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Carl Craig, Actress, Nina Kraviz, and More to Play Decibel 2012

Seattle's largest electronic-music gathering, the decade-old Decibel Festival, has announced the first half of its 2012 lineup, including Carl Craig, Actress, John Talabot, Nina Kraviz, and Matthew Dear. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

Download: Subp Yao "Chjords"

Label: Saturate

While synthesizer chords certainly have their place in this track from the Netherlands' Subp Yao, the song's most obvious characteristic is a booming rumble of a bass, which sounds heavy and throaty on computer speakers and just might test a club's structural integrity while blasting out of an oversized soundsystem. Pitched-up and heavily processed vocal snippets are scattered throughout the piece, as are off-kilter percussion sounds that shuffle about in a frenzied manner. "Chjords" is taken from Subp Yao's latest full-length, Smoke Up, Drink Up, which was released earlier this month through Saturate and can be downloaded in its entirety free of charge at Bandcamp. Subp Yao also released a remix album earlier this month, 1000 Remixes, which is available for free download here. The tracklisting and artwork for both of those releases can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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DJ Harvey Returns as Locussolus

Last year, legendary party starter DJ Harvey offered up the first full-length of his storied career, under the name Locussolus. Released via Uruguayan imprint International Feel, the album largely consisted of previously released singles and edits. Nevertheless, it seems that the moniker was more than a goof or a one-off experiment, as it's been revived by Harvey for an upcoming single. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

LOL Boys to Release Mix Album for Unknown to the Unknown

This week, party-starting DJ/production duo LOL Boys dropped a mix album for UK imprint Unknown to the Unknown (a label we very much love), the second installment of an ongoing series that started with an offering from DJ Q. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

Download: Bok Bok "Dance Report"

Label: Enchufada

In the late '00s, Buraka Som Sistema introduced much of the world to the energetic Angolan sounds of kuduro (which translates literally as "hard ass"), most notably with the release of its seminal album Black Diamond in 2008. Since then, the Portuguese outfit has put plenty of its own spin on the genre, and has actively encouraged other producers to cross-pollinate diverse types of dance music such as baile funk, tropical bass, cumbia, and of course house, bass, and techno. Through its Enchufada imprint, the group has also released six mini compilations called Hard Ass Sessions, in which BSS recruited producers such as Douster, Dubbel Dutch, Brenmar, and Kingdom to try their hand at the kuduro sound. Next week, the best of the various Hard Ass Sessions will be available as one 21-track compilation that will also feature a mix from founding BSS member J-WOW and a previously unheard tune from Slap in the Bass. Bok Bok's "Dance Report," which originally appeared on Hard Ass Sessions Volume II, is a hard-edged bit of kuduro-inspired bass/electro that will be featured on both the CD and digital versions of the comp. Take a look at the artwork for the Hard Ass Compilation, above, and check out the full tracklisting after the jump.  Read more » 

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Hessle Audio Readies EP from Bandshell

The impeccable Hessle Audio imprint has announced its next release, a four-track effort from UK beatmaker Bandshell. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

Hardhouse Banton to Return with New EP

Back in 2008, Hardhouse Banton was the toast of the UK scene. His track "Sirens" was an anthem in the burgeoning UK funky scene, and the London producer seemed poised to seize a position as one of its leaders. For whatever reason, that never really happened, as his releases slowed to a trickle and Hardhouse Banton gradually became one of those artists people referred to in the context of "whatever happened to that guy?" Apparently, that attitude was a bit premature, as Hardhouse Banton will soon be returning to the fold with a brand-new EP. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

Video Premiere: Auntie Flo "I Want To Blow Your Mind"

With his new mini-album, Future Rhythm Machine, out now via Huntleys and Palmers, Glaswegian producer Auntie Flo has debuted this video for "I Want To Blow Your Mind feat. Esa." Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

Download: Temples "II"

Label: Ecstasy

Ecstasy Records, the Portland-based imprint run by party-starting house outfit Miracles Club, has just released the label's first full-length record, a seven-song LP from Temples (a.k.a. Avalon Kalin, pictured above). The track titles are nothing more than ascending Roman numerals, with the entire work having been dubbed I-VII. Here, we have "II," a floating bit of spacey four-to-the-floor with polyrhythmic percussion and a complex arrangement crafted with what sounds like a xylophone. I-VII was released on Monday, and is available on either limited-run vinyl or digitally with two bonus tracks. After the jump, you can take a look at the record's artwork and view the subtly trippy video for the song "III."  Read more » 

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Review: Chaos in the CBD Dusty Sundays EP

Label: Amadeus

Somehow, the fledgling Amadeus imprint is already on its fourth release since its launch earlier this year, and despite this rapid-fire output, the label has managed to keep its aims rather focused, showcasing burgeoning artists from the deep and more cerebral side of house music. In that vein, Chaos In the CBD—a pair of brothers from New Zealand—has delivered Amadeus' latest effort, an EP with three lengthy originals and a remix from rising Londoner (and recent XLR8R podcast contributor) Jack Dixon. Read more » 

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  • 05/24/2012

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