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Gear: Watch the First Episode of Christopher Willits' New Video Series

San Francisco-based sound sculptor Christopher Willits has launched a new video series to give listeners a glance at the creative processes behind the multi-instrumentalist's music and art. With CREATE's first episode, Willits shares some of the technical and philosophical aspects that went into "Completion," a track off his recent collaborative LP with the renowned pianist Ryuchi Sakamoto, Ancient Futures. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

DJ Q, DJ Haus, DJ Narrows, and More to Feature on Unknown to the Unknown Comp

Tales from the Darkside is a forthcoming 12-track compilation that features an array of producers from across the ever-widening UK bass spectrum and will arrive this Halloween via Unknown to the Unknown. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

Download: Cruffy "The Gimlet"

Glasgow-based electronic outpost Phuturelabs has announced that it will soon unleash its next record, an EP from Glasgow-via-Troon transplant Cruffy. The imprint has sent over "The Gimlet"—a song that revels in bright-eyed production, rounded and flickering chords, and muffled diva vocals—ahead of the Flying High EP's September 23 street date. After a minute-long introduction populated by shimmering synth stabs, the beat finally drops, but only in increments of descending bass tones that seem to shimmy down into the deeper recesses of Cruffy's tune. And if "The Gimlet" does the trick for you, make sure to check out the rest of the tunesmith's Flying High EP, after the jump. Read more » 

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Video: Emotion II Emotion "Night & Day (Feat. Ryann)"

Emotion II Emotion released a new video for the single "Night & Day," featuring Ryann who plays two parts: a slick diva of the night and a light, wild-haired songstress of the day. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

Holy Other: Underneath the Hood

"I want it to just be over," says Holy Other. The shadowy UK artist is referring the mystery surrounding his true identity, which he has somehow managed to keep secret. It hasn't been an easy task, especially once last year's With U EP was met with resounding acclaim. (For those keeping score at home, XLR8R tabbed it as the Best Release of 2011.) This week, he's followed it up with another impressive effort for the Tri Angle imprint, Held, his debut full-length. Once again showcasing his ability to combine dark, lurching melodies with affecting pitched vocal snippets and hip-hop-flavored percussion, the record is already garnering its share of accolades. This flash of attention will only intensify as he embarks on heavy touring schedule in the months ahead, all but ensuring that Holy Other's days as an anonymous beatmaker are numbered... and he knows it. Read more » 

Download: Low Line Relay "Near"

Earlier this summer, London's Low Line Relay (a.k.a. Leo O'Callaghan) released his In The Gutter EP via 4Lux, and now he has returned with a new track lifted off of his new Fingerprints 12" for Cambrian Line. Although he's a London resident, Callaghan's woozy track "Near" resonates with the elements of the work from certain LA locals—for instance, Teebs and Shlohmo could easily use the florid guitar riff for their own productions. From there, the song breezes into a heavily jazz-influenced, dowtempo medley peppered with a gibberish vocal sample and a walking bassline. The creeping synth melody that hovers in the mix recalls the blissed-out work of artists like Thundercat, perhaps at a slower pace. You can watch a video for "Happiness," another cut from Low Line Relay's new EP, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: LV Sebenza

Label: Hyperdub

Any listener who has seriously followed the morphing spectrum of UK bass over the past several years has likely noticed that LV is one of the scene's most dependable outfits. True, the London trio's name may not spread as far and wide as some of its internationally renowned contemporaries, but LV has always been associated with productions of the highest quality, balancing a proclivity for funky-inspired club cuts with a taste for South African house and a continued dedication to vocal collaborations. Last year's Routes, the group's debut full-length, was an accomplished gathering of LV's unique aesthetic alongside vocalist Joshua Idehen, and while Sebenza takes a similar route—tapping a number of South African MCs to add their talents to the effort—the collaborations here largely leave something to be desired. Fortunately, the strengths of LV's productions buoy Sebenza; even when the vocals fall short, the sonic constructions are still worth being marvelled at. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

Kuedo Readies First North American Tour

Following his June release of Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space EP via Planet Mu (check our review, here), Berlin-based producer Kuedo is preparing to hit North America for the first time. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

Download: Ages "Michael Bownzon (feat. Citymouth)"

During a recent mix for psychedelic beat label Error Broadcast, Orange County's Ages (a.k.a. Michael Lundy, pictured above) dropped a brand-new tune, a collaboration with Dropping Gems artist Citymouth. "Michael Bownzon" is short but dense, boasting deep, glittering beats decorated with sparkling keys and filter sweeps that help sculpt a kind of lush, constantly morphing hip-hop. Ages' mix, which you can hear in the player following the break, also features an exclusive Matthewdavid track and more of the Lundy's own unreleased cuts.  Read more » 

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Review: Airhead "Pyramid Lake" b/w "Black Ink"

Label: R&S

Rising UK producer Rob McAndrews (a.k.a Airhead) is a musician of unquestionable ambition. His R&S debut—the doubleheader of "Wait" b/w "South Congress," released back in March—saw McAndrews assimilating a brain-achingly broad spectrum of influences, blending scattershot post-dubstep beats, fey indie guitar lines, post-rock builds and an erratically sliced Karen O vocal to ends that were unique, ambitious and, ultimately, opinion dividing. This follow-up 12" however, largely ditches those ties to indie rock, dragging things back in the direction of the dancefloor, albeit in an equally eclectic and sprawling manner. Read more » 

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  • 08/29/2012

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