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Terrence Dixon Preps 'From the Far Future' Sequel

Twelve years ago, Detroit techno auteur Terrence Dixon issued From the Far Future, his first full-length and an effort that still stands out as one of his signature releases. Granted, Dixon has been releasing records since the mid '90s and dropped another album, Train of Thought, in 2007, but it seems that From the Far Future made a mark so strong that Dixon has been compelled to revisit it. As such, he's announced plans to release From the Far Future Pt.2 (artwork above) in late September on the storied Tresor imprint. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2012

Press Play: Dâm-Funk, Kingdom, Shlohmo, and More

We're not necessarily complaining when we say that our inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with more music than we could ever hope to hear, but it does often pose a problem for us. We mostly just don't have the space or time to share all of the interesting, unique, and exciting new tunes that come our way. In an effort to combat this issue, we've come up with Press Play, a weekly feature that will pull together 10 or so of the things we "missed" into a single post rife with eclectic sights and sounds. Read more » 

Download: Lionheart "Infinite Vista"

First Listen

Lionheart is a new name in the XLR8R lexicon; the producer born Frank Styles has been making music for two years, but he's already performed a number of DJ sets around his home of London and even dropped a few remixes under his moniker, despite not yet having a debut release. However, that's about to change with this exclusive offering of the title track from his upcoming debut, Infinite Vista, which is purportedly slated to be released around the end of the summer. "Infinite Vista" oozes sex appeal; the beat, which is interspersed with pitched-up soul samples, moves at a seductively slow crawl underneath vibrant cascading washes of synth melodies. 

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Review: Terror Danjah Dark Crawler EP

Label: Hyperdub

Since 2001, veteran grime DJ/producer Terror Danjah has unleashed hundreds of badman street anthems, recognizable by the robotic demon baby laugh that is his signature. Like Timbaland (from whom this laugh idea is presumably lifted), he is first and foremost a rhythm don, providing bloodthirsty instrumentals that have provided a weighty backdrop for the scene's top MCs and their rapid-fire chat. Terror is arguably at his best when working with vocalists—the right cadence can elevate his haunted synths and industrial drums into something sublime—and on "Dark Crawler," he travels with one of the best: grime godfather Riko. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2012

Mathew Jonson Revives Itiswhatitis Label, Readies New EP

Originally formed in 2001, Canadian imprint Itiswhatitis Recordings was a launching pad for many of the country's West Coast upstarts, including Hrdvsion, Cobblestone Jazz, and Mathew Jonson. Over the next several years, Itiswhatitis dropped a steady stream of releases, but eventually fell dormant in 2007. Now, after five years of silence, the label has been purchased by Jonson, who's decided to relaunch the imprint and begin releasing a combination of new music and reissues of the Itiswhatitis back catalog. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2012

Download: RUMTUM "New Lands"

Label: Gold Robot

Seattle producer RUMTUM (whom you may remember from his collaborations with Monster Rally) is set to release a split EP, titled New Goth Gypsies, with New York artist Catamaran as a part of Gold Robot's ongoing split 7" series. Characterized by its playful and lush soundscape, "New Lands" holds a power that evokes the energy of the dancefloor while maintaing a sleepy vibe more apt for leisurely listening. RUMTUM's new track opens with ascending arpeggiated synths, bubbling noises, and crackling percussion, eventually booming into a deep rhythmic segment led by the bass and hi-hat and interlaced with obscured vocal samples. Look for the rest of the record when it's released on September 4.  

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Michna Preps EP for Ghostly, Shares First Leak

NYC's Michna has announced the imminent arrival of his next release, a four-track EP for Ghostly. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2012

Download: Daniel Klauser "Say My Name"

With the overabundance of R&B reworks already in existence, we wouldn't normally support yet another dancefloor version of an old-school pop tune, but for some reason, we just couldn't resist this new cut from Chilean DJ/producer Daniel Klauser. Instead of simply weaving new drum patterns into the song, Klauser actually creates new vocal hooks with the source material and leaves nearly no trace of the original (which, despite the confusing title, is actually Brandy's "Never Say Never") behind. Heavily pronounced vocal samples sink into the deepness of the synth melodies as the random ticks and kicks of the rhythm outline the groove. Daniel Klauser's production arrives as part of his latest release, the free Beautiful EP, which also includes a remix by Imaabs. You can stream and download the whole thing after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video: Mala "Cuba Electronic"

You may have already heard "Cuba Electronic," one of the two lead singles lifted from dubstep diety Mala's forthcoming Mala in Cuba LP for Brownswood, but now the percussive and entrancing tune has been given an equally lively music video. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2012

Download: Makoto "Hurts So Much"

First Listen

Ahead of his Another Generation EP, which is due out via Apollo on August 13, Japanese producer Makoto offers the unreleased "Hurts So Much," a bonus cut that is nontheless in line with the sounds available on his forthcoming new record. The track opens softly with simple percussive rhythms, and builds with intensity as the lyrics from which its title comes grow increasingly clear. While the beat gains momentum and the vocals peak, a wave of white noise is thrown over it all, effectively propelling it into a dancefloor-approriate territory rife with funky drum patterns and hauntingly simple synth melodies. And if you feel the urge to hear more of Makoto's production work, take a listen to EP cut "Summer Nights" after the jump.  Read more » 

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