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Download: Cardopusher "Hotbox"

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As we reported last week, Barcelonan producers Cardopusher and Nehuen have joined forces to create Classicworks, a record label which will soon be inaugurated with a split EP featuring tunes by the two label heads. "Hotbox" is lifted from that six-track offering, and accurately represents the firey, sub-heavy realm that both Cardopusher and Classicworks work in. Hot-footed drum-machine rhythms and vintage horn stabs are paired with dark synth melodies across five minutes of "retro-futuristic" club music. You can also check out one of Nehuen's contributions to the first Classicworks release, "I Can Only Be Myself," after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Oneman Fabriclive 64

Label: Fabric

As bright as Oneman's torch burns for The Simpsons and the almighty ganja, it blazes even brighter for the distinctly British brand of hybrid house known as UK garage (or 2-step). The genre's trademark bump 'n' flex is all over this Rinse FM DJ's latest mix for the Fabriclive series, which pairs underground anthems with fresh cuts from a new breed of (mostly British) bass wunderkinder. Party-rocking is Oneman's strong suit, and he expertly lays out the cards here, drawing connections between new tracks from Distance, Pearson Sound, and Joy Orbison and the late-'90s/early-'00s cuts that have undoubtedly inspired them. Read more » 

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  • 07/16/2012

Download: Ursa's Reef "Pacific State (808 State Cover)"

Young Portuguese producer Ursa's Reef sent over this cover of 808 State's classic "Pacific State" with a note saying, "No version can beat that original, I'm aware of that, but you wouldn't believe how incredibly fun it was [to make] and how ecstatic I felt when I hit those chords by mistake!" What's more, this version of the tune sounds as reverential and organic as its creator's statement makes it out to be; over the immediately recognizable bird sample, Ursa's Reef drops rounded 808 beats and gradually expanding synth pads which effortlessly evoke the original tune's ethereal sound. 

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Egyptrixx Starts Side Project, Announces First LP

Hiawatha is a brand-new production duo helmed by Canadian Night Slugs affiliate Egyptrixx and Ian McGettigan of '90s rock outfit Thrush Hermit, whose debut full-length is set to arrive on September 25 via Last Gang. Read more » 

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  • 07/13/2012

Kid Koala Announces New Album for Ninja Tune

Turntablism stalwart Kid Koala has announced his imminent return with 12-Bit Blues, a 12-track album that finds the DJ/producer recreating the blues in his own sample-heavy hip-hop style without any sequencing software. Read more » 

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  • 07/13/2012

Download: Cuushe "Summer Night Sketch (Botany Remix)"

Label: Flau

Taken from the first disc of Japanese artist Cuushe's (pictured above) recently released Girl You Know That I Am Here But the Dream, "Summer Night Sketch (Botany Remix)" is a jangly and reverb-addled reinterpretation of a softly mesmerizing tune from the artist's debut LP, Red Rocket Telepathy. Texan beatsmith Botany nabbed bits and pieces of Cuushe's barely there vocals for his rework, and intertwines them with his organic rhythms and percussive melodies, all of which culminates in a production that sounds not unlike some of our favorite tracks on Four Tet's breathtaking There Is Love in You

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Video: Ango "Paralyzed"

Before Canadian producer/singer Ango drops his free album, Serpentine, online next Tuesday, he's shared this flickering clip for lead single "Paralyzed." Read more » 

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  • 07/13/2012

Download: Machines Don't Care "Beat Dun Drop (CSY & Stripes Remix)"

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London duo CSY & Stripes (pictured above) has tried its hand at reworking over-the-top club banger "Beat Dun Drop," the latest single to arrive from UK "creative collective" Machines Don't Care. Thankfully, "Beat Dun Drop (CSY & Stripes Remix)" makes little use of the original vocal hooks (though its sporadic appearances throughout the tune are somehow more palatable) and does away with MDC's bombastic sound palette, focusing instead on swaying garage rhythms, rolling basslines, and crunchy synth melodies to work out its club-ready groove. 

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Gear: Review: Arturia Next Generation Virtual Instruments

The French soft-synth maker Arturia recently repackaged 10 of its most popular analog-modelling virtual instruments into what it's calling Next Generation versions—featuring new packaging, 64-bit compatibility, improvements in MIDI assigment capabilities, and overall enhanced performance. Here, we take a look at three of the instruments to see how these new editions hold up. Read more » 

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  • 07/13/2012

Download: Portable Sunsets feat. Christopher Wade "Sunshield (DX7 Dub)"

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NYC's Portable Sunsets dropped its Mercy LP just a month ago via Daedelus' Magical Properties imprint, and follows that release today with this special version of one of its cuts, This "DX7 Dub" of that tune still features vocalist Christopher Wade, but exchanges the original's jittery funk vibes for a more bulbous and subdued sound that bounces along at an easy pace. The results are about as close to an electro-pop tune as you're likely to hear on XLR8R, albeit one more suited for bedtime than late-night revelry. 

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