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Video: Ikonika "Take Pictures"

The best way to describe this strange clip from UK producer Ikonika is "silly," and if the suppressed smirk that appears on her face is any indication, she'll probably agree with you. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2012

Download: Actress "ShockTherapy101"

Actress has gained notoriety for his enigmatic and relatively unconventional online antics. The artist born Darren Cunningham almost entirely forgoes the use of SoundCloud (aside from accounts that seem to fade almost as soon as they appear), instead choosing to announce and distribute tracks through his currently private Twitter account. Just yesterday, the artist behind the wildly creative and immersive R.I.P. silently unleashed a new production onto the unsuspecting Twittersphere: "ShockTherapy101." It's no wonder that the track didn't need a fancy, formal introduction; the unrelenting beat and the strangely melodic series of bass squelches speak volumes for themselves. (via Dummy

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Video: 813 "Erotica"

Russia's beat scene is far from frigid; if anything, a listen to one of Moscow's brightest stars, 813, will prove otherwise. The young beatsmith turned heads back in January when he dropped his Spectrum Riff EP, and before that, his helter-skelter track "Zondor Fo" was featured on Error Broadcast's 2010 Fly Russia comp. As of late, 813's been coasting off of the warm reception for his recently dropped EP for Brixton label 92 Points, Blend, which we preceded with free bonus track "Pleasures" earlier this month. Now, he's dropped a video for one of that record's cuts: "Erotica." Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2012

Download: TBRCK "Humpback Whale Rider"

TBRCK, formerly known as Tobrock, is releasing his first solo EP, titled EP #01 on August 3 via Germany's Melting Pot label. The Cologne-based producer is carving a new path for himself under his new moniker, so don't expect more of the "neo-boom-bap" sounds that often eminate from his hometown, as cut from TBRCK's EP, "Humpback Whale Rider," sits somewhere between house and funk. The cymbals keep the 4/4 beat as deep basslines and random drum clicks are interwoven. And between the oceanic synth swells and the obscured vocals sounding like someone is talking underwater, it's no wonder the tunesmith called his production "Humpback Whale Rider." 

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Label: Warp/LuckyMe

On their first EP together as TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice deliver a concise collection of lean, instrumental bangers, one that is filled to the brim with big-beat bravado. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2012

Download: Caribou "She's the One (Brokenchord Edit)"

Lithuanian producer Brokenchord (pictured above) just sent over his edit of Caribou's 2007 cut "She's the One," and we couldn't go without sharing it. The producer's slower, lo-fi take on the track completely changes the mood of Caribou's more upbeat and hopeful original, at the same time leaving many of its elements there. Although the vocals are slowed down to fit the new dark mood, they're nonetheless pronounced amongst the haunting kicks, claps, strings, and synths that make their way into the eerie soundscape.  

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Review: Idjut Boys Cellar Door

People like to call out a penchant for Phil Collins when describing the Idjut Boys' off-the-wall DJ sets. It should come as no surprise then, that the madly eclectic style and unorthodox musical approach of London selectors Conrad McDonnell and Dan Tyler would manifest itself in their studio work as well. For starters, there's the fact that despite the pair's 20-odd years producing together, Cellar Door is its first full-length outing. Then there's the record's length. At under 40 minutes, it's incredibly short by dance-music standards. Finally, there's its overall vibe, which is, to say the least, mellow. For two dudes who made their name churning out discoid house music—dubby and leftfield, yes, but still basically house—some fans will surely be surprised by Cellar Door's dominant laid-back feel. Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2012

Watch Samo Sound Boy Talk Body High, Argentina, and More

You'd probably never guess that Body High boss Samo Sound Boy got his first taste of DJing as an art school student in Argentina, right? In this interview with Scion AV, the Bubblin' Up DJ/producer goes candid about the entirety of his career, all the way from his humble beginnings as a small-time opener in a Buenos Aires club to more recent happenings, such as the blooming of his friendship with Jerome Potter (of LOL Boys fame) and the subsequent creation of Body High and DJ Dodger Stadium's record. Read more » 

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  • 07/25/2012

Download: Tifa "Champion Bubbler (prod. by Dre Skull)"

Label: Mixpak

Dancehall music's stateside spread isn't anything new, but producers such as Brooklyn's Dre Skull have been consistently keeping it fresh by crafting simple (yet extremely potent) riddims. When we last checked in on him, he'd released his XLR8R Pick'd Loudspeaker Riddim EP, a record that assembled a solid list of dancehall stalwarts and upstarts such as Natalie Storm, Machel Montano, Beenie Man, and Popcaan to contribute different vocal versions of the same infectiously bouncy beat. Now, Dre Skull's back with his next (and just released) installment in the Riddim series, Kling Klang, and he's giving out "Champion Bubbler," dancehall diva Tifa's contribution to the record, as a free sample. The name Kling Klang, which is a tribute to Kraftwerk's legendary studio, is an apt one. In just one track, Dre Skull offers a number of nods to electronic music, layering the pulsing dancehall beat with laser effects and video game sounds. Tifa is no slouch, either; her energetic Patois provides enough fire to light up just about any dancefloor. 

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Check Out Mixes From Rolando and Oneman

In the world of DJ mixes today, veteran techno DJ/producer Rolando and UK bass specialist Oneman have made their contributions, the former being a live set recorded at Berghain last month and the latter being a 30-minute set to promote the mixmaster's forthcoming appearance at Fabric. Read more » 

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  • 07/25/2012

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