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Download: Elkat & Moleskin "Hurt (The Elementz Remix)"

Label: Hit & Hope

Although this remix of Elkat & Moleskin's "Hurt" by Nottingham production duo The Elementz (pictured above) is a rather straightforward piece of dubstep, its solid production work makes it a bit of an upgrade from the somewhat dreary original. The Elementz adds some serious heft to the rumbling bassline, as well as catchy and diverse drumwork, including an intriguing bit of climbing and falling pitched percussion. The duo also reworks the Aaliyah vocal sample into something less recognizable, a thankful departure from the bland and over-used R&B pitch-playing from the original. This remix will not be featured on the Hurt EP by Elkat & Moleskin, which saw a vinyl-only release earlier this week, but the EP will include remixes by Optimum and Donga & Blake. 

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Video: Deep88 & Mel "Nightwave"

Italian producer Deep88, who delivered a free download for us earlier this week, has tried his hand at video editing with this clip for his tune "Nightwave." Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Deep Teknologi Co-Founder Launches New Label, Previews First Release

The DJ, producer, and co-founder of Deep Teknologi known as S.E.F. (pictured above) has created a new record label to encompass his expanding musical tastes and entrepreneurial ambitions. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Download: Production Unit "This Otha Planet"

The Scottish Phuturelabs label and blog is set to drop its next release, a four-song EP from Glaswegian producer and former Numbers collective member Production Unit. Bridge, which comes out later this month, features slow-building tunes that begin with relatively minimal production before climaxing with intensity late in each song. "This Otha Planet" follows that model, relying primarily on a chopped vocal sample to propel it through the first half. The four-on-the-floor kick drum doesn't enter until three and a half minutes into the tune, at which point "This Otha Planet" develops into a piece of slightly left-of-center, driving techno. For those readers currently in or near Glasgow, Production Unit will be headlining Phuturelabs' free label showcase tomorrow at The Art School.  

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Bleep to Drop 'Filtered' Compilation, Shares Free Track

Online music distributor Bleep is embarking on a new endeavor next month, and is releasing a compilation of previously unreleased music, called Filtered (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Review: Jimmy Edgar "This One's for the Children"

Label: Hotflush

Jimmy Edgar's latest, "This One's for the Children," sees the multitalented artist moving towards what he called in a recent XLR8R interview "color change... a departure from what I was previously known for." Yet, despite his claims, Edgar's latest single isn't so much a complete departure as it is an evolution that follows in the footsteps of "Hot, Raw, Sex" and "New Touch" towards a tougher and less overtly electro-funk-driven sound. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Download: M83 "Reunion (Tropics Remix)"

First Listen

Like us, you're probably still reeling from the impact of M83's massive 2011 double-LP, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. Its unadulterated synth-pop impressed us so much that we named it our third favorite album of the year, but, sadly, we can't say nearly as much for the ludicrous remixes and horrendous cover songs that have since followed. As such, you could say we were tickled pink to finally hear an M83 remix we could get behind, this sparkling rework of Antony Gonzalez's ecstatic "Reunion" by UK producer Tropics (pictured above). The talented Chris Ward strips back the jangly guitars and infectious bombast of the original, and trades the sounds for smooth bass grooves and dreamy synthscapes on his production. This version of "Reunion" may be an unofficial remix, but we'd wager that Gonzalez would be quite pleased with what Tropics has done with his tune. 

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Zombie Disco Squad to Drop New Single, LP via Made to Play

Hitting shelves on March 19, "Righteous Sound (feat. Omar)" is the first single to drop ahead of Brains, the forthcoming debut album by London's Zombie Disco Squad. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Download: Yoshiba 87 "You're the Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)"

This deep, slow-grooving tune arrives courtesy of Yoshiba 87, the new moniker belonging to Amsterdam producer Pascal Terstappen (a.k.a. Applescal). The cut is lifted from the Beaming Flowers From India "mini-album" (artwork above), which is scheduled to drop digitally on March 27. Speaking on his new project, Terstappen says, "Yoshiba 87 came in mind as I found out there was too much music on my HD that would never be released for Applescal / the new Applescal album I'm working on. So, I thought it would be nice to collect some of this work and release it for a new alias." But "You're the Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)" sounds like anything other than forgotten leftovers; it's purely evident in the track's finely chopped, hand-warped vocal sounds and well-crafted soundscapes that Yoshiba 87's forthcoming record will offer plenty of quality electronic sounds. 

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Jubilee Readies EP for Mixpak

Former "Brooklyn bass sweeheart" Jubilee, who is once again living in her native Miami after nearly a decade spent in the Big Apple, will soon be releasing her debut solo EP via Dre Skull's Mixpak imprint. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

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