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Five Minutes at Sónar with Nina Kraviz

The 2012 edition of Sónar certainly kept us busy—check our review for proof—but amidst all the activity, XLR8R did manage to convince a couple of our favorite artists to sit down for a quick chat during the festival. Nina Kraviz actually pulled double duty at Sónar, performing live on Friday night in the SonarDôme and then closing out Sonar by Night in the early hours of the next day. We spoke with her soon after, and although she was operating on little to no sleep, the Russian producer happily talked about her Sonár experiences (past and present) and her new live show. Read more » 

Download: Floyd Campbell "Drifted"

First Listen
Label: Body High

Last week, California-based label Body High—run by Samo Sound Boy and LOL Boys' Jerome Potter—posted a preview of the six tracks included in its newest release. The record arrives today from LA producer Floyd Campbell, whose bio remains more or less a mystery. "Drifted," the title track from the elusive artist's brand-new EP, revels in a rain of stuttering percussion and dollops of gummy synth tones that glide from stereo to mono. The tinny melody and heavily edited vocal samples take a page from LOL Boys' playbook, as Campbell matches tweaked tropical melodies and monosyllabic vocal samples with the sheer intensity of his track's machinegun beat. 

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DJ Q Compiles Album of Rare and Unreleased Tracks

Longstanding bassline DJ/producer DJ Q unveiled today that he will soon drop a compilation of rare and unreleased productions, which he is calling The Archive. Read more » 

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  • 06/19/2012

Podcast 252: George FitzGerald

London producer George FitzGerald is an interesting case. When he first surfaced in 2010 with "The Let Down" b/w "Weakness," the music was well received, albeit with the caveat that it sounded a whole lot like Joy Orbison. (It certainly didn't help that both artists were releasing music on the Hotflush label.) Cut to two years later, and things have changed pretty significantly. Joy Orbison isn't really turning out tunes that sound like "Hyph Mngo" any more, while FitzGerald has only delved deeper, weaving rich, tastefully nostalgic melodies over increasingly house-flavored drum patterns. He's also started his own label, ManMakeMusic, and continues to drop releases at a steady pace, the most recent being the Child EP, which drops next week via Aus Music. Without being hyperbolic, it's fair to say that FitzGerald is having a bit of a moment, which is why we invited him to put together this exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Download: Indian Wells "Night Drops"

First Listen
Label: Bad Panda

Italian downtempo beatmaker Indian Wells has already doubled the number of tracks posted on his SoundCloud page since we shared his Shlohmo-meets-Actress grinder of a tune, "Deuce," last month, bringing the grand total to two. Now, the newcomer returns with eight shuffling, atmospheric bass tunes in the form of his debut record, called Night Drops. The title track roots the producer's scatterbrained, ephemeral loops in deep kicks, light clicks, and swelling waves of warm synth tones. It all creates an atmosphere that is as relaxed and pensive as it is melancholy, a sound that you can continue to indulge in by checking out the rest of Indian Wells' new release, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Various Artists New Jack Techno

Label: Turbo

As its name suggests, the New Jack Techno compilation represents a re-boot for Tiga's Montreal-based Turbo Recordings. The label, in operation since the early part of last decade, had been getting by with an unfocused platter of party-ready dance music that included Chromeo's breakthrough, Fancy Footwork, in 2007. The label has focused itself, though, as New Jack Techno showcases a roster of up-and-coming techno talent taking its cues from the ossified toughness of early-'90s Belgian techno and its hissy offspring that have taken up in Berlin in the time since. Read more » 

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  • 06/19/2012

Video Premiere: Bass Clef "Ghosts Kicks in the Spiral"

Back in April, London beatsmith Bass Clef (a.k.a. Ralph Cumbers) put out Reeling Skullways (check out our review here), a solid record featuring productions that melded a multitude of influences and genres, such as Chicago house and Detroit techno, among other things. Now, he's premiering a new video for one of the more enigmatic tracks on the album, the experimental and percussionless "Ghost Kicks in the Spiral." Read more » 

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  • 06/19/2012

Download: Pal + "Into the Dusk"

First Listen

Riding the wave of his new EP, The Forest (artwork above), released on June 11 via One Eyed Jacks, Portuguese tunesmith Pal + (a.k.a. Fernando Silva) has put together this techno-inspired offering and given us the exclusive first listen. While Pal +'s recent record is a largely tropical-tinged and clubby affair that features shuffling, syncopated percussion, "Into the Dusk" shifts its focus away from the beats, allowing the vintage-sounding bassline to take center stage. After the jump, you can also watch an extremely DIY video for the title track from Pal +'s new EP.  Read more » 

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Dimensions Festival Releases Boat Party Lineups

Croatia's Fort Punta Christo will play host to two massive electronic music festivals this September, and one of them, Dimensions (the other is Outlook), has just released the all-star lineup for its three-day series of boat parties. Read more » 

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  • 06/18/2012

Download: Detboi "Never Be Lonely"

First Listen

Detboi is a Dublin producer with a penchant for inserting guttural and loosely defined funk into his sultry and sweaty tunes, including one of his latest, "Never Be Lonely." This jam's general delirium and free-handed vibes never overshadow the continuous pulse of the kick, as Detboi rolls out a swung house beat that acts as a worthy foundation for his breathy samples and stuttering bassline to assimilate into. "Never Be Lonely" isn't on the Irish tunesmith's most recent LP for Deep Thrills, Darkside, nor his forthcoming Sliding Floors EP which will be available later this summer, but nevertheless, you can watch a preview video of his upcoming three-track release after the jump.  Read more » 

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