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Download: Nick Sinna "Kick The Habit"

If Manchester native Nick Sinna is actually trying to kick a habit, his tune "Kick the Habit" probably has enough percussive force to help him do the job. While the song is busy with lots of sounds—zaps, whistles, hoots, sirens, chimes, bells, etc.—its hard kicks barely take a break from driving the scatterd cacophony throughout the entire eight minutes. "Kick The Habit" is one of four tracks Sinna composed for his forthcoming EP on Trus'me's Prime Numbers imprint, all of which are available to preview, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Wafa Abandon Me EP

London producer Wafa follows up his Lucky Strike EP for Grizzly with a ridiculously over-the-top single, sampling Rose Royce's classic "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" for a bombastic tune with questionable trappings. Three different remixers do their best to save the effort, but they can only do so much. Read more » 

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  • 06/13/2012

Boiler Room to Launch Weekly Series in the US

Boiler Room will be coming to America in the near future with a weekly series that will alternate between locations in LA and NYC. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

Jim-E Stack to Drop Single via Body High

Arriving next month via Samo Sound Boy's and LOL Boys producer Jerome Potter's Body High label, "Bubble Boy" will be the latest offering to come from New Orleans tunesmith Jim-E Stack. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

Download: UMA "Wild At Heart (Doc Daneeka Remix)"

Label: Seayou

The Berlin-based husband-and-wife duo UMA has turned over one of its recordings to Welsh producer Doc Daneeka for a remix of "Wild At Heart." The original track, along with the other songs on UMA's Drop Your Soul EP, was recorded in the couple's home studio using a combination of analog and digital equipment, and constructs most of its rhythmic complexity from the interplay between vocal loops. Doc Daneeka, however, took a more percussive approach to his version by molding UMA's low-end-centric beat into a head-nodding house pulse. "Wild At Heart (Doc Daneeka Remix)," which will be included in a three-track digital EP (released via Seayou on June 15), extends UMA's low-impact, ambient-pop tune into a seven-minute roller with more emphasis on bobbing rhythms and dizzying synthlines than Steve Reich-inspired vocal patterns. 

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Champion to Release New Single via Butterz

London-based producer Champion (a.k.a. Reiss Hanson) is having quite the month; in addition to making his first stateside appearance courtesy of a couple Trouble & Bass parties in Philly and NYC, on June 21 and 22 respectively, he's also releasing the highly anticipated single "Crystal Meth" via premiere grime hub Butterz on June 25. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

Listen to Scuba's "NE1BUTU (SCB Edit)"

It's actually pretty great that Paul Rose basically has the freedom to do whatever he wants with his music. Since he runs his own label, Hotflush, he basically has no one else to answer to when it comes to making drastic stylistic shifts in his productions or choosing who will deliver the remix on the b-side of his next single. That's likely why he was able to dust off his SCB moniker for a remix of his own tune "NE1BUTU," the forthcoming new single taken from this year's divisive Scuba LP, Personality. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

Ikonika Announces New EP for Hum + Buzz

In a mix she made for Mary Anne Hobbs back in April, UK tunesmith Ikonika (a.k.a. Sara Abdel-Hamid) revealed a handful of unreleased tracks, which she has just announced will make up her next EP. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

Download: Teeth "Percolator Meme"

First Listen

Teeth (a.k.a. Matti Pentikäinen), the newest addition to Sound Pellegrino's stable, didn't get his start in music by creating the kinds of skittering rhythms featured on his upcoming EP, Meme is the New Riddim. As a member of the Finnish hip-hop crew Ceebrolistics for more than a decade, Teeth earned his stripes by crafting smooth, laidback beats throughout much of the late '90s and early 2000s, but his interests gradually shifted into the realm of club music. Last year, it led him to create his most well-known track, the slick and seductive "Shawty" (our 18th favorite tune from 2011), as well as drop some solid EPs, start his own label, and remix the likes of Renaissance Man and Bambounou. Featured here, "Percolator Meme" is one of Teeth's latest productions, a largely minimalistic and percussion-driven track that winds its way through a number of different rhythms while male and female vocal samples call and respond to one another over intermittent synth squelches. You can pick up the five-track record, which also features a remix of "Percolator Meme" by Lazer Sword, on June 18. 

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Stream Tomas Barfod's 'Came to Party' EP


Danish producer Tomas Barfod has been pretty damn busy lately; you've probably seen and heard him pop up on XLR8R a number of times already. The most recent occasion brought us a video for his solid "November Skies" track, as well as the news that he would release yet another EP for the Friends of Friends imprint, called Came to Party. The record drops today, and features two original productions from Barfod alongside remixes by Ghostly-signed techno stalwart Mark E, Frite Nite label boss Salva, and LA producer Suzanne Kraft. You can take a listen to the whole thing after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 06/12/2012

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