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Video: The Miracles Club "The Wheel"

The Portland-based house revivalists of The Miracles Club have released a new video to accompany "The Wheel," the group's contribution to the inaugural release for its Ecstasy label. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2012

Bullion, Kenton Slash Demon, and Pachanga Boys to Feature on John Talabot Remix EP

Barcelonan breakout producer John Talabot has announced the forthcoming release of a remix EP for some standout tracks from his recent debut album, the XLR8R Pick'd Fin. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2012

Download: Jessie Ware "Sweet Talk (Saux Remix)"

Amsterdam-based producer/DJ/musician Saux (a.k.a. Jurian van deer Hoeven) has offered up a remix of "Sweet Talk," one of the sultry songs from Jessie Ware's recently-released LP, Devotion. Saux morphs the R&B sashay of Ware's original into an easygoing and warm house bounce, opting to cut up the soulful chanteuse's vocals almost beyond recognition. Certain lines surface from the beat, like the main refrain, "You give me the sweet talk," but in Saux's hands, Ware's melodies are draped in shadows and stretched thin, like the robust pop singer's friendly ghost. 

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Video: Schlachthofbronx "Everyday of the Week (feat. DJ Assault)"

The high-energy Munich-based production outfit Schlachtofbronx has unveiled a video for "Everday of the Week," a cut from its latest album, Dirty Dancing. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2012

Download: Randy Barracuda "Onaina"

Label: Losonofono

Today, Helsinki-based producer Randy Barracuda released his latest record via Losonofono, an LP aptly titled Random Works of Randy Barracuda Vol. II. As it turns out, the album's title is a bit misleading, as the eight-track offering is a focused and consistent collection of original tunes that combine smooth funk rhythms and melodies with chaotic sound effects and undercurrents of the avant-garde. Like the volcano in the music video for Randy Barracuda's "Vuoristotie" (you can watch that after the jump), both elements of meticulous order and random disarray flow seamlessly throughout his music, but as album cut "Onaina" demonstrates, the artist obviously has a command over both sides of his sound.  Read more » 

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Breach Delivers FACT Mix

Ben Westbeech has returned to FACT's mix series with a set under his moniker Breach. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2012

Listen to How to Dress Well's New Album

We've been looking forward to the release of lo-fi R&B crooner How to Dress Well's second LP, Total Loss, since it was announced with the excellent "Ocean Floor Everything" single, which was followed up last week with another beautiful track from that album. Now, we can listen to the entirety of singer/producer Tom Krell's new full-length before it drops on September 18 via Acéphale. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2012

Deep Inside: Mala 'Mala in Cuba'

Cuban music plays heavily with percussion and goes mental for melodies, but rarely does it meditate on bass weight. By contrast, British producer Mala (of Digital Mystikz/Deep Medi fame) has spent nearly his entire career experimenting with the way bass, sub-bass, and drums can work together to rattle minds and stoke dancefloor fires. On Mala in Cuba—a collaboration between DMZ's proud lion and traditional Cuban musicians—live instrumentation is incorporated within a loose dubstep framework, but Mala keeps a firm hold on the reins. Rather than trying to match the lively, uptempo energy of the Cuban sounds, he envelopes Latin elements in a thick London fog, pulling melancholy from beneath tinkling ivories and adding mystery to reverbed salsa rhythms. Read more » 

Dimensions Festival: Hits and Misses

Last week, XLR8R was invited to trek all the way to Croatia for the inaugural edition of the Dimensions Festival. Put together by the same folks behind the massively successful Outlook Festival, Dimensions featured a remarkably refined line-up, one focusing mostly on house, techno, and various strains of UK-flavored bass music. Taking place in an abandoned fort in the coastal city of Pula—the exact same location where Outlook happens each year—Dimensions presented dozens of artists over the course of four sunny days and three long nights. In terms of the musical talent on hand, the festival organizers left little to be desired. That said, the festival was far from perfect, and some major kinks will need to be ironed out if Dimensions is going to continue and be truly successful in the years ahead. In an effort to impart our readers with a sense of the Dimensions experience, we've cataloged some of the highlights and lowlights. Read more » 

Download: Futurewife "Shutter Release"

First Listen

Seattle-based DJ/producer Futurewife just sent over this one-off tune ahead of the September 12 release of his new EP for Immersed Audio, It Gets Better (artwork above). Though not on that record, "Shutter Release" is basically an extension of that forthcoming record, as it fuses the sounds of house, disco, and R&B. Futurewife's production effortlessly combines elements of '80s dance music with the sounds of more contemporary club tracks—albeit on the slower end of that spectrum—like the infectious, bleepy vocal hooks that help propel the tune into a more melodic and synth-laden groove.  

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