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Download: Jealov "AATO"

First Listen
Label: Mush

Jealov sent over a cut from its upcoming Nyche EP (out October 23 via Mush). The elusive trio—Yann-Alex Janssens, Rick Roels, and Mathieu Seynaeve—hails from Brussels, and its dizzying production style seems to be inspired by the different kinds of UK dubstep made by Burial, Mount Kimbie, or James Blake. "AATO" is a bit off-center, though, dotted with staccato samples of a vocal choir, organs, and horns, but retains an inherent groove nonetheless. Jealov erratically samples bits of R&B and mainstream pop music throughout "AATO," weaving the pieces into the production's fidgety beats. 

Average: 7.7 (74 votes)

Review: DFRNT Fading

Label: Echodub

It's not a coincidence that Alex Cowles' label is called Echodub. The Edinburgh-based imprint professes a keen interest in "that deep, pulsating groove, that dubbed-out flow" on its Soundcloud page, and Fading, Cowles' debut LP as DFRNT, remains faithful to that aesthetic straight through its 11 tracks, coating them in mellow, sultry moods, velvety-smooth synth lines, and the hulking rumble of sub-bass the same way an artisan chef might slather dark chocolate onto a layer cake. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

The Crystal Ark Drops New 12", Readies LP

Gavin Russom's now-two-year-old outfit with vocalist Viva Ruiz, The Crystal Ark, will soon release its debut LP, following a 12" for album cut "We Came To." Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Download: Monto "Homage"

Label: Melted

20-year-old Ross O'Sullivan, who produces music under the moniker Monto, recently sent over "Homage," the first track off his debut EP, Best Boy, which is available now on Bandcamp with a vinyl release coming soon from Melted. The Irish producer starts "Homage" with an extended dissonant chord and what sounds like clattering cassette tapes, gradually adding in a few chilled-out layers: blunted beats, video-game synths, and playful bass riffs. The hazy milieu couples with the crackle of vinyl and what sounds like the producer coughing on smoke to give Monto's tune some irie vibes. 

Average: 8.2 (101 votes)

Review: The Mole If I Had a Nickel EP

There's a reason that moles are reserved as mascots for minor-league sports teams and hard-luck high schools. Nebbish and snout-y, it's an animal that rarely inspires more than sympathy. The moniker has never quite fit Colin de la Plante's work as The Mole, either, beginning in 2008 when the Canadian producer busted out with his vibrant, busy debut LP, As High as the Sky, which sounded like someone slapped the art school out of Theo Parrish's Ugly Edits series. The album made it seem like it was possibly time to crown a new filter-disco king, but the intervening years have seen de la Plante keep a relatively low profile, dropping singles for a spattering of Canadian labels while largely staying away from interviews and mixes. His latest offering is If I Had a Nickel, the first release on Maybe Tomorrow, a new label that de la Plante has started with Kompakt's Jon Berry. Read more » 

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  • 09/05/2012

Local Action to Drop New EP from Artifact

UK record hub Local Action has announced that its next release will be a three-track EP from up-and-coming Bristol artist Artifact. Read more » 

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  • 09/04/2012

Gear: Novation Announces New Line of Mini-Synth

Novation has announced a new addition to the company's long list of products with the compact MiniNova hardware synthesizer, a 37-mini-key version of Novation's UltraNova line. Read more » 

  • Filed under: gear
  • 09/04/2012

Download: Hissy Fit "Buried (HxdB Remix)"

Label: Aufect

Here, Vancouver's HxdB remixes Hissy Fit's (pictured above) soulful tune "Buried," but leaves the structure of the upbeat production virtually untouched. HxdB (otherwise known as Severine Erickson) trims 30 seconds from the runtime, removes a hi-hat, and adds a crunchier kick. His version is slightly deeper than Hissy Fit's, but the simliarities are still striking when compared to the original tune from the forthcoming Heat Wave EP, which is set to be released on September 17—with other remixes from Bassmynt and Reilly Steel—via Aufect. 

Average: 7.8 (83 votes)

Check Out Mixes from Carl Craig and Vessel

A couple mix offerings of note have surfaced today: an hour-and-a-half-long DJ set from the legendary Carl Craig and an ambitiously eclectic mix from Tri Angle-signed newcomer Vessel. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 09/04/2012

Sigha Readies Debut Album for Hotflush

After releasing a sizable list of EPs and singles across an array of record labels over the past few years, London technoist Sigha (a.k.a. James Shaw) has put the finishing touches on his first album, which will see the light of day this fall. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 09/04/2012

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