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Stones Throw Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Documentary

Veteran LA label Stones Throw has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the production of a feature-length documentary on the label's history and the array of artists that have graced its roster since 1996. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2012

Download: Aaron Lipsett "Know This"

Label: MTDL

Kerri Chandler's MadTech label has unveiled its new digital download imprint, MTDL, which aims to offer free tracks every two weeks (free from the constraints of budgets and promo cycles) from up-and-coming producers who haven't had much previous exposure. The inaugural release comes from a burgeoning artist out of West Ireland named Aaron Lipsett, whose track "Know This" is a woozy number full of plink-plonk percussion and purring bass tones, which eventually collapses into a gentle and breezy house beat. 

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Stream Shelter Point's Debut EP for Hotflush


Before its release on October 22 via Scuba's Hotflush label, Forever for Now, the debut EP by Nottingham duo Shelter Point, is streaming exclusively on XLR8R. Interestingly enough, the four-track record is a bit more vocal-driven than we've come to expect from the UK outpost, though it does primarily dabble in the same delicate, pop-informed realms of bass music as the likes of Mount Kimbie, or even Darkstar. You can listen to Shelter Point's first offering after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2012

Podcast 269: Daniel Maloso

Many words can be used to describe the Cómeme label, but dull is not one of them. Over the past few years, the Matías Aguayo-led imprint has established itself as a bit of a wild card, a hub that brings together electronic oddballs from across Latin America, all of whom are putting their own unique spin on various strains of house, techno, and disco. One of those artists is Daniel Maloso, and next week, he'll be releasing In and Out, an album which happens to be only the second full-length that Cómeme has ever released. The LP—which can be streamed in full here—finds Maloso experimenting with a myriad of funky sounds, many of them sounding as though they were ripped from the early-'80s disco-punk era. Delivering his proto-house sounds with Cómeme's usual flair, Maloso has shown himself to be as potentially fascinating as the rest of his labelmates. Considering that raves are still coming in for Rebolledo's XLR8R podcast from last year, we figured that we wouldn't regret inviting Maloso to put together his own contribution to the series. Read more » 

Download: Fybe:one "Harmonic Curve (Deft's Footwork Remix)"

First Listen

The UK's Shades of Grey collective has announced its next release, a collection of remixes of tracks from Fybe:one's Harp EP. The London-based producer hand picked 12 artists to remix his record from earlier this year, tapping upstarts like Chesslo Junior, Soosh, and Deft to toy with his productions. The latter beatmaker just offered up a bonus footwork ersion of "Harmonic Curve," which finds him molding the tune around delicate, shuddering percussion and faraway vocal samples. Fybe:one's Harp Remixes doesn't come out until November 5, but you can check out its tracklist and artwork after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Ben Klock Fabric 66

Label: Fabric

Capturing the spirit of an eight-hour DJ set seems like a daunting task, but Ben Klock has so far been fairly good at it. One of the most popular residents at Berghain, he's a master of the esoteric art of the marathon set, a player whose abilities contribute to a larger party wormhole, sucking clubbers up only to spit them out 15 hours later. This kind of playing requires time, something lacking in a one-hour mix CD. Yet Klock's done it before: his Berghain 04 was like one of his DJ sets edited for radio, offering a snapshot of his own distinct aesthetic. And while that mix felt like an approximation of Klock at Berghain, his Fabric 66 feels like the guise he takes outside of Berlin. Perhaps because of this, it's also a more complete picture of his sound as an individual. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2012

Download: TCTS "Like a Book"

The latest cuts from TCTS (a.k.a. Sam O'Neill) have been floating around online as streaming audio for a few months now, but the Manchester-based producer finally announced some details for their official release. O'Neill's Feels So Good EP will drop via Bondax's burgeoning imprint, JustUs, some time in the near future, and is preceded by this download of non-EP cut "Like a Book." TCTS's song explodes from the start into a full-force roller complete with slightly edited, dopey vocal samples and an infectious melody.  

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Review: U MMAKEU01

The latest producer to arrive under an anonymous guise, the previously unheard U, appears on George FitzGerald's ManMakeMusic imprint with the label's first 10" vinyl endeavor. Twisting together refracted bits of UK shuffle, the moniker's initial outing approaches moody house from an outsider's perspective, one generously cloaked in rich textures and dense grooves. Read more » 

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  • 10/16/2012

Download: Tomlaan "Ding"

Netherlands-based producer and interactive-media designer Tomlaan has just released BASH001, the inaugural 12" via for the newly minted Styles Upon Styles imprint. The record features six new originals, one of which is "Ding," a track driven by Middle Eastern percussion. Though the tune starts out boasting club-ready, hip-hop elements, the mood shifts as layers of smooth, swelling synths break up the beat and relax the vibe. The song stands out as a perplexing piece with a variety of leanings, as do the remaining tracks on the EP; although rooted in hip-hop, they touch upon many forms, genres, and emotional states. Preview the entire release here, and vinyl fetishists should take note that only 200 physical copies of BASH001 have been pressed, all of which include unique, hand-painted jackets from the artist himself. 

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DVA Readies New EP for Hyperdub

Resident Rinse DJ and Hyperdub affiliate DVA has announced his second release of 2012, an EP of "power house" tunes titled Fly Juice. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

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