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Review: Martin Kemp German Salad EP

In late 2009, Martin Kemp was truly the toast of the XLR8R office. The London producer was tabbed as an Artist to Watch, his XLR8R podcast showcased some serious DJ chops, and his first two singles on Blunted Robots prompted whispers that he might even be better than his big brother Brackles. Unfortunately though, no amount of enthusiasm could make Kemp continue to release tunes, and his output slowed to a trickle in 2010 before unexpectedly ceasing altogether. Now, nearly three years after he impressively burst onto the UK scene with "No Charisma," Kemp has returned with the German Salad EP, an effort which finds him still dabbling in slightly off-kilter, percussion-heavy waters. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Prefuse 73 Releases New LP as Piano Overlord

Piano Overlord, one of the many projects helmed by prolific beatmaker Guillermo Scott Herren (a.k.a. Prefuse 73), has somehow snuck under our radar and released his latest LP via Chocolate Industries. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Download: Biblo "Crazy Eyes"

Label: Terranean

Red Bull Music Academy 2011 alumni Biblo is back with a new EP, out now via Terranean. From song to song, the Slave to Love EP is an entirely dark and glitchy record eminating from the depths of the Turkish underground. Biblo plays a lot with both pulsing and grinding synths, which she pairs with her understated vocals and reverb-drenched claps. Compared to the rest of the tracks from the Slave to Love EP, "Crazy Eyes" is more upbeat with dreamy synths and Biblo's glitch-hop-referencing production. 

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Gear: Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video with Native Instruments' Mostly Robot Ensemble

This year's Sónar festival brought no shortage of progressive electronic music to the picturesque coastal city of Barcelona, and in that spirit, the Berlin software/hardware manufacturers at Native Instruments put together a five-piece "supergroup" of an ensemble for a one-off performance (though it has since booked further gigs), calling the outfit Mostly Robot. In this behind-the-scenes video, we get a glimpse of the gear which brought the crew (the ranks of which includes Jamie Lidell and Tim Exile) together, along with a few bits of its Sónar performance. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2012

Download: Screamin' Rachael "Extacy"

Label: Trax

There's a reason that Trax is popularly known as "the Motown of House." Founded in 1985, the label helped to propel house music from a Chicago-based phenomenon into a national—and eventually worldwide—craze. Trax's storied, 25-year history includes a pantheon of artists that includes Frankie Knuckles, Virgo, and the "Queen of House" herself, Screamin' Rachael, who is now the label's president. And now, after celebrating its longevity last year with a 25th anniversary compilation (which also included a documentary called The House That Trax Built, the trailer for which you can view here), Trax is set to release a summer compilation aptly titled Summertrax. Featured here, Screamin' Rachael's "Extasy" is the record's opener (following a short intro by curator Jorge Cruz), and sets things up in classic '80s mode, opening with a pulsing backbeat and Rachael's sultry spoken vocals before switching into high gear with a simple-yet-infectious bassline. You can nab this joint, along with the rest of the compilation exclusively on Juno, or you can wait until its worldwide release on July 30. 

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Italians Do it Better to Release Second 'After Dark' Comp

When the folks at Italians Do it Better released the first After Dark compilation five years ago, that collection of demos, covers, and original tracks rekindled many's interest in the all-but-forgotten sound of Italo disco. Now, we've gotten word that the Jersey City label will be putting out the second installment of that series, featuring both released and previously unheard tracks by acts from all over Italians Do it Better's roster. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2012

Kode9, Actress, Kuedo, and More to Play New Forms Festival 2012

In its twelfth year, New Forms Festival will be taking place on Thursday, September 13 through Sunday, September 16 at New Brighton Park in Vancouver. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2012

Download: Blackwax "Trapped Dub"

First Listen

Giving away music before an event is nothing new, but London club night/label Liminal Sounds does it a little differently. It's the only club night we know of that gives away EPs featuring tracks by performers slated to perform at the party (sometimes with remixes, too), and for the fifth and lastest release in this series, Liminal has tapped Edinburgh duo Blackwax (a.k.a. Luke Dubuis and Ross Addy). Enter "Trapped Dub," which defies the claustrophobic connotations its name might give off, as the Scottish duo crafts a sparse, dubstep-leaning track that resonates with immense bass frequencies. This digital EP also marks a milestone in Liminal's history; this Friday, the club night will be celebrating its first anniversary. The birthday bash is scheduled to take place at London's Rhythm Factory this Friday, and will feature Bubblin' Up DJ/producer Visionist, Logos, Elsewhere (who drops a remix on the b-side of this offering), Blackwax, and others. You can check out the Facebook event page for more info on Liminal's auspicous club night. 

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Download: Developer "Dirty Drive 1"

Label: Modularz

Since the early-'90s, Developer (a.k.a. Adrian Sandoval) has held down LA's techno scene as a producer and a DJ. More recently, he's also expanded his talents into maintaining and running the Modularz label, but with the label's newest offering, simply titled Modularz 8, Sandoval demonstrates that he hasn't lost his productorial touch. Take from the record's b-side, Developer's "Dirty Drive 1" is a bold, monolithic slice of deep techno that showcases subterranean atmospherics coupled with relentlessly propulsive rhythms. When Modularz 8 drops in vinyl format on July 20 (it'll drop digitally a week later), you can also expect to hear contributions by other Modularz signees, such as remixes by Markus Suckut and Jonas Kopp as well as original tracks by Stanislav Tolkachev and Truncate. You can preview both sides of the double-12" Modularz 8, after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 7.3 (40 votes)

Review: Com Truise In Decay

Label: Ghostly

It could never be argued that Com Truise (a.k.a. Seth Haley) lacks a distinct sound. The only thing that rivals the New Jersey producer's stylistic consistency is the apparent prolificacy with which he explores his '80s-obsessed, synth-centric world. Taking those factors into account helps make sense of why Ghostly would release a record of Haley's old demos and unreleased tracks barely a year after dropping his debut LP (not to mention the various EPs, reissues, and what not that followed); the guy just has so much of the stuff, and hey, if you're into the neon-hued space jams on Galactic Melt, chances are you'll dig just about everything else bearing the Com Truise name. But even though In Decay is very much a collection of largely run-of-the-mill tunes lifted from Hayley's backup hard drive, dusted off with a crisp remastering, and wrapped up in a nice-looking package for the fanboys, its tracklist hints at a depth hitherto unfamiliar to the "official" Com Truise discography. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2012

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