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Video: Bobby Tank "Afterburn"

Following our recent premiere of his "Wolpheus" tune, up-and-coming London producer Bobby Tank has just unveiled the video for "Afterburn," a cut from his recently released EP of the same name for MofoHifi. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2012

T. Williams to Deliver Next Rinse Mix Album

West London DJ/producer T. Williams, who just dropped his Pain & Love EP via PMR, is set to release the latest installment of the ongoing Rinse mix series. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2012

Download: Volta Cab "Captain of Your Golden Galleon"

First Listen

Although we recently featured the up-and-coming Russian bass scene, there are still many producers hidden throughout the icy tundra, waiting to be discovered. One such artist is Volta Cab, a DJ/producer with eclectic tunes that range from deep-house to garage, and have already been released on a variety of respectable labels. "Captain of Your Golden Galleon" showcases Volta Cab's ability to effortlessly combine a variety of sounds—including a shuffling garage groove, warmly pitched-down vocals, swelling synths, and heavy sub-bass tones.  

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Check Out a New Mix from Nguzunguzu

As you could likely imagine, we're happy to get our day started with a brand-new mix from LA's premier global bass duo Nguzunguzu. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2012

Bubblin' Up: South London Ordnance

South London Ordnance politely requests that his real name does not appear in print, but calling the UK producer anonymous would probably give the wrong impression. It's true that he's careful to keep some details of his background sketchy, occasionally sidestepping questions about his musical past and extra-curricular activities, but in conversation he makes no attempts to join the masked men, hood-wearers, and shut-ins of the UK's league of enigmatic dance musicians. In fact, he comes across as a cautious, and occasionally unconfident, fledgling producer, trying to keep the focus on his music as the wave of hype that surrounds his sensual, garage-tinged takes on house and techno builds at an ever-dizzying pace. Read more » 

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Finding True Love and Making Music Without Going Broke

It's time again for another dose of street knowledge, courtesy of XLR8R's good doctor, Mr. Nick Hook. Nevermind that's he's not actually a doctor—the man has a seemingly endless well of knowledge about life, music, romance, travel, production, and more. Even better, he's willing to share it with the world, so feel free to drop him a line if there's a question itching at your soul. Otherwise, read on and see what Doctor Nick has to say this week, when he takes on the search for true love and how best to balance the desire to make music and the need to make money. Read more » 

Download: Onego "Bug Ten"

First Listen
Label: Fuselab

Russian imprint Fuselab sent over this IDM-inspired tune in anticipation of Norwegian production outfit Onego's debut physical release, Bukhanka Dreams. Lifted from that album, "Bug Ten" has a noticeably triangular structure; futuristic sound effects twinkle over the top, while echoing vocals and marimba-esque pads fill out the midrange and a bassline alternates between solid notes and wobbly oscillations. Look for the rest of Onego's LP—which you can stream after the jump—when the vinyl format drops on September 25 and the digital package is released on October 9.  Read more » 

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Review: Suzanne Kraft Horoscope

When beat-music bastion Friends of Friends launched its house-oriented imprint Young Adults in June, the nascent sublabel immediately made its intentions clear by offering a four-track sampler simply titled YA001. Opening that short EP was "Jus U," a funky, bongo-laden, and disco-tinged house track that brought the name of LA-based tunesmith and dublab affiliate Suzanne Kraft (a.k.a. Diego Herrera) to a wider audience. Now, Young Adults is putting out the newest offering in the gender-bending artist’s catalog, Horoscope. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2012

Download: How to Dress Well "& It Was U (Avalon Emerson Cybernetic Edit)"

R&B songster How to Dress Well and San Francisco producer Avalon Emerson go head-to-head on this "Cybernetic" version of "& It Was U" from the former's recently released sophomore album, Total Loss. Avalon Emerson puts her signature house spin on the soulful song, making it ready for play in the club with an added kick drum, playful toms, and bright organ notes. She says her goal with this tune was to "contribute to the larger narrative" of retooling R&B to make dancefloor anthems, and does so by effortlessly weaving How to Dress Well's emotive falsetto with her classic house-referencing dabs. 

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Review: Trevino "Indulge" b/w "Under Surveillance"

Label: Apple Pips

"One of the main reasons I did Trevino was to put myself back into situations where I was uncomfortable. Getting pre-gigs nerves, thinking and worrying about gigs—I haven't done that in years," admits Marcus Kaye in a recent interview with Roost. While he might feel uncomfortable, one would have a hard time hearing it in his music; though Kaye has spent the better part of the last 18 years producing drum & bass as Marcus Intalex, his recently unveiled Trevino moniker feels entirely comfortable working within the boundaries of straightforward techno and house. However, that's not to say he's abandoned all aspects of his older alter ego. Instead, Trevino's short discography has been characterized by its willingness to tastefully merge aspects of his drum & bass background with four-to-the-floor club appeal. "Indulge" b/w "Under Surveillance," his latest single on Appleblim's Apple Pips label, sees the producer expanding his new personality in seemingly contradictory directions. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2012

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