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Download: Volta Cab "Make You Mine"

Label: Top Billin

Russian producer Volta Cab, who you may remember from our premiere of his "Captain of Your Golden Galleon" tune last month, is back in action, this time offering up "Make You Mine," his contribution to Top Billin's forthcoming Bass & Bonez compilation. The track's melodic layers play a lighthearted game of tug-of-war, as the low-octave tones pull you towards a nostalgia for the early rave music and the high-pitched synths bring to mind the soundtrack to scenes from Space Jam. Although, the sultry vocal samples that the producer born Konstantyn Isaew drops into the mix suggest he proabbly didn't have animated basketball games on his mind when he was crafting "Make You Mine." You can stream the rest of Bass & Bonez, which is out now, over on Bandcamp

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B2B: Robert Hood and John Tejada, Part Three

In the final segment of XLR8R's B2B session between Robert Hood and John Tejadapart one and part two went up earlier in the week—the artists take on the fast-evolving tools of electronic-music production and their hopes and thoughts for the electronic-music world moving forward. Read more » 

Gear: In the Studio: Hieroglyphic Being

Jamal Moss is a minimalist. Not necessarily in the music he makes under his esoteric Hieroglyphic Being guise, but in the way he lives and works. Considering that he lives in his studio—or rather, that his studio is also his home—he keeps things simple. There's a bed, a kitchen, a TV, and his gear. We visited his Evanston apartment/studio just north of Chicago, and noticed that this minimalism extends beyond furniture and decorations. It also applies to the equipment he uses to make his sprawling techno, house, ambient, and noise productions. Not one to chase after the latest studio toys, Moss' set-up hasn't evolved too much since he started making music in the '90s, save for one glaring exception: his iPod Touch. Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2012

Review: Tussle Tempest

Tussle has made a long and respectable career out of refining the art of the jam. Across 12 years, six different incarnations, and 17 or so releases, the band—which always centers around leader Nathan Burazer, and currently features drummers Jonathan Holland and Kevin Woodruff with longtime bassist Tomo Yasuda—has maintained its focus on expansive, Kraut-inspired grooves that sound like carefully crafted instrumental pieces masquerading as freeform jam sessions. Early albums Kling Klang and Telescope Mind explored these ideas from a predominantly organic standpoint, utilizing the triple threat of two syncopated drum kits and a central bassline with subtle undercurrents of electronics filling in the blanks. Tussle pulled a switcheroo on everyone when it brought the undercurrents to the forefront on the comparably nebulous Cream Cuts, which effectively showcased the band's updated vision of live, experimental dance music—even if it did tend to drift into unwieldy tangents of noise making. Four years later, Tempest finds the quartet delving deeper into that electronic realm, and—having honed the tunes with Optimo's JD Twitch behind the boards and reached out to members of Liquid Liquid to collaborate—coming out the other side with what sounds like the destination Tussle has had its sights on all along. Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2012

Download: Seapoint "Cyanotype Cities"

Label: B.YRSLF

"Cyanotype Cities" is a cut taken from Montreal-based producer Rafael Bucio's new EP as Seapoint. The lively dancefloor tune features a syncopated bassline that jumps and plummets around a prominent sample of soulful vocal melodies, with lush piano chords glowing underneath Seapoint's bustling rhythms. It all brings to mind one of our top 20 downloads of September, Teezy & Kixnare's "'91," as the artists all seem to be working with a style that combines modernized synths with classic '90s sounds. Bucio dropped his Nautical Days EP just yesterday via French imprint B.YRSLF; you can stream it after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: SFV Acid Neighborhood Archives EP

Label: UNO

The five tracks on SFV Acid's Neighborhood Archives EP come in various shades of chill. There's a woozy march of shimmering synth pads and blunted drum programming on "Ashland Slumber," a post-stoned daze of reverberating keys on "Seaside Cruisin' Tribe," and a some wonky, lullaby-like house on "Bean Criteria." In this way, the LA-based producer's style revels in nuance; every song glides or bobs along with a pervasive sense of calm, but each reveals a familiar, although slightly different, gradient of aloof and easygoing beauty. Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2012

Download: Ill Blu "Omar (Thefft Remix)"

First Listen

Yesterday, we reported that the UK-based DJ/production duo Ill Blu has an EP in the works for MadTech, and today we get a remix of one of its tunes from London up-and-comer Thefft (pictured above), a brutal and stomping rework of "Omar." The growing vocal sample (which, incidentally, comes from The Wire character who gives the tune its name) and heavily bouncing 808 tones are a good deal darker than "Switch," the breezy and clicking Thefft tune Oneman included in his recent Fabriclive 64 compilation. Thefft's remix arrives before Ill Blu's three original productions become available for purchase via Beatport next week. 

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Hear a New Tune from Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar

We've heard rumors that Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum, who recently appeared in our In The Studio series) teamed up with fellow Berlin-based producer Jimmy Edgar, whose "Sex Drive" remix by Jon Convex we premiered yesterday, to form a collaborative side project called Jets, and today we get our first taste of the pair's new music. Read more » 

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  • 10/02/2012

FaltyDL Announces New LP and Single, Gets Remixed by Four Tet

New York producer FaltyDL, who recently shared a horror story from the road with us for our Trainwreck series, announced today that his third full-length record, called Hardcourage, will arrive next year, courtesy of Ninja Tune. What's more, it will be preceded by a picture-disc 12" for lead single "Straight & Arrow," which includes a remix from none other than Four Tet; you can hear both tracks now. Read more » 

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  • 10/02/2012

Hackman Releases New Collaborative Single

British DJ/producer Hackman has combined forces with fellow artist Jabru to form Bruh Jackman, whose first single dropped today. Read more » 

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  • 10/02/2012

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