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Download: Essáy "Crying at Day (Alternate Edit)"

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Label: Glyph

In the six months since Germany's Essáy put out his proper debut single, Morning Mountain, via the budding Glyph label, the 21-year-old producer born Simon Schilling has proven himself to be a skilled purveyor of what he calls "emotional electronic music." He's since dropped the free Distance & Lights EP via Cut, and now, he's following it up with a new offering. Crying At Day/Night is due out on August 20, and features this "Alternate Edit" of one of the title tracks. On this track, Essáy's self-proclaimed term for his musical style rings true without a hint of pretension; the production really is heavily steeped in feeling. As soaring, beautifully textured synths swirl overhead and slowly swoop down to envelop the mix, resonant claps propel the stomping beat forward into a realm far beyond descriptors such as "chill." 

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Listen to Richie Hawtin Talk Career, Life, Music, and More

In this recent interview, BBC Radio 1 DJ Heidi talks with longtime friend and techno icon Richie Hawtin about the artist's life and musical career from his start as Plastikman up to where he is today living in Berlin. Read more » 

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  • 08/10/2012

Download: Lindstrøm "Rà-àkõ-st"

After releasing the overly (and commendably) ambitious Six Cups of Rebel album this year, Norwegian space-disco veteran Lindstrøm will follow his LP with a new 12" (and an album, purportedly) of what sounds like somewhat more typical fare for the producer. Featured here, the synth-heavy "Rà-àkõ-st" was mixed by fellow Nord and disco obsessive Todd Terje, and marks a welcome return to the kinds of expansive dancefloor music we grew to love on Lindstrøm's early singles. 

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Gear: Pioneer Announces Wi-Fi DJ System

Pioneer—whose professional-grade mixers and CDJs have stood as the club-industry standard for years now—has introduced a new, wireless DJ system, the XDJ-Aero. Read more » 

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  • 08/10/2012

Press Play: Nicolas Jaar, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Kyle Hall, FaltyDL, and More

Today's installment of Press Play equally features heavy hitters and enticing obscurities from across the spectrum of electronic music. Read more » 

Download: Robot Koch & Rain Dog "Never Will"

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The title of Berlin beat maestro Robot Koch's upcoming release, Cosmic Waves (artwork above), derives from the concept that everyone and everything is connected, and the production process behind the record demonstrates that the name is apt. Robot Koch sent half-finished tunes to artists both on and off the Project: Mooncircle roster, asking them to fill in the blanks, the results of which exhibit two styles—no matter how different—joining together as one. Some names on the Cosmic Waves tracklist, such as Kuhn and Submerse, might be instantly recognizable to you, and, if you've been diligently keeping up with XLR8R for the past month, you'll probably recognize Rain Dog, too. The young London-based tunesmith's "Think of You" ranked as our most popular download in July by an absolute landslide, and now, "Never Will," his collaboration with Robot Koch, features more of the spacious production style we've come to expect from him. Here, the duo lays down an energetic, garage-tinged shuffle, which they smother in ample servings of atmospheric synths. After nabbing this track, you can stream a preview of the rest of the EP before it drops on August 31, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Otto Von Shirach Supermeng

Label: Monkeytown

Otto Von Shirach was always one of breakcore's and glitch's most memorable icons (which was no small feat in a genre full of big personalities). Though that scene has sort of burnt itself to a crisp, he's risen out of the ashes of the '00s with both his strange sense of humor and his bass face firmly intact, as shown both by the mix he put together for this week's XLR8R podcast and Supermeng, his new album for Modeselektor's Monkeytown imprint. In a little under 45 minutes, the latter finds the Miami-based producer peacocking his way through a trunk-rattling selection of leftfield Miami bass, dubstep, and moombahton tunes on a truly bizarre ride to the center of the sexyverse. Read more » 

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  • 08/10/2012

Download: Rap Class "Brothers Superhero"

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When Southern California's beat scene eventually rooted itself in their Pacific Northwestern stomping grounds, the members of Portland's Dropping Gems collective quickly established themselves as some of the West Coast's foremost purveyors of spacey instrumental hip-hop beats. Now, with the upcoming release of Rap Class' Greatest Hits, the label will be taking listeners on a trip into its early history, a period stretching from 2006 through 2009, when Rap Class (born John Kammerle) and label head Aaron Meola were college students living in Olympia, WA. Even back then, the Dropping Gems collective showed promise; just listen to record closer "Brothers Superhero," one of the oldest tracks on the release. The drums and the vocal sample (which were entirely created and arranged on a Korg Electribe) are relatively understated, allowing the wistful tones of the persistent flute lead to resonate throughout the mix, making for a fitting farewell at the end of a trip down memory lane. You can nab Greatest Hits, which drops on August 22, through a "name your price" download over on Dropping Gems' Bandcamp

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Download: J. Bevin "Deep (feat. Marisa)"

With only a couple releases on T.Williams' and S.E.F's now-defunct Deep Teknologi label from years past, London producer J. Bevin finally has some new stuff in the works. One of the latest productions to surface from the artist is "Deep (feat. Marisa)," an appropriately titled track with a deep, soulful dance groove that's filled with funky drum patterns underlining the otherwise synth-heavy instrumentation. Singer Marisa's voice is mostly chopped and looped, but nonetheless evokes a vibe reminiscent of the '80s and complimentary to J. Bevin's neon-hued melodies. 

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Video: LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat "Spitting Cobra"

Ahead of the August 27 release of its forthcoming album, Sebenza, London production trio LV has shared a new video for the slow, synth-laden album cut "Spitting Cobra," a collaboration with Johannesburg MC and frequent cohort Okmalumkoolkat, who recently also teamed up with LV on the Get a Grip EP and bonus non-album cut "Inhliziyo Yami Izibozi." Read more » 

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  • 08/09/2012

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