Pariah's Karenn project, Mike Simonetti, Throwing Snow, C.R.S.T's Chesus, and many more. Read more » 

Gear: This Week In Music Tech: Peeks into Live 9 and Analog Four, iZoptope's New Distortion FX, and Noteworthy Black Friday Gear Deals

Our weekly roundup of production-related news gathers up previews of Live 9's audio-to-MIDI functions and Elektron's Analog Four synth, shares news of iZotope's recently release Trash 2 plug-in, and attempts to help you navigate a few of Black Friday's better deals in the realm of production and DJ gear. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2012

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Sampling Techniques and How to Throw a Cool Party in a Smaller City

It may be Thanksgiving here in the United States, but it's also Thursday, and there are no holidays for XLR8R's resident wise man, Nick Hook. After all, with so many readers undoubtedly stuck at home with their families over the next few days, it's hard to think of a more appropriate time for the good doctor to be doling out his unique brand of advice. If you need help from Doctor Nick, drop him a line at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Otherwise, read on and see what he has to say this week.

Hi. Happy holidays y'all. I'm thankful to be here, thankful that people give a fuck, thankful that I have amazing friends, and thankful that we get to do what we do—every day. So, thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart. I feel so lucky. I was walking down the street and Vince Vaughn looked me in the eye the other day. It was weird. Read more » 

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