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Download: Look Like "What I Need (Lokiboi Remix)"

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Label: Get Flavor

In anticipation of Look Like's next EP, Wordz, we have a track from that record, Lokiboi's remix of "What I Need." On his version, the prolific London producer leaves the melted synths of the original alone while jacking the beat and giving the mellowed-out vocals some useful crunch. It helps make the remix ready for the dancefloor, as does the eventual build up and subsequent drop off into a midnight soundscape of crickets and other nocturnals—like, say, bats—and bouncy, upbeat drum work. Look for the rest of Look Like's Wordz EP when it drops later this month via Get Flavor. 

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Review: Hypno "Kancourde" b/w "K2"

Label: RAMP

Iceland’s Kári Guðmundsson (a.k.a. Hypno) isn't likely to be branded as prolific. Since first emerging in 2009, he has had precious few releases, all separated by extended stints of relative silence. Not many producers stand in such stark contrast to the prevalent mixtape/marketing machinery, where the process of refinement and careful curation has been set aside to make room for a firehose of constant output. In the case of Hypno, this ability to self-edit drives philosophically into his production, which enjoys attentive craftsmanship and is plainly the product of a deliberate mind. On "Kancourde" b/w "K2," his patience has paid off. Read more » 

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  • 09/19/2012

Video: Dusk & Blackdown "Apoptosis"

In the video for "Apoptosis," which producers and Rinse FM DJs Dusk & Blackdown released today via their own Keysound label as part of their sophomore LP, Dasaflex, we're reminded of all the fascinating biological activity that occurs within us on a cellular level. Read more » 

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  • 09/18/2012

Gerry Read and Gerd to Feature on George FitzGerald Remix EP

Just like we were told back in May, when George FitzGerald announced his Child EP for Aus, a three-track remix EP is set to follow next month via the same label. Read more » 

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  • 09/18/2012

Download: 214 "The Spores Are Coming"

When The Electro Compendium sent us its recent compilation, the collective told us that it's "sick of electro-house coming along and stealing our word." The global network of producers has released a gigantic collection of electro tunes from 115 different artists as a way of reclaiming the term "electro" and informing people as to the origins of the style. According to The Electro Compendium, electro is "the sound of robots dreaming of a science-fiction future, making machine music in their bedrooms with pulsing drum machines." Its self-titled compilation showcases some contemporary highlights from the genre, including standout cut "The Spores Are Coming" from Seattle talent 214 (a.k.a. J. Alvarez). The producer wades through industrial noises over a squishy beat that comes to life with a weirdly lilting swagger and stark, stilted drum programming. The size of the file containing the entire compilation might be daunting, but luckily the Compendium's enlightenment is pro-bono, so you can download the whole thing for free here

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Hotflush to Release EPs from Recondite and Shelter Point

Scuba's excellent Hotflush imprint is set to release two new records: DRGN, a moody and drum-heavy two-track 12" from Berlin producer and Plangent label head Recondite and a four-track EP called Forever for Now from British duo Shelter Point (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 09/18/2012

Video: Brackles "Chasing Crazy"

We made quite the fuss over the release of this year's Rinse Presents: Brackles, keeping up on the Rinse FM and Blunted Robots affiliate's every move and eventually giving the UK DJ/producer his own feature. So you can imagine we're fairly pleased to see that one of Brackles' new tunes recently got the video treatment. Read more » 

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  • 09/18/2012

Download: Eskmo "I Just Want"

First Listen
Label: Ancestor

Back from a hiatus following his self-titled LP for Ninja Tune in 2010, Bay Area producer Eskmo (a.k.a. Brendan Angelides) is set to release his latest record, a five-track EP called Language, via his own Ancestor imprint. Featured here, lead cut "I Just Want" is a shuffling, atmospheric piece filled out by deep swelling pads, carefully chopped vocals, and electro-leaning synth stabs. The vocals dance over Eskmo's airy melodies while the thick percussive elements that sporadically drop into the mix give the tune a harder edge. Before Angelide's new EP drops on October 30, you can check out its artwork and tracklist after the jump.  Read more » 

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DJ Harvey, Scuba, Holy Other, and More to Play MUTEK.MX

The Mexican counterpart to Montreal's annual MUTEK festival, MUTEK.MX has announced a lineup of 35 artists to play its ninth season next month. Read more » 

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  • 09/18/2012

Trainwreck: Jerome LOL

Like all touring artists, Jerome LOL (a.k.a. Jerome Potter) has his fair share of horror stories. A newly christened solo artist who only recently placed his long-running LOL Boys project on hiatus, Potter nonetheless spoke with XLR8R about some of his sketchier experiences on the road. He shared tales of being blinded by lights at a show, having an existential crisis on stage, and dealing with the extremely awkward situation of being woefully unprepared to handle angry kids screaming requests for artists he'd never heard of at a dubstep party. But those were pretty minor compared to the nightmare Potter describes here—a particularly gnarly late-night encounter with a wild pack of Barcelona teenagers that ultimately left him bloodied up in a hotel room. Read more » 

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