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Listen to the 'New Jack Techno' Comp From Turbo

As we have done a handful of times before, we offer you today a peek at the next release coming from Tiga's Montreal-based imprint Turbo. But this release is, as you'll find, a bit different from Turbo's previous records; New Jack Techno is a 10-track compilation featuring cuts from the likes of Locked Groove, Nautiluss, Sei A, and Gingy & Bordello. It's also sort of a mission statement, offering the kinds of forward-thinking techno, house, and bass music that Turbo aims to continually bring to the table. You can get your fill of those sounds after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 06/11/2012

Deep Inside: Drexciya 'Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II'

There's only a handful of artists that can justify a four-part series of full-length reissues: Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and (of course) Drexciya. Even though pretty much no one would agree with that statement for various reasons, you have to admire Rotterdam's Clone Records for knowing exactly what they like. Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II is the latest in Clone's Drexciya retrospective, and like the first edition, Journey II takes songs from the Detroit band's 10-year existence (1992 to 2002) and builds a tremendous case as to why its singular "techno from the deep" is more relevant now than ever. If electronic music's sea of genres has dissolved into a sea of icononclasts, Drexciya populated those waters first. Read more » 

Download: Last Mood "Tell You Something"

Label: Dirt Crew

Rotterdam producer Last Mood is set to drop his latest effort, the Warehouse EP (artwork above), in the coming days, and has passed along "Tell You Something" to serve as our first taste. Clearly, even the Netherlands is rightfully infatuated with the classic Detroit sound, and Last Mood does an admirable job folding that influence into his work, as the swimming electric piano, rounded bassline, and grooving swing employed here have their roots in the classic Midwest sound. "Tell You Something" will appear alongside four other original tunes and a pair of remixes when the Warehouse EP drops June 18 via the Dirt Crew imprint. 

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Review: Disclosure The Face EP

Brotherly duo Disclosure has been on quite a run over the past two years, offering an output of singles and remixes that seemed to get better with each new edition. Now, the pair of young Londoners has issued the first extended document of its production talents, The Face EP, which, across four tracks, proves that songs like recent a-side "Tenderly" and the duo's super-slick Jesse Ware remix were no flukes. Disclosure has found an almost irresistible middle ground between pop-minded club music and house-indebted bass music, and—with this EP as our most substantial indication yet—the duo's flood of quality material appears to be holding steady. Read more » 

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  • 06/11/2012

Well Rounded to Drop 12" by South London Ordnance

Known for releasing records from the likes of Julio Bashmore, Deadboy, xxxy, Hackman, and plenty more of the house-loving elite, UK imprint Well Rounded has announced its next realease will arrive courtesy of young London producer South London Ordnance. Read more » 

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  • 06/11/2012

Download: Aria Rostami "Black Ring"

Label: Tomb of Two Women

Aria Rostami is a young musician/composer/producer from San Francisco who is preparing to release a new EP by the name of Peter as the first offering from his Tomb of Two Women imprint. "Black Ring" closes out that six-track record, and caught our ear due to its compelling sound design, effervescent melodies, and subtly driving rhythms—evoking at times the delicate fantasy of Balam Acab's Wander / Wonder while remaining firmly planted in the realm of preciously austere, finely crafted soundsystem music. You can listen to the rest of Rostami's Peter after the jump.  Read more » 

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Five Minutes at MUTEK with Blondes

As always, this year's edition of MUTEK offered a potentially overwhelming number of shows, parties, workshops, panel discussions, and more. Amidst all the activity, XLR8R also wanted to take the time to sit down with a few of our favorite artists, both to get their impressions of the festival and to check in about what's happening with their music. Read more » 

Download: Morcee "It's You (Lakosa Remix)"

Label: Four40

Spaciously ominous and referential of many facets of the UK bass continuum, Lakosa's remix of "It's You" by East London producer Morcee employs garage's swinging shuffle, dubstep's ever-present low end, and the late-night appeal of old-school rave tunes to make for a deliciously amalgamated production. This version arrives from the Birmingham-based tunesmith along with the original track and another remix by Majora, all of which is out now via Four40 and can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Body High Preps Debut EP from Floyd Campbell

A few months back, LA label Body High offered up Visions, an all-dubs mix showcasing the talents of a mysterious newcomer by the name of Floyd Campbell. The mix seemed to indicate that Campbell had some serious production chops, a postulation that will soon be put to the test when the LA-based producer drops his debut EP later this month. Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2012

Download: Submerse "Pressure"

First Listen

Continuing with a string of releases for all manner of record labels, the most recent of which was a 12" for R&S sublabel Apollo, Tokyo-based producer Submerse will drop an EP via Berlin record hub Project Mooncircle on June 29. We're treated to the wispy and buoyant "Pressure" ahead of the full unveiling of Submerse's seven-track Tears EP, which will likely satisfy all cravings for crunchy dancefloor rhythms, disembodied vocal melodies, and emotive synthlines. You can check out a quick preview of the hard-working tunesmith's forthcoming release for Project Mooncircle, after the jump.  Read more » 

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