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Download: Bobby Tank "Wolpheus"

First Listen
Label: Mofo Hifi

All comparisons to the neon-hued maximalism pushed by the likes of Glaswegians Rustie and Hudson Mohawke aside, London producer Bobby Tank seems to be onto something with his forthcoming Afterburn EP for Mofo Hifi. "Wolpheus" perfectly exhibits the '80s-funk, glitch, and hip-hop appropriations which the tunesmith minces into glittery dust before sprinkling it all over his wild compositions—subsequently cranking the whole thing up into hyperdimensional, bonus-level territory. It's almost the exact sonic equivalent of Afterburn's colorfully chaotic, unreal artwork (pictured above), which basically depicts some kind of DMT-induced rave. Look for the rest of Bobby Tank's three-track EP to drop on May 17, with another EP and an album set to arrive before the year's end. 

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Preview L-Vis 1990's 'Club Constructions Vol. 1'

It was an exciting day when we discovered that Night Slugs and one of the label's head honchos, L-Vis 1990, were embarking on a new series of releases curated for peak-hour club play, and it's more exciting still to get a chance to preview each tune from Club Constructions Vol. 1 before it's released on April 16. Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Download: Daniel Klauser "Simply Swag (Chaos in the CBD Remix)"

Label: Diamante

Young Chilean producer Daniel Klauser (pictured above) is set to drop the debut record for the newly formed Santiago imprint Diamante. Called Simply Swag, the EP will feature the title track, another original production, and three remixes of "Simply Swag"—including this one from production duo Chaos in the CBD, out of New Zealand. The pair's remix has a decidedly '90s house feel to it, with easy-going synth pads and vocal humming leading the charge. But the small amount of lyrical content present is a bit of a head-scratcher, starting off with a tried-and-true "feel the house music" bit before a brief appeal for swag appreciation. Diamante also makes the dubious claim of being "100% ghetto," which may be indicative of language or cultural barriers negatively impacting the lyrical quality. You can stream the Simply Swag EP, an impressive outing given Klauser's relative greenness, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video: Kuedo "Ascension Phase"

Kuedo has just released this video for the tune "Ascension Phase," which originally appeared on his XLR8R Pick'd Severant LP, our 11th favorite record from last year. Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Vessel Set to Drop New 12" via Left_Blank

Bristol-based producer Vessel will be making his return to Left_Blank next week, with the release of a three-song 12" called Standard (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Download: Artek "Out of Touch"

Label: B. YRSLF

This throbbing piece of bass music is the title track to the latest B. YRSLF release, the Out of Touch EP by UK producer Artek. On it, dreamy chords and lilting, chopped vocals are juxtaposed with a two-step rhythm and a thick bassline, all of which gets heavy at the four-minute mark when the drum track pauses and a heavy sub tone comes lurching through with no other trappings. You can find the artwork for Artek's Out of Touch EP (which is out now), as well as stream the rest of its tunes, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Dream Continuum Reworkz EP

Quick Spin
Label: Planet Mu

Footwork married with jungle—the combination of such similar genres (in both tempos and club-specific applications, not to mention current ubiquity) makes so much sense, it's almost baffling that it wasn't explored explicitly until recently. The collaboration of insatiable producer Machinedrum and fellow juke appropriator Om Unit also seems like a match made in bass-music heaven, as the former's Room(s) LP from 2011 and the latter's wax-worthy bootlegs dropped under his Phillp D. Kick moniker both make excellent use of the boom, smack, and skitter that define the aforementioned styles. Dream Continuum's inaugural release, the three-track Reworkz EP, is a record that brings all of those star-crossed elements together, and, at times, nearly becomes something more than the byproduct of its converging influences. Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Venetian Snares Preps Bedtime Album as Last Step

Canadian producer Aaron Funk is most widely known for the abrasive experimentalism he produces under the moniker Venetian Snares, but next month, he'll release a much mellower album, called Sleep, under the name Last Step. Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Download: Lakosa & 2SuckaDJs "Cinnamon"

Label: Four40

This ravey house roller is a collaborative effort of a trio of British producers: Lakosa (a.k.a. Steffan Smith) and 2SuckaDJs (pictured above), which is composed of members Jason Foreman and Rich Lewis. Sharp synth stabs, filter sweeps, and a bouncing bassline comprise most of the five-minute banger, which is also peppered with the occasional vocal outburst. And if you're looking for more club-ready tunes, Lakosa dropped a guest mix on Mary Anne Hobbs' Xfm program last month, which you can stream and download after the jump.  Read more » 

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Limited-Release Soul Clap Mixtape No Longer Limited

Almost every year that Boston duo Soul Clap heads down to Winter Music Conference, it makes a mixtape to distribute to the party people taking over Miami. In 2010, a breakout year for Soul Clap, the pair decided to go a bit bigger, and arranged a hefty, 45-song mixtape featuring their signature house sound mixed with large doses of funk, R&B, hip-hop, and general goofiness. The package was dubbed E-FUNK: The Mixtape (artwork above) and given a small-batch release via Phonica, but has just resurfaced today. Read more » 

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  • 04/10/2012

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