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Download: Famous Eno "All Good FM (Famous Eno Remix)"

Label: Mixpak

Yesterday, Dre Skull's tropical-flavored Mixpak imprint released the first ever solo effot from UK producer Famous Eno. The single is called "All Good FM," (artwork above) and comes with a Jersey club remix courtesy of DJ Sliink, a version from Arveene & Misk, and this edit from Famous Eno himself. The original track prominently features rave-worthy synth chords and a sizeable run on the mic from MC Stich, which gives it the feel of a hyperactive summer anthem, while this reworked production is a lean and funky cut that boasts a forceful bassline, military snares, and truncated bits of the vocalist's hot-footed performance. 

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Bleep and Sonar Offer Free EP Featuring Amon Tobin, Lapalux, Om Unit, and Nightwave

In anticipation for this week's Sonar festival in Barcelona, online music retailer Bleep has once again partnered with the event and curated a free four-track sampler EP featuring exclusive offerings from some of the artists scheduled to perform at the gathering. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Gear: Dimensions Festival Announces Producer Competition

Croatia's upcoming Dimensions Festival is still a few months away, but the good folks behind the four-day event have teamed up with the London-based production school Point Blank and SoundCloud to announce a competition for aspiring producers, in which the grand prize is—among other things—an all expenses paid trip to the festival this September. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Bubblin' Up: Taragana Pyjarama

Nick Eriksen was all of 19 years old when his first foray into the production world, under the guise of Eim Ick, garnered a good deal of praise for its handful of summery, dance-worthy beats. But Eriksen eventually got over this initial burst of "hype," as he calls it, and became a bit frustrated, feeling that the majority of the attention Eim Ick had received was too focused on his age, and not as much on his music. Taragana Pyjarama was born from this frustration, as Eriksen sought to shift the focus back to his talent as a burgeoning producer, throwing a single tune, "Girls," up on a MySpace page under his newly minted mouthful of a handle. Through the magic of the internet, the track landed in the hands of French label Fool House, and an impressive debut EP followed. Now, the Copenhagen resident is in the midst of taking his next step as a producer, adjusting his aims slightly for his debut full-length—a massively expansive journey through dense soundscapes and intricate synthesizer lattices for the ubiqitious Kompakt imprint. Read more » 

Download: Devonwho "Fronteras"

San Francisco-by-way-of-Portland beatmaker Devonwho recently unleashed seven tracks via Bandcamp. The songs are, as he says, "a few things from my live set that I decided to let go this summer." The lead track from Perfect Strangers Vol. 1, "Fronteras" draws on the kinds of blazed vibes Devonwho concocts so well; its glossy synth sweeps and fluttering, funk-influenced bassline matching with a quietly clattering beat as the producer reaches for a groovy state of nirvana. A second volume of the Perfect Strangers series should be on its way later this summer, preceding the release of an LP which Devonwho has said should arrive via All-City this fall. 

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Review: Pariah Rift EP

Label: R&S

Arthur Cayzer’s third single as Pariah is, without question, his most cryptic release to date. It's a bit difficult at first to get a grip on what the London-based producer is angling for here. Several listens deep, however, the fog begins to dissipate, revealing a record that, while erratic, is a bold, newly darkened expansion of Cayzer’s previous aesthetic. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Christopher Willits Collaborates with Pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto on New Album

Christopher Willits (who, we should mention, once contributed to XLR8R's pages) continues to showcase his production handiwork and penchant for creating intricately lush soundscapes on a forthcoming collaborative album he crafted with visionary composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, with whom he worked on 2007's Ocean Fire. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Download: Nick Sinna "Kick The Habit"

If Manchester native Nick Sinna is actually trying to kick a habit, his tune "Kick the Habit" probably has enough percussive force to help him do the job. While the song is busy with lots of sounds—zaps, whistles, hoots, sirens, chimes, bells, etc.—its hard kicks barely take a break from driving the scatterd cacophony throughout the entire eight minutes. "Kick The Habit" is one of four tracks Sinna composed for his forthcoming EP on Trus'me's Prime Numbers imprint, all of which are available to preview, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Wafa Abandon Me EP

London producer Wafa follows up his Lucky Strike EP for Grizzly with a ridiculously over-the-top single, sampling Rose Royce's classic "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" for a bombastic tune with questionable trappings. Three different remixers do their best to save the effort, but they can only do so much. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Boiler Room to Launch Weekly Series in the US

Boiler Room will be coming to America in the near future with a weekly series that will alternate between locations in LA and NYC. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

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