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Download: Mite + Ewalk "Body Tap (Seapoint Remix)"

A day after the Parisian bass purveyors of the B.Yrslf label dropped Atlanta-based duo Mite + Ewalk's collaborative digital EP, Body Tap, we're treated to a bonus remix of the title track from Montreal's Seapoint. The young producer blends together smooth bass tones and catchy synth patterns inside of a lush reverb chamber on "Body Tap (Seapoint Remix)," leaving just enough room for his punchy 808 beats and minimal string arrangements to take over the mix from time to time. You can stream all of Mite + Ewalk's brand-new EP after the jump.  Read more » 

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Hear Two New Four Tet Tracks

While some artists are content to leak a tune before they even have a clue when it will be released, others won't share a track until just before it drops. You can count New York-via-London producer Four Tet in the latter group, a position he's solidified even further with a pair of new tracks, which you can hear now. Read more » 

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  • 05/08/2012

Download: Kid606 "I Want Her Wings"


Word has it that Berlin resident and Tigerbeat6 label boss Miguel De Pedro (known to most as Kid606) has yet another full-length album in the works, which will supposedly arrive somewhere toward the end of summer, roughly five or six months after his recently released Ejaculazer Tag EP. But despite the records' close proximity, the music would be hard pressed to be any more different, at least if "I Want Her Wings" is any strong indication. The fuzzy track is almost like a form of playful electronic shoegaze, complete with swirling atmospherics, subdued drum work, and a slow-building arc that never quite peaks. It won't be on Kid606's new album, actually, but nonetheless marks a new direction from the often abrasive, glitch-obsessed veteran artist. 

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Podcast 246: Anenon

At this point, there's not a whole lot more we can say about Anenon (a.k.a. Brian Simon) without resorting to full-blown gushing. Fresh off the release of his debut full-length, Inner Hue (which is still streaming here), the LA-based artist has assembled the latest chapter of the XLR8R podcast series, and we can honestly say that the mix is quite unlike all the podcasts that have come before it. Read more » 

Download: Indian Wells "Deuce"

Label: Bad Panda

Newcomer Indian Wells may only have one track on his SoundCloud page and may have just dropped a very limited release (only 100 copies printed, artwork above) via DIY label Bad Panda, but the producer already seems to know exactly what he's doing. Sounding something like a blend of Shlohmo's lo-fi textures and Actress' gritty techno mantras, "Deuce" exhibits the shadowy aesthetics, crunchy beats, and brooding soundscapes that make Indian Wells' tunes something to take notice of. Check out the rest of his Night Drops record here

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Review: Lone Galaxy Garden

Label: R&S

"I wanted everything to be as colourful as possible," said Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) in a recent interview with XLR8R regarding Galaxy Garden, his latest full-length. That kind of statement seems a bit redundant coming from Cutler, as the Emerald Fantasy Tracks producer has already made a name for himself by marrying the best of early-'90s strobelight-rave tropes with the synesthesia-inducing textures of Boards of Canada. On top of that, "Crystal Caverns 1991," the lead single off Galaxy Garden that dropped a few months back, appeared to be right in line with Lone’s recent work. This context made it hard to expect any kind of step forward from the Nottingham producer, even on his first LP since 2010. Read more » 

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  • 05/08/2012

Battles to Tour US in June

Fresh off Warp's release of Dross Glop, the impressive collection of remixes for tracks from 2011's awesome Gloss Drop LP, NYC trio Battles will be touring parts of the US next month. Read more » 

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  • 05/08/2012

Download: Corporal F "CCS"

First Listen
Label: IA

Hailing from Derby in the UK, Immersed Audio is a blog that's been operating in the realms of house, techno, and beyond for some time now, but only unveiled its label division, known simply as IA Records, this past February. Its second record will arrive on Bandcamp next Monday (with a proper release scheduled for June 2), but we've been given the first leak off that four-track EP today, in the form of Corporal F's "CCS." The British artist's hard-hitting tune touches on just about all of the right notes—boasting punchy drums, dirty basslines, spacious sound design, and plenty of rhythmic samples flitting about within the track's dark grooves (get ready for the piano turnabout around minute four, too). You can preview the rest of Corporal F's split with 1point5, which is called Totality, following the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Keyboard Kid 206 The Transition EP

As cult rapper Lil B's main producer, Keyboard Kid 206 has been at the forefront of the based movement, crafting tracks out of Goo Goo Dolls samples and basically soundtracking Lil B's "common vibe of peace." The literally named Transition EP is Keyboard Kid's first official release without Lil B, and it makes a strong case for the based aesthetic owing as much to the beats as Lil B's intense charisma. Building off a template of positive-affirmation synth washes and trap rap-meets-frenetic techno, The Transition recalls a bit of Rustie and AraabMuzik, but with a sugar-coated immediacy that's unique to Keyboard Kid 206. Read more » 

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  • 05/08/2012

Buillon Streams New 'Love Me Oh Please Love Me' EP

Exciting London producer Bullion released a new and strikingly different EP today via Deek Records, and is currently streaming the whole thing, too. Read more » 

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  • 05/07/2012

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