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Download: Risque Rhythm Team "More Than Just a Dance (Backyard Mix)"

Jerome Derradji, the mastermind behind the Chicago-based label Still Music, is an old soul. Although his label is fairly young (only established in 2004), it is well-known for championing vintage sounds. In 2005, Still Music released In the Dark (The Soul of Detroit), a seminal Detroit house compilation which was eventually reissued this year along with an accompanying 30-minute documentary. Now, Derradji's completed a similarly massive undertaking: digging deep into the crates to discover the origins of house music. The result is Jerome Derradji Presents: 122 BPM - The Birth of House Music, an immense three-CD set of rare and unreleased tracks from the catalogs of Mitchbal and Chicago Connection Records, two of the earliest house labels. One of the featured tracks from the compilation, which will be released next week, is Risque Rhythm Team's "More Than Just a Dance (Backyard Mix)," released in 1988 via Chicago Connection. On it, the boundaries between disco, new wave, and early house are blurred as a pulsing drum beat and a fat bassline lock together to form an infectiously groovy and classic dance tune. 

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Matmos Announces Forthcoming EP and LP Based on Telepathy

Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt, the now-Baltimore-based pair of eccentric musicmakers known as Matmos, haven't really made so much as a bleep (outside of the odd remix) since 2010's collaborative LP with So Percussion, Treasure State, but will cease their silence on October 16 with the release of The Ganzfeld EP via Thrill Jockey. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Download: LFO "LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Mix)"

First Listen

It's been a busy year for Mak & Pasteman; the duo released its Do the Same record via Shifting Peaks at the start of 2012 and went on to contribute the track "Void" to Senseless' second installment of the Synesthesia series. The twosome isn't showing any sign of letting up, either, as Mak & Pasteman released Give It Up (artwork above) via Worthy's Anabatic label this past Tuesday, and is now giving away a free remix. The tunesmiths made a daring choice by choosing to reinterpret the "Leeds Warehouse Mix" of LFO's classic eponymous tune—a veritable cornerstone of Warp's early catalog—but they do so with style and grace, preserving many of the original's elements while simultaneously freshening it up with an injection of new-school bounce. Once you check out Mak & Pasteman's tasteful rave homage, you can preview Give It Up after the jump. Read more » 

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Michael Mayer Preps Sophomore LP

It had been sometime since we'd heard any music from Kompakt co-owner Michael Mayer when his remix of "Radar" by Hauschka appeared last month, so it's with some surprise and plenty of excitement that we learn the veteran DJ/producer will release his second full-length album this fall. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Sinden and 5kinandbone5 to Release EP via Unknown to the Unknown

Sinden needs no introduction, and the XLR8R faithful may already know that 5kinandbone5 has previously worked with the now-LA-based producer and his label, Grizzly. Aside from the duo's remixes of various Grizzly artists (such as Brenmar's "Let Me Know (Tasting)"), 5kinandbone5 also released its streetwise debut single "Stomp" via the imprint, so it's no surprise that this working relationship would eventually lead to a fruitful collaboration: the Coin Power EP (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Download: Martin Eden "Worker"

First Listen
Label: Lefse

Matthew Cooper of Eluvium is reintroducing himself to the world as Martin Eden on his latest release with Lefse, a 7" arriving as part of the label's ongoing series. Cooper has described this new project as music "which may appeal to fans of early Aphex Twin stuff, or turn of the century electronic music." The track, "Worker," is a minimal, ambient song characterized by its layers of swelling synths, obscure vocal samples, emotive guitar strums, and a steady drum pattern. It all opens with just the synths, as the rest of the elements are slowly but surely introduced to the soundscape, eventually leaving you right back where you started, with just the synths. 

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Review: Martin Kemp German Salad EP

In late 2009, Martin Kemp was truly the toast of the XLR8R office. The London producer was tabbed as an Artist to Watch, his XLR8R podcast showcased some serious DJ chops, and his first two singles on Blunted Robots prompted whispers that he might even be better than his big brother Brackles. Unfortunately though, no amount of enthusiasm could make Kemp continue to release tunes, and his output slowed to a trickle in 2010 before unexpectedly ceasing altogether. Now, nearly three years after he impressively burst onto the UK scene with "No Charisma," Kemp has returned with the German Salad EP, an effort which finds him still dabbling in slightly off-kilter, percussion-heavy waters. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Prefuse 73 Releases New LP as Piano Overlord

Piano Overlord, one of the many projects helmed by prolific beatmaker Guillermo Scott Herren (a.k.a. Prefuse 73), has somehow snuck under our radar and released his latest LP via Chocolate Industries. Read more » 

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  • 07/20/2012

Download: Biblo "Crazy Eyes"

Label: Terranean

Red Bull Music Academy 2011 alumni Biblo is back with a new EP, out now via Terranean. From song to song, the Slave to Love EP is an entirely dark and glitchy record eminating from the depths of the Turkish underground. Biblo plays a lot with both pulsing and grinding synths, which she pairs with her understated vocals and reverb-drenched claps. Compared to the rest of the tracks from the Slave to Love EP, "Crazy Eyes" is more upbeat with dreamy synths and Biblo's glitch-hop-referencing production. 

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Gear: Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video with Native Instruments' Mostly Robot Ensemble

This year's Sónar festival brought no shortage of progressive electronic music to the picturesque coastal city of Barcelona, and in that spirit, the Berlin software/hardware manufacturers at Native Instruments put together a five-piece "supergroup" of an ensemble for a one-off performance (though it has since booked further gigs), calling the outfit Mostly Robot. In this behind-the-scenes video, we get a glimpse of the gear which brought the crew (the ranks of which includes Jamie Lidell and Tim Exile) together, along with a few bits of its Sónar performance. Read more » 

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  • 07/19/2012

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