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Download: Femme En Fourrure & Bendagram "Letter to My Brother"

Helsinki duo Femme En Fourrure (a.k.a. Juuso and Bianca) sent over one of its recent productions, "Letter to My Brother," the result of a collaboration with Lauri from fellow Finnish outfit Bendagram. As Femme En Fourrure wrote in an email, "Letter to My Brother" is a cut of "sleazy, lean, and slow techno" that builds a sultry mood with its quiet hi-hats, dark synth flashes, and breathy, pitched-down vocals repeating a singular enigmatic phrase. Apparently, the artists haven't yet decided whether to officially release the track, so grab it below, because you may never see it again. 

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Review: Ossie Supercali EP

Having afforded the world such an enervating rhythmic wake-up call with both his Hyperdub-released Set The Tone EP and its predecessor, the anthemic "Tarantula," it's a welcome return for Ossie Aneke, whose Supercali EP is a warm development on his combination of skittering beats and pan-genre influence that pricked up ears in early 2011. His latest EP is surfacing on the freshly christened 2020 Midnight Visions imprint, and finds Ossie's fluid electronics spliced in with a more restrained, taut aesthetic than his previous offerings. Read more » 

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  • 07/24/2012

Gear: Dubstep Forum Hosts Production Q&A with Objekt

Throughout the week, forward-thinking Berlin producer Objekt (whose "Cactus" b/w "Porcupine" single was deemed an XLR8R Pick earlier this year) will be taking on questions regarding his production techniques and set-up, answering them via a thread on Dubstep Forum. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2012

Download: Lymbyc Systym "Prairie School"

First Listen

Brothers Michael and Jared Bell have announced the imminent release of their first LP since 2009's Shutter Release under their moniker Lymbyc Systym. Symbolyst (arriving September 18 via Austin-based label Western Vinyl, artwork above) is the duo's third LP to date, but the first written with a significant geographical distance between the bandmates, with Michael living in Japan and Jared in Brookyln. "Prairie School" is the record's opening tune, and boasts a driving, arpeggiated melody which bubbles underneath the moody Rhodes chords while a whining synth floats atop the crunchy drum beats and distorted bassline. This fall, Lymbyc System will be on tour across the US in support of Symbolyst, the dates of which you'll find after the jump, along with a teaser video for the band's new LP.  Read more » 

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Download a New Track From Flying Lotus

Well, Flying Lotus has a new song available for free download, so you should probably grab it while you can. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2012

Luke Solomon to Start New Imprint This September

DJ/producer/label head/all-around go-getter Luke Solomon will soon add a new record label into his repertoire with the release of a four-track 12" featuring all remixes from the man himself. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2012

Check Out a Classic Mix From Derrick May

A classic mix from Detroit techno icon Derrick May has surfaced online for the first time today, courtesy of FACT. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2012

Download: Bear In Heaven "Kiss Me Crazy (BNJMN Remix)"

First Listen

BNJMN offers a new twist on Brooklyn-based band Bear In Heaven's "Kiss Me Crazy." Compared to the original upbeat ballad, BNJMN's version is a slowed-down and emotive take on the song with elements of the producer's London surroundings, as hints of dreamy house and UK funky are littered throughout. The claps are just about the only element holding onto the original uptempo vibe, but as the mostly instrumental track builds, it reaches an understated climax as Bear in Heaven's vocal hook, "I really want to kiss you crazy," loops on and on. If you're looking for a gauzy and emotive summer jam, you might just find it here. 

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Bubblin' Up: Sinjin Hawke

Although his first official release only dropped last December, the music of Montreal native Sinjin Hawke (who's currently based in Barcelona) has been floating around underground circles for awhile now, thanks to his time spent as part of the crew behind Montreal's Boomclap parties, and the impressive run of bootleg reworks and one-off collaborations which preceeded his debut release. In the midst of a North American tour and with a spot secured at this year's Red Bull Music Academy in New York, Hawke's sleek and robust take on hybridized forms of bass music have proven worth the buzz. Read more » 

Download: Bobby Champs "Charlie"

First Listen

Coming off his well-recieved EP, Moonlight, Bobby Champs is back with some more four-to-the-floor bangers on the forthcoming Drag Queen EP (artwork above). The record is scheduled to drop via UK imprint Pictures Music (home to artists like Dark Sky, Koreless, and Lapalux) on August 20th, but is preceded by the tune "Charlie." Bobby Champs' new production has an infectious groove, layers of whirling synth melodies, and a pounding kick drum supporting the mass of it all. The cut takes many different turns, yet stays completely cohesive throughout—making for an expertly produced and darkly powerful track.  

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