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Video: dak "youstandit"

The title track from one half of LA beatmaker dak's forthcoming double-record for Leaving Records, "youstandit" is given an aptly warped set of visuals in this gritty, black-and-white clip. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2012

Download: Lianne La Havas "Is Your Love Big Enough? (Soul Clap Remix)"

Lianne La Havas's music is no stranger to the art of the remix; after all, the British crooner's tunes have already been reworked by everyone from Shlohmo to Ganggaddy. In fact, Maya Jane Coles' excellent remix of "Lost and Found" still ranks among our most popular MP3s. And now, Bostonian duo Soul Clap have entered the fold of remixers by turning "Is Your Love Big Enough?" into a dancefloor-friendly tune. In this version, La Havas' vocals go relatively untouched, and Soul Clap stays true to its name by heaping dollops of funky, soulful bass into the mix and punctuating the ambling beat with resonant claps. 

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Flying Lotus Delivers 'Lovers Melt 3' Mix

He'd been hinting at it all day yesterday on Twitter, but last night, the next-level space-jazz-hip-hop-fusion producer Flying Lotus shared his third Lovers Melt mix. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2012

Gear: Review: Izotope Iris

One of the heavy hitters in the visual sound editing business, iZotope's spectrogram-based audio restoration suite RX has long been aimed at those looking to clean, polish, and otherwise restore audio files. With Iris, the developer has taken this fairly mundane concept and transformed it into a plugin that's being called a "sampling resynthesizer," aimed primarily at music makers. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2012

Download: Cosmic Revenge "Here With Me (Arms & Suites Mix)"

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Label: Freshmore

On August 13, Houston-based label Freshmore's catalog will reach 10 offerings with the release of Cosmic Revenge's Crystal Skies. The record, which also features b-side "Here With Me," boasts a slew of remixes by a list of up-and-comers that includes Texan producer Arms & Suites, who won us over with his 2010 track "Brainwash." Now, following up his most recent offering for Freshmore alongside DJ Yayyay and Droplette, last year's "Microchips" single, Arms & Suites is back to give "Here With Me" a treatment that encases its skittering rhythms in an even thicker shell of glacial synths than before. Once you get your fill of this version, you can preview the rest of Cosmic Revenge's Crystal Skies, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Jeremiah Jae Raw Money Raps

Flying Lotus once said that Brainfeeder is the sound of the seeker—the sound of someone trying to understand the universe through music, always on the hunt for something higher. That's why there could be no other home for Raw Money Raps, the debut full-length from Jeremiah Jae and an effort in which he explores his own complex existence with the kind of honesty and mysticism common to all of the label's signees. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2012

Video: Slackk "Blue Sleet"

Strikingly similar to the video we posted from Russian producer 813 yesterday, this piece for Slackk's "Blue Sleet" presents a sleek, futuristic aircraft traversing all manners of CGI-rendered terrain as the synth-heavy tune plays on. Read more » 

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  • 07/27/2012

Download: Hand Plant "Arpy"

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Disco Bloodbath, a monthly party known across London for its blend of disco, house, and techno, now has its own label, which released its inaugural record, Damon Martin's housey "That Ain't Right" single, earlier this month. Now, the label's gearing up to drop the second record in its catalog, the Gone Ghost EP by the duo of Ben Pistor (one of the owners of Disco Bloodbath) and Sam Watts (a.k.a. Maxxi Soundsystem), who together form Hand Plant. Though the record won't be out until August 8 on vinyl (fans who want the digital format will have to wait until August 21), you can whet your appetite by checking out one of the EP's tunes. "Arpy" features none of the arpeggio-laden stylings its name might lead you to expect; instead, Hand Plant greets listeners with a stomping 4/4 beat and some downright sinister synth stabs. 

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Download: Steve Huerta "Take Me Closer (Urulu's Too Close Mix)"

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Label: Amadeus

Los Angeles producer Steve Huerta's Take Me Closer EP will be coming out on July 31 via Amadeus, and includes a remix of the title track by another SoCal producer, Urulu (pictured above). The tunesmith offers an ethereal version of the song, with layers of synths that drone on and build for measures. The tweaked, reverb-drenched lyric "closer baby" loops throughout, and is complemented by widescreen instrumentals that shape the song and imbue its catchy rhythm, a groove which is commandeered by the steady claps and drum patterns and topped off with a moody piano stab that stands out amidst Urulu's production. 

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Hot City Preps 'Buggin' Out' EP for Moshi Moshi

The bass-dedicated pair of UK tunesmiths Hot City has announced the imminent arrival of its second EP for the Moshi Moshi label, the Buggin' Out EP. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2012

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