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DVA Readies New EP for Hyperdub

Resident Rinse DJ and Hyperdub affiliate DVA has announced his second release of 2012, an EP of "power house" tunes titled Fly Juice. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Video: The xx "Chained"

After releasing what was easily one of the most anticipated albums to drop in 2012, UK trio The xx have just shared the official music video for Coexist's lead single, "Chained." Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Stream Daniel Maloso's New LP for Cómeme


Admittedly, XLR8R hasn't exactly followed the career of Mexican DJ/producer Daniel Maloso every step of the way; our first run in with his kind of stripped-down, groove-heavy techno was back in 2011, when he shared a remix he did for Cosmo Vitelli. Then we got the first taste of his forthcoming debut LP, In and Out, back in August of this year, and our interest was officially piqued. Maloso's '80s-influenced style immediately resonated with us, as it sounded something like a long lost relative to our favorite early DFA releases blended with a funk sensibility all of its own. As such, we jumped at the chance to host the exclusive stream of the artist's first album, which we present to you a week before its release via Cómeme, after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt Announces Second Solo Album

Steve Hauschildt has been mighty productive recently. Soon after announcing the imminent arrival of Just to Feel Anything, the forthcoming LP he crafted with his bandmates in the Ohio trio Emeralds, Hauschildt has unveiled that his second solo album will also arrive next month. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Download: James T. Cotton "Love Canopy and Vessels"

Label: Shaddock

James T. Cotton, one of the many aliases of employed by Tadd Mullinix, has just released his latest EP, Beats in Space, via Shaddock Records. The title track, a playful spin on the sounds of early techno and classic house, was apparently signed on the spot when Shaddock reps heard Mullinix playing it out at a gig in Berlin. The record also features a remix of the title track by New York City's MadTeo, along with two new originals. "Love Canopy and Vessels" is one of those originals, and it offers a smooth take on the sounds of vintage Detroit and Chicago with its funky, '80s-leaning bassline, swelling pads, and deep marimbas.  Read more » 

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Pangaea Drops Resident Advisor Podcast

One of Hessle Audio's three label heads, Pangaea (a.k.a. Kevin McAuley) has helmed a rare mix for Resident Advisor. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Bubblin' Up: Citizen

When Citizen talks about the London scene which has fostered his budding career, there's a sense of affection and grattitude in his tone. "It's a small scene, really," says the Nottingham-reared producer. "It's friendly and approachable—which is something I never expected—but it was like that straight from the outset. It seems that everyone is supportive here and really appreciative of each other's music." In fairness, Citizen may have had an easier time getting heard than most, as his music followed years spent DJing around the city (as Laurencematthew, a form of his given name, Laurence Matthew Blake), something he did in part to keep up on emerging trends and ultimately "stay in the loop." Still, once Blake got serious about his production project and decided to take on the Citizen role, his output has largely spoken for itself, the bass-loaded excursions quickly finding a unique niche that incorporates elements of classic and modern house, with an added soulful touch that undoubtedly perks up dancefloors. Read more » 

Download: Tropics "Popup Cinema (Kelpe Remix)"

First Listen

London producer Tropics (a.k.a. Chris Ward, pictured above) has been pretty generous with "Popup Cinema," a track from his upcoming EP of the same name. Last week, he shared a stream of the song when he announced the release date of his forthcoming record, which will be available on November 5 via Svetlana Industries, and now he's unveiled a remix by fellow Londoner Kelpe (a.k.a. Kel McKeown). "Popup Cinema (Kelpe Remix)" presents the original's vocals as cut-up blips that bubble up between soft claps, sparse percussion, organ tones, and the sound of dripping water. Eventually, Kelpe allows Ward's soulful vocal melodies the room to fully leak out over his surging synths. 

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Review: Lapalux Some Other Time EP

The latest release from Lapalux picks up where his last EP, When You're Gone, left off. That record found the UK beatmaker fitting an astonishing number of components into his tracks, all the while crafting them into tighter, smoother, and more elegant song structures. On Some Other Time, Lapalux continues that effort by expanding upon the prettier components he has played with in the past—the folds of whirring or cooing synths, microsounds that click and chirp, sweeping, cushion-like bass tones wrapped around lulling beats—and working them into soothing, song-like forms. Read more » 

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  • 10/15/2012

Download: Offshore "Summer Hits"

It's been awhile since we've heard from London-based producer Offshore, but he's resurfaced with "Summer Hits." The tune comes courtesy of Oslo-based label Fine Grains, which will be including the song as part of its aptly titled new compilation, Fine Grains Vol. 1. "Summer Hits" sees the London lad exploring new sonic realms, as it's quite different from his his menacing "Pepper" or the timpani-heavy "Round and Round." Using fewer elements, Offshore still manages to create an emotionally provocative hip-hop beat. Beginning with an unusual percussion and cheap synth combo, the vibes immediately feel contemplative and nostalgic, as if the producer was reminiscing over a long-lost summer love. As the song develops, the beat quickly takes fuller form as a thudding kick accents the softer percussive synth before Offshore introduces a minimalistic, clave-led rhythm. Fine Grains Vol. 1 won't be released until November 1, but "Summer Hits" can be downloaded below and the song's video can be viewed after the jump. Read more » 

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