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Download: Mr. Mageeka "Flex (Diskotopia Dub)"

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Label: Diskotopia

London's Mr. Mageeka has sent over a dub remix of the title track from his forthcoming Flex EP, which was executed as a collaboration by Diskotopia label bosses A Taut Line and BD1982. The two Tokyo-based artists have added a warm and welcome bassline to the upbeat original, giving "Flex" an overall mellow mood while faintly piquant synth stabs dance around the edges in an expression of noncommittal assent. Look for Diskotopia to release the rest of Mr. Mageeka's Flex EP on December 10. 

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Unknown to the Unknown Gives Away Nightwave EP

Originally released through the label towards the end of last year, Unknown to the Unknown has now offered Nightwave's Night Heat EP as a free download. Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2012

Trus'me Announces Forthcoming Third LP

Following a string of 12"s that have help tide over fans since 2009's In the Read LP dropped, Manchester-based DJ/producer David Wolstencroft (a.k.a. Trus'me) has announced the details of his forthcoming third album, Treat Me Right. Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2012

Download: Lazy Flow "Ogazma (DJ Sliink Remix)"

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Label: Moveltraxx

Next week, the budding Parisian producer Lazy Flow will drop a new EP full of house music with a so-called "worldwide" flavor, calling it Jet-Lag. A remix of the record's "Ogazma" track has arrived before then from East Coast club boss DJ Sliink, who delivers a proper New Jersey-style rework full of chopped breaks, big drums, and enticing percussion loops. Sliink's remix—along with other versions from Slap in the Bass, Big Dope P, Boogaloo, and more—can be found on Lazy Flow's forthcoming EP for Moveltraxx when it hits the streets on December 11. 

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Benjamin Damage Unveils Full Details of Debut Solo Album

Though we've heard plenty of talk about the first solo album arriving from rising London technoist Benjamin Damage, the full details of that record have finally been unveiled today. Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2012

Watch Darkstar Perform a New Song, Talk Upcoming Warp LP

While UK trio Darkstar readies the release of its second LP, News from Nowhere, for early next year via Warp, the band has taken the time to talk with Your Truly about the music and perform one of the album's cuts at Halls Place Studios in Leeds. Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2012

Bubblin' Up: Zodiac

Like many young artists, 23-year-old Canadian producer Zodiac (a.k.a. Jeremy Rose) has a lifelong love and appreciation for computers. He remembers being seven or eight years old when his father came home with a Commodore 64, and the experience of gaming and dismantling that old machine with his father turned him on to tinkering with electronics and paved the way for a career in music production. "Once I figured out how to get sound out of them," he says, "I found something new to do with the computer and just took off with it." Read more » 

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Releasing Music, What Makes a Good Record Label, and How to Get That Big Club Sound

The holiday season is upon us and winter is right around the corner, but there's no deterring XLR8R's resident street shaman, Nick Hook. Every Thursday morning, Doctor Nick takes on questions from the XLR8R audience, and lends his thoughs about music, travel, recording, mastering, love, romance, and more. Those looking for help should drop him a note in at doctornick@xlr8r.com.

Yo. What's good? My roommate is writing this emo song on his Rhodes right now. I'm feeling all sappy, so forgive me if I shed a tear while writing this week's column.

First though, I must give eternal shout outs to Hudson Mo, Lunice, Dom LuckyMe, Oneohtrixxxxx, Kanye for running out and air rapping, and Shabadu for one of the greatest 9 a.m. YouTube sessions I've ever been a part of. I'm so happy my crew is my crew. Read more » 

Download: KRTS "The Dread of an Unknown Evil"

First Listen

Apparently, KRTS (a.k.a. Kurtis Hairston) explored some pretty dark themes on his latest effort, The Dread of an Unknown Evil, such as doubt, sorrow, and fear of the unknown. Yet, the album's title track seems to suggest a merrier disposition for the Brooklyn-based producer. While the bassline sinks into deep registers and lo-fi sound effects—like the sounds of a camera shutter and a hellish jump rope—keep the mood subdued, harmonizing vocals, playful handclaps, and a heavy cymbal rhythm bring a much brighter hue to the song. The Berlin-based Project: Mooncircle label will release The Dread of an Unknown Evil on December 10. 

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Review: Laurel Halo "Sunlight on the Faded"

Label: Hyperdub

When Laurel Halo released this year's Quarantine LP on Kode9's Hyperdub imprint, it certainly seemed a little incongruous with the label's image. While she had occasionally circled the umbrella of bass-oriented music that Hyperdub is known for, Quarantine had more in common with avant-pop of artists like Julia Holter and Grimes than cloudy syncopators like Terror Danjah or Burial. Even the Detroit techno-inspired elements of her previous EP, Hour Logic, were largely absent from the album, which favored befogged atmospherics and often eschewed percussive elements entirely. "Sunlight on the Faded" is Laurel Halo's first single since Quarantine, and it finds her making an effort to unite the claustrophobic beats of Hour Logic with the strong vocal turns of Quarantine and early singles like "Metal Confection." Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2012

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