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Matthew Dear Mixes RA.306

Minimal/downtempo/techno/pop/deep house/etc. producer extraordinaire Matthew Dear has mixed Resident Advisor's latest podcast, the 306th installment in the website's series. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2012

Download: Alex D££mnds "Olympus Mons (D££mnds Mixed Red in a Day Mix)"

Last month, we shared news of S.E.F.'s new record label and media venture, Switched On, and previewed its inaugural release, a three-track EP from English producer Alex D££mnds. That EP, called Credentials (artwork above), is now confirmed to drop on April 30, but D££mnds has shared a non-EP track with us today, the growling "Olympus Mons (D££mnds Mixed Red in a Day Mix)." The production continues in the vein of the EP's clean-and-simple Chicago house sound—in true form, "Olympus" is driven by an acid bassline alone. And a few drum patterns, some atmospheric pads, and a handful of knob turns later, the track dissolves into the house ether, waiting to be mixed out. 

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Download: Toyc "Sferics"

First Listen

Hailing from Nottingham, Toyc is a fresh producer currently peddling his brand of wavey, Detroit-referencing house around the London scene. With forthcoming releases on a variety of labels, the 19 year old sent us the elastic, spaced-out "Sferics." The tune puts a plump bass tone in orbit around a kick pattern that will hook big-room ravers far and wide, as Toyc drapes the whole thing with classic dub-techno chords and a sweaty, crammed-on-the-dancefloor atmosphere that's punctuated by a sultry, gasping vocal. Other tracks like this have been appearing on the playlists of everyone from Jackmaster and Ben UFO to Brackles and Addison Groove, and we look forward to hearing more from this exciting young artist. 

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Moodymann Shares New Tracks Ahead of Free EP for ScionAV


Detroit house legend Moodymann has announced the imminent arrival of a brand-new EP, called Picture This, which is set to arrive as a free download over on ScionAV. A day before he unveils the whole release, the inimitable DJ/producer has given us one of its cuts for your listening pleasure. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2012

Gear: In the Studio: Anenon

Los Angeles resident Brian Allen Simon has positioned himself as a somewhat unique figure within the current pack of budding electronic producers. Crafting lush, patient tracks as Anenon, Simon recently moved a step beyond many of his contemporaries when he unveiled the gorgeous (and XLR8R Pick'd) Acquiescence EP last month. The five-track endeavor showcased layers of virtually untouched, natural sound sources—mainly a grand piano and Simon's own saxophone musings—alongside expansive and blissful soundscapes. Needless to say, we were curious how Simon managed to fit these disparate sonic sources together, both on record and in his largely improvised live sets, which usually feature the producer alongside his laptop, saxophone, and the ever-mysterious Monome. We caught up with the Non Projects label head in the weeks before the release of his debut LP, Inner Hue, in order to glean a bit of insight into his process. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2012

Download: Korallreven "Sa Sa Samoa (Unknown Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Acephale

We're treated to some sumptuous, percolating styles from Unknown on this riveting jungle-infused remix for "Sa Sa Samoa" by Korallreven (pictured above). Choppy and swinging breaks dominate the, uh, unknown producer's version of the original track, as melancholic, seasick pads provide a lush backdrop to the scurrying, percussive proceedings. It reminds us a bit of the editing prowess and midnight romanticism heard on Modern Love's HATE series from a few years back, as Unknown rolls out stuttering drum phrases in a visceral show of energy that makes a welcome companion to the melodies culled from Korallreven's original tune.  

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Review: oOoOO Our Loving is Hurting Us EP

Label: Tri Angle

Sometimes, the best way to weather a storm is to hunker down and wait it out. The rise of the so-called "witch house" genre in 2010 certainly created a storm of sorts, one made of naysayers and bandwagoners all fighting over the validity of gothy, rap-influenced electronic music made primarily by white youngsters. San Francisco's oOoOO was practically at the heart of the storm (likely due in part to his strange moniker and affiliations with the shadowy Disaro and Tri Angle imprints), but he never seemed like a real proponent of the sound. Christopher Greenspan was just making the kind of pop music he'd always wanted to hear, no matter what name people gave it. It's been two years since oOoOO released his self-titled EP, an enticingly murky statement peppered with moments of distinct clarity, and the "conversation" surrounding his style of music has all but dwindled away. With the Our Loving is Hurting Us EP, Greenspan takes the opportunity to reassert himself under clear skies, and presents a far more refined version of his sound across the record's five tracks. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2012

James & Evander Announces Debut LP, Shares First Single

An outfit slowly rising to the top of Oakland's budding electronic renaissance, James & Evander (which, incidentally, counts XLR8R contributor and West in Dust label co-head Glenn Jackson as one of its two members) has announced it will release its debut full-length via Velvet Blue. Read more » 

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  • 04/09/2012

Download: Strand "Strandalicious"

Belgium is bursting at the seams with funked-up, beat-obsessed producers these days, and this latest track from Strand finds the burgeoning, electrifying sound in fine form. "Strandalicious" fires ray after ray of molten-hot synthesizer licks throughout its three-minute run time, the melodies ricoheting around a pitch-shifting drum pattern that hovers above an oscillating bassline. The artist, who is actually Spanish but currently resides in Brussels, is set to release a 10-track digital LP with Lowriders Collective, called Slam Funk, which will also have an abbreviated version of six or seven tracks pressed to wax in a run of 300 copies. Having previously been remixed by Hudson Mohawke and Funckarma, expect a suitably exuberant experience from Strand when his new release comes out next week.  

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Elijah & Skilliam Share Live Mix

Elijah & Skilliam, the co-founders of top-notch London grime imprint Butterz and prime Rinse FM selectors, have unleashed a 36-minute excerpt from a particularly rowdy performance at the Paris Social Club. Read more » 

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  • 04/06/2012

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