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Dabrye, Ikonika, Om Unit, and More on Illum Sphere Remix EP

Manchester tunesmith Illum Sphere (pictured above) has commissioned a handful of choice remixes of tunes from throughout his discography, and will soon release them via Fat City. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Download: Bam Spacey "Vi Delar Samma Grav (RxGibbs Remix)"

Here, we see two young artists (Sweden's Bam Spacey and Michigan's RxGibbs) and two young labels (NY's Ceremony and NY/London imprint Cascine) combine forces on a spacious remix of "Vi Delar Samma Grav" from the Swedish producer's latest single. Armed with loads of reverb and shimmering synth pads, RxGibbs delivers a subtly driving cut peppered with plenty of his trademarked angelic vocal coos and light-footed percussion. You can catch the flip of this remix trade off, RxGibb's "Silver (Bam Spacey Remix)," after the jump.  Read more » 

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Grab Another Free Mixtape From d'Eon

Today, Brooklyn-based website Stereogum premiered a free mixtape from Montreal artist d'Eon, his second installment of the Music for Keyboards series. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Download: Py "Lungs (Produced by George FitzGerald)"

First Listen

A purveyor of warm, sensuous house music, George FitzGerald has collaborated with London singer Py on this emotional and mood-driven number, "Lungs" (artwork above). A staple of both the Hotflush and Aus Music artist rosters, FitzGerald has a distinct way of engineering his productions around a central vocal motif, giving his samples room to breathe amidst his dreamy, plushly cushioned instrumentation. Working here with a live vocalist, he begins the percolating tune with a high-octave arpeggio before an enveloping chord sequence takes hold, providing ample footing for Py's longingly desperate crooning. It's the sixth song off her forthcoming new mixtape, Tripping On Wisdom, which will be available on May 21 and feature additional production work from Damu, Breton, Raffertie, and more. Their contributions can be heard on Py's Soundcloud, alongside her recent collaboration with Throwing Snow for Raffertie's Super Recordings.  

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Monty Luke Readies New EP

Former XLR8R scribe and current right-hand man at Carl Craig's Planet E label, Detroit-by-way-of-San Francisco producer Monty Luke has prepared a new, three-track offering for Denver-based Full Flavor Music. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Gear: Review: Polyplayground for iPad

MSRP: $5.99, Mike Gao Mobile

Los Angeles beatsmith Mike Gao has designed an iPad app aimed at allowing users to easily create complex chord structures and melodies using color-coded buttons and geometric patterns rather than a traditional piano keyboard. The result is a program that is part MIDI controller, part music-theory lesson, and part music-making mind fuck. In other words, not your average app. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Download: Affctns "Like You"

Label: Diamante

This soulful selection comes out of Santiago, Chile courtesy of Affctns, a new audio-visual duo working under the Diamante banner that includes Daniel Klauser, a producer we've posted about before. "Like You" rolls out with well-selected samples of R&B that act as percussive intonations rather than the focus of the track, which is itself saturated with Hotflush-style chords and fleeting, accented displays of saccharine melody. Many artists have been ensnared by the softly biting genius of '90s R&B, but when the referencing of such heartfelt, lovingly-constructed memories is well done, as it is here, bits of compelling originality seep through the nostalgic nods to the past. Check out the rest of the free Ginger Gyal EP (artwork above) on Klauser's Bandcamp, and be sure to scope their video for the title track after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Soul Clap E-Funk

For those who have paid close attention to the rise of Boston's Soul Clap duo, from its days as a party-starting East Coast entity to its role now as an international unit with countless remixes and an excellent DJ Kicks contribution to its name, there is a lot riding on this debut album. Unfortunately, Soul Clap falls short of expectations with E-Funk, delivering an LP that takes its wide range of influences and turns them into an uncomfortably diverse set of songs that barely fit together, with a handful of highlights and some surprisingly low points strewn throughout. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Watch Nicolas Jaar Perform Live

A new video of underground lightning rod Nicolas Jaar performing live with his Darkside cohort, Dave Harrington, and Will Epstein (of Yours Truly) has surfaced courtesy of MTV Hive. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Download: Henrik Koefod & Rewolmer "Cerrone"

Label: Polaron

Denmark is rarely singled out as a hotbed for underground club music, but a new push by a collective of artists organizing under the name Polaron just might begin to change things. Next Tuesday, the crew will be offering a free compilation, Polaron Selections #1, its website. As a sort of preview, Polaron has sent along "Cerrone," a vivid, laser-treated floor track resulting from a collaboration between Henrik Koefod and Rewolmer. Hedonistic synths play across the tune in a show of beachside elegance, steadied by a vintage-sounding kick and a sawed-off bassline with enough oomph to carry a party into the early hours of tomorrow. As for the rest of the compilation, we'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear exactly what it has in store, but before then, the full tracklisting has been made available and can be viewed, after the jump.  Read more » 

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